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MP3 Player Pictures of m100 Accessories
One of the PUGs got a nice demo of the m100 and a ton of upcoming add-ons. They took pictures of the Palm m100, some color covers, cases, the cradle, a modem, and even an MP3 player! -Robert Zach

French and German language versions of Palm OS 3.5 are available for the TRGpro. Both versions of the OS are available as free downloads from the TRGpro Web site.

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can I download os 3.51 onto a palm IIIx

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/14/2000 11:01:50 AM #
Can I dowload 3.51 onto my IIIx with the 4mb upgrade. I'm still running 0s 3.1
RE: can I download os 3.51 onto a palm IIIx
Ed @ 8/14/2000 11:30:22 AM #
If you need technical support, you will get a much better response from Experts Exchange or" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Thank you.

m100 Modem

Ed @ 8/14/2000 12:01:00 PM #
I'm of two minds about the modem shown in these pictures. I like the fact that, when it is clipped on, it makes the m100 hardly any larger. This makes it much easier to carry it everywhere and check e-mail. However, there doesn't seem to be any room for batteries so it probably draws power directly from the m100. Modems are notorious power hogs so I can see this putting a big strain on the Palm's AAA batteries. My old 14.4 PalmModem drains its 2 AAAs in about 6 hours of use.
Palm InfoCenter
RE: m100 Modem
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/14/2000 12:56:50 PM #
What is shown in the picture is actually the MP3 player, though I belive the modem has a similar case. The MP3 player will have it's own batteries, processer, and memory.
RE: m100 Modem
Ed @ 8/14/2000 1:19:37 PM #
Yes I know that's the MP3 player, I posted the picture. What I'm referring to is the pictures of the modem shown on the site referred to in the article. Go take a look at them:

Clearly, none of the comments I made about the modem not making the m100 much larger apply to the MP3 player, which looks large and cumbersome.
Palm InfoCenter

RE: m100 Modem
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/14/2000 2:50:01 PM #
I believe the Modem and MP3 player share the same case except for IO cut-outs. You can see a compartment on the Modem picture for 2 AAA batteries. Overall I think the case design looks great for either a Modem or an MP3 player accessory. If the MP3 player has decent sound quality, good volume, and is under $200 it will be awesome.
RE: m100 Modem
Eric @ 8/14/2000 3:29:06 PM #
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the modem looked almost identical to the Palm V modem. I'm a user of the Palm V modem and I've only changed the batteries twice in the long time I've used it.
RE: m100 Modem
Ed @ 8/14/2000 3:36:37 PM #
Oops, you're right and I'm wrong. The m100 modem is much, much thicker than I had realized. In fact, in volume it appears to be about the size of the entire m100. I take back all the good things I said about it. It makes my PalmModem seem svelte.

The hotsync cable seems to have a button.

Richard Gray @ 8/15/2000 8:51:59 PM #
It looks like the hotsync cable has it's own hotsync button. This is a great idea ! Does anyone know if it will work with other palms ?


RE: The hotsync cable seems to have a button.
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/21/2000 3:37:58 PM #
Yes, I've tried it on a Palm III and it works fine.



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