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Early this morning we made the move to a new more stable and powerful web server. The new machine is a Windows 2000 advanced server running off dual 600mhz P-III's with 384 Megs of ram. Please do all you can to pound the site (i. e. hit refresh a few times, tell all your friends about us, etc...) The new server should be more reliable and stable and those pesky ASP 0115 errors that occasionally brought down the site should be a thing of the past. If any bugs do come up please report them with a detailed message via our feedback form. Thanks for reading the PalmInfocenter and have a great day.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/3/2000 4:23:15 PM #
loads 3x as fast now...

ASP Errors

404 @ 8/4/2000 7:16:04 PM #
Those ASP Error pages were a pain
in the ass....


RE: ASP Errors
NTech @ 8/7/2000 8:34:21 AM #
They are STILL a pain in the ass ! The ASP scripts are still dying once in a while even after the pugrade. Perhaps you should try to optimize the ASP codes to prevent this from happening instead of blaming it totally on the OS your server is running on.....

RE: ASP Errors
Ryan @ 8/7/2000 10:06:49 AM #
We are still on the old server as of right now. We had a few issues to work out on the 2000 box. You don't know what I and my companies "help-desk" have been through to fix the ASP 0115 problem. Trust me it is IIS 4.0's fault. I will let everyone know when we're back on the new machine.
RE: ASP Errors
NTech @ 8/8/2000 7:43:55 AM #
The only way to get that error would be to have IIS totally die on you. Anyway... for IIS4 you cannot restart the IIS service without restarting the entire OS... at least with IIS5... you can restart the IIS service through Internet Service Manager.

Hmmm.. i can't remember what error 0115 is ..... care to refresh my memory ???

RE: ASP Errors
ak6ar @ 8/9/2000 2:53:07 PM #
Actually you can restart the IIS service, on an NT 4 box go to the command prompt

net stop w3svc

to star the service again
net start w3svc

Or you can alternatively find the w3svc in the service menu under the control panel.

If after trying to restart the service this way fails (for whatever reason) you will have to restart the box.

ASP Errors

404 @ 8/4/2000 7:28:14 PM #
Those ASP Error pages were a pain
in the ass....



SigTerm @ 8/8/2000 10:23:40 AM #
get rid of that m$ asp and start installing a decent configuration.
like n bsf or at least a unix with the wonderull apache php combo.
for the rest.... compliments!


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