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The new axxPAC driver version 2.17 allows users to backup and restore the entire contents of a Palm to a smartmedia card. There is also a new free version of the CSpotRun Doc reader that can read ASCII- and PDB-files directly from the smartmedia card.

The axxPac, from AMS in Germany, is a SmartMedia interface mounted completely internal to the Palm IIIx in the open connector slot. It can also be installed in the IIIe and the IIIxe after modifying the Palm.

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Where ?

Kilo @ 12/4/2000 9:42:59 AM #
I tried to locate a U.S. vendor and came up with ( but they no longer carry the axxPAC. Does anybody have an idea where I might look
RE: Where axxPAC?
Ed @ 12/4/2000 10:33:08 AM #
I can't believe no U.S. company is willing to sell the axxPAC. It is a great add-on. I love mine. I wonder if the company would sell me a few and let me auction them on ebay.

Palm Infocenter
RE: Where ?
Lucky Dragon @ 12/4/2000 11:22:24 AM #
I inquired about this situation and received the following e-mail from Holger Grube at AMS:

"we are pleased to inform about the possibility to order the axxPAC from our reseller at
They will ship axxPAC to all locations worldwide.
Due to the fact, that they do not have an english version of their web site available right now, please contact them by using the following mail address:
The corresponding contact person is Mr. Gustav Kriese, he will also receive a copy of this information."

Hope this helps...

RE: Where ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/4/2000 1:33:29 PM #
I picked up two extra axxpacs from gethightech. Anyone interested?

RE: Where ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/2000 5:19:14 PM #
I am interested in getting one. Please email me at Thnx

Re: Where ?

Kilo @ 12/5/2000 10:38:11 AM #
If anyone has an extra axxPAX please contact me
RE: Re: Where ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/5/2000 2:26:36 PM #
I have one available, and just sent you an email.

Does any one still have one available?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/20/2000 5:30:03 PM #
Please contact me at



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