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Kodak has made good on the promise they made when the Palm m100 was released and has announced that a version of the PalmPix camera for the m100 will be available in mid-December. It will cost $100, significantly lower than the cost of the version for the III series. The PalmPix is a fixed-focus digital camera that lets users view photos on their Palms then transfer them to their Mac or Windows PC. is now exclusively taking pre-orders for the PalmPix for the m100 with fulfillment in mid-December. It will also be available online from the Kodak store beginning in mid-December and at major computer retailers in early 2001.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 11/2/2000 5:21:30 PM #
Finally, an add-on that doesn't cost more than the Palm (or Visor) itself!

This looks cool.

100k a photo is going to add up fast, though. No real point on taking it on any trip longer than a day. Maybe I will send my M100 in and get it bumped up to 8 meg after all...

But then again, like most add-ons, I doubt it's a very good quality digital camera when compared to a stand-alone. I'm probably better off using my M100 for what it was intended for and putting the $100 towards a real digital camera.

RE: hmmm....
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/2/2000 8:53:27 PM #
You know, if I were Kodak, I'd be pretty upset. They've had the PalmPix out HOW long, and Palm all-but-obsoleted it with a totally arbitrary case-design decision. (Why COULDEN'T they make the bottom of the M100 have a shape similar enough to the III to let it dock/work? Besides wanting to sell everybody a new cradle, that is.)

RE: PalmPix
Ed @ 11/3/2000 7:46:46 AM #
I've read a few reviews of the current PalmPix and they say pretty good things about it, within limits. The biggest complaint is its lack of a flash. I'll be able to tell you next week; I just ordered one yesterday.

I'm wondering how useful this is going to be for the m100, though. As you said, bumping up to 8 MB seems like a very good idea. I have an axxPac for my IIIx so I'm not too worried about memory space.

I think Kodak is planning for the future. Palm has probably promised them that they will use the m100 form factor on future models so Kodak made a camera that they can, hopefully, continue to sell for a few years.

Palm Infocenter

RE: hmmm....
CKMOOSE @ 11/3/2000 9:47:38 PM #
I have a PalmPix Camera which I use on my Palm IIIc. It takes surprisingly good pictures. I have to agree that it really misses a flash especially since the quality of low light pictures is poor. Overall I'm qulit happy with it.
With 4megs of ram available, I'm able to take 19 high res (640x480) pictures. Not bad. I also suggest setting the sync to clear the pictures out of ram during HotSync.

RE: hmmm....
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/3/2000 11:14:57 PM #
I agree with the previous comment. I have a palmpix and use it with my IIIc. It takes great pictures. The picture on the palm itself is pretty good but when downloaded to my computer, the photos are excellent. I have used several digital cameras and none have produced as good a quaility picuture on the computer. This is a great tool to have.

PalmPix V

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/2/2000 10:59:09 PM #
OK so where is the version for the Palm V?

RE: PalmPix V
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/3/2000 4:05:47 AM #
The exisiting palmpix model (the one for the III series) has an adapter available for use with the V(x).

Super !!!

andy @ 11/4/2000 11:57:59 AM #
Auf meinem Palm habe ich noch genau 279K frei!
RE: Super !!!
Ed @ 11/5/2000 8:46:07 AM #
Sie sollten ein Speicheraufsteigen erhalten. Diese Firma bietet sie an:
Geben Sie acht. Dieses verletzt Ihre Garantie.

Sie konnten Ihr Palm auch verkaufen und neues besser kaufen.

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Adam @ 11/5/2000 12:03:53 PM #
someone mentioned an "axxPac earlier on. What exactly is this and where can i get one? (i have Vx) - thx


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