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According to a survey conducted by Playboy magazine, roughly 8% of men responding said they are having less sex because of the time they spend with their consumer electronics devices and 25% of men would rather have those devices than a beautifal woman with them on a desert island.

Gethightech just got in a supply of cradles for the III and VII series that they are selling for only $16.

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sex not important as palm ?

kim @ 1/7/2001 12:55:51 AM #
is palm really so important even compare with this ?
RE: sex not important as palm ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/7/2001 4:42:42 AM #
I suspect that "I'm distracted by my gadgets" is as good an excuse as any for people trying to explain their poor sex-lives...

PDA over a woman

ELiTe @ 1/7/2001 11:27:01 AM #
Awww come on.. if I'm deserted on a deserted island, I'd rather have a woman than a PDA. Where am I going to get fresh batteries when they run out huh? :)
RE: PDA over a woman
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/7/2001 9:35:27 PM #
mmm... good point.

How about a Solar powered PDA?

RE: PDA over a woman
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/7/2001 11:23:04 PM #
Solar powered?? Don't make the decision any harder!

RE: PDA over a woman
GregGaub @ 1/8/2001 7:26:11 PM #
hehe, difference is, women get tired. You're not going to have a willing sex slave for the rest of your life. But a PDA or other tech-toy will never turn you away! :)

RE: PDA over a woman
scaught @ 1/8/2001 7:43:04 PM #
if i was stranded on a desert island, all id need is a solar powered palm and my palm.

RE: PDA over a woman
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/8/2001 8:08:20 PM #
That's what the woman's get you the fresh batteries! :)

Primal Urges

Rosey Palm @ 1/8/2001 7:48:21 PM #
One thing remains the same on an island or not . . . if you don't have a woman, you'll be using your Palm alot!!!

sex / palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/9/2001 3:28:27 PM #
...about two years ago when I first started going out with my girlfriend, I bought my first ever Palm III.

It was sooo amazing. I remember being in bed with her -and her trying to get it on - and all I wanted to do was play Giraffe and learn grafitti on my new toy with the backlight on...



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