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In a keynote speech at Microsoft's recent Fusion conference, Microsoft CEO and president Steve Ballmer told partners that under its future ASP-oriented .Net architecture, Microsoft will extend wireless access to non-Microsoft mobile operating environments that include the archrival Palm OS.

While he didn't say this directly, Ballmer's statement certainly seems to imply that, over the next several years, Microsoft will be creating a suite of applications for the Palm for e-mail, word processing, and spreadsheets so they can take full advantage of .Net.

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Just great to have...

BrAtKo @ 7/30/2000 11:24:48 AM #
a support from Microsoft. Now we can wait for some nice appz. Yeah I know it sounds mad, but wouldn't be nice to have appz such a Word or Excel ? What's about Pocket Explorer ! Yeah Palm OS really needs the modern internet browser... It is on you what kind of app you will install on your Palmie... I'm just curious what MS will do for Palm OS.
RE: Just great to have...
Kevin @ 7/30/2000 1:53:06 PM #
You are correct it is up to you what you want to install on your palm. However, what I like about the palm is the fact I can carry a complete backup of my Palm VII on a floppy. What I don't want or need on my Palm is bloatware that drives Palm to complicate the OS...KEEP IT SIMPLE PLEASE!

Let's hope for Mac

krAzyDaWg @ 7/30/2000 3:26:24 PM #
Although most agree that Microsoft Windows software is bloated or buggy at best, their Mac products have been comparably outstanding.

Let's hope that their Palm software will achieve the same quality as their Mac software. Wonder why they're better at designing for others' operating systems?

Hey! It's BrAtKo from PW!

RE: Let's hope for Mac
userwaldo @ 7/31/2000 10:19:10 PM #
You must not use Macs very often. I have to use them all the time at school. There worse than a PC when it comes to running MS procutcs. If you open Word and Netscape, your almost garunteed a crash and 10Min reboot.
I'm not big on flamees, but these Macs have really been getting no my nerves, and I had to vent somewhere.

Do you remember os2

palmzla @ 7/31/2000 12:18:40 AM #
let's think about IBM's os2
Re: Do you remember os2
Ed @ 7/31/2000 7:33:08 AM #
Frankly, no. I have some vague memories that IBM once had an OS of this name but not anything specific. How does it refer to our current topic?


Walter @ 7/31/2000 2:46:52 AM #
When is Palmnet going to have international coverage or worldwide coverage,so user of Palm VII can work in London or Canada
RE: Coverage
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2000 11:13:08 AM #
aw, who cares about Canada, eh?
RE: Coverage
Serpico @ 7/31/2000 3:09:39 PM #
Aw.. who cares about the US anyway? Eh? With no gun regulations and kids killing kids, great place to live eh?

Think about it... @ 7/31/2000 2:07:51 PM #
Before we all start raving about how cool Microsoft is going to make our Plam devices, remember that the one over-riding factor in Palm's success in dominating the PDA market is that they adhered to the number one principal of any kind of engineering: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

I swapped my Windows CE PDA in favor of a Palm IIIx because it was too complex. Do you really wnat to have to know Windows in order to be able to use your Palm?

And do you honestly think that MS is really going to do anything that will contribute to even greater sales of a PDA that runs a competing operating system?
I suppose the next thing we'll be reading is that Microsoft is going to port MS Office to linux and release it under the gnu open-source license...


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/1/2000 8:59:11 AM #
Why bother to use microsoft? Their things sucks


Walter @ 8/1/2000 4:42:47 PM #
When is Palmnet going to have international coverage or worldwide coverage,so user of Palm VII can work in London or Canada

StarOffice on Palm, too

Ed @ 8/10/2000 12:07:29 PM #
I just read this in an article about Sun's attempts to spread StarOffice:
Sun distributes the software for free, pinning most of its hopes on an upcoming version that will run on servers and can be accessed by a wide variety of devices, including desktop PCs and Palm handheld computers.

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