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RhinoSkin is now offering aluminum hardcases for both the m500 series and the Visor Edge. These are both slider cases, which means the cover slides under the base to save space. These are made of 100% anodized aluminum with a scratch-resistant finish. Their rigid exteriors and Neoprene interiors help protect the handheld from shocks. The m500 version is $50 and the Edge one is $60.
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Gotta Make it in Titanium!!!

mattyparanoid @ 5/25/2001 8:41:08 AM #
If they make this in Titanium, I may go with the 505 next month when I upgrade my TRGPro. Right now I have my TRGPro in a Dave Design Shell, house snugly in a Rhinoskin Ti-Slider and I love it.

I am wavering back and forth for my upgrade between the 505 and the 330. Using the Ti-Slider I have now for the 330 is one of the things that has me in favor of the 330 over the 505.

If they make this case for the 505 in Titanium, I may have a more difficult decision to make.

RE: Gotta Make it in Titanium!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 1:46:43 PM #
Where did you get the Dave Design model you're using now? Please advise

RE: Gotta Make it in Titanium!!!
mattyparanoid @ 5/25/2001 5:09:21 PM #
The TRGPro shell is from Dave Design. Go to:

for all the specs. It is a replacement shell for the plastic housing of the TRGPro. I keep the TRGPro itself in a Rhinoskin Ti-Slider. Metal all the way!!!

Leather Zippered Case from Palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 9:54:14 AM #
Anyone seen the Leather Zippered Case from Palm yet? I have found the Zippered case that holds the keyboard at Compusa but not the other. Anyone else seen it at any of the retailers yet?


RE: Leather Zippered Case from Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 12:57:05 PM #
I haven't found it either. says it is shipping 5/28. ????

RE: Leather Zippered Case from Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 5:04:52 PM #
I ordered one this past Monday and it shipped according to Palm, should be delivered on Tuesday by UPS. I'll let you know if it isn't.

RE: Leather Zippered Case from Palm
OldMatador @ 5/25/2001 10:32:40 PM #
I got the Leather Zippered case from on Thursday. It's kind of bulky, but it does hold the Palm in reasonably well. I tested the vibrating alarm with the case, and you can still feel the machine vibrate, which I thought was cool. My knock with it is that you have to remove the case so you can HotSync. It's possibly feasible for the unit to HotSync with the case on, but I just found it to be a hassle. I'm debating whether to just not put the unit in the slider.

The leather is supple, and it does provide a pillow of protection. Like I said, it's not the slim leather case, and the case does add some bulk, but it looks stylish, and, IMHO, protects the Palm reasonably well.

Bill Lehecka

Scratch resistant?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 10:08:44 AM #
The knock against Rhinoskin's aluminum (vs. titanium)cases in the past has been that it scratches easily. Yet Rhinoskin makes the following claim, "Anodized, scratch-resistant finish."

Has the finish changed since earlier versions of the aluminum case? How big of a problem is this? Any comments are appreciated.

RE: Scratch resistant?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 11:48:51 AM #
I think they mean it's scratch resistent to the point where it won't scratch due to small nicks (like they do now), but there isn't a substance that can prevent scratching that you can just put on aluminum. It will still scratch, just not as often.

RE: Scratch resistant?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 1:00:24 PM #
Thank you for the response. I believe the "scratch issue" was mentioned by users of the Rhinoskin Molded Palm V aluminum case.

Stylus removal while in case…

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 1:10:47 PM #
The edge stylus looks snug in the case. Does anyone know if this is an issue -- since you remove the edge stylus at an angle rather than strait up.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 1:55:15 PM #
It says right there in the article, "It allows for easy stylus access. "

m505 snug fit?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 2:36:08 PM #
Does anyone out there know how the m505 fits in the slider case? Is it just simply placed in the "box" and can easily fall out if the case is turned upside down or is there some kind of spring mechanism holding it securely in place?

Also, from the looks of the the picture, it doesn't seem like the m505 stylus can be easily accessed while in the case. Appreciate any comments from those who know. Thanks.

RE: m505 snug fit?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 2:46:26 PM #
You may have to wait a while for your answers. These things are so new I doubt anyone has been able to buy one and get it delivered yet.

RE: m505 snug fit?
mattyparanoid @ 5/25/2001 5:21:53 PM #
If these cases are like the ones they make for the III series, (and they look just like mine) the Palm is held in by compressing the neoprene liner with the Palm on the top-most edge and the bottom-most edge.

My III series neoprene has become flattened over time and it is not a very tight fit any more. I and others I have seen post have to be careful that you don't tip the case when it is opened as the Palm is liable to fall right out of the case. That said, fortunately it has not ever happened to me.

Not a problem that I consider to be too bad as I am usually holding the case using the Palm when it is open and I am not to prone to slinging it around.

For me the Ti-Slider is one of my favorite two cases for my trusty TRGPro.

Re: Better Cases

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 9:05:57 PM #
i really wish that there were better cases out now! it seems that no one was really thinking when the m500/505 was released that we might want alittle protection for our new palms. yet, all palm, inc has to offer us (w/o sticking velcro on the back) is the 500/505 slim case series.

fortunatly i got one free with my purchase (another office depot plus). but first, in no way is this case a "slim" case.. its bulky.. its like carrying a tank in your pocket. not to mention in the front where there is a place to put 4 little expansion cards... not such a good idea. as its made alittle scratch on the my screen. case engineers!!! didn't you think about this?

the zippered case looks alittle better... i had one on order from palm, but just like my pre-order for my m505 i canceled it and am betting on the stores getting it before they do. plus i think i want to see the case before i buy it this time.

i'm also curious about other case companies that have the potential to offet the ultamate case; had a nice wrap style case called 'the cobra'. i used it with my palm IIIc. sure its only got an elastic band to hold credit cards and such... but with alittle enuneuity i made nice looking. claims to a nice hard shell case with some benefits of a wallet like parts. although they have not set a date.

anyway, hope this helps or adds to the chat... and don't even get me started on compatable stylus/pens that fit into the side of the 500/505. anyone know if there is one that fits?

late!!! 'e'

RE: Better Cases
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 9:33:29 PM #
You Might Want To Try I Had A Palm V And Their Case Was Awsome!

I Called Asking If They Were Going To Make A Model For My Palm 500. They Said In About 3 Months We Should See A Few.

Hope This Helps

Re: Better Cases
Ed @ 5/25/2001 9:39:25 PM #
> and don't even get me started on compatible stylus/pens that
> fit into the side of the 500/505. anyone know if there is one that fits?

The ttools SLIMpoint fits very well.

News Editor
Palm Infocenter

RE: Re: Better Cases
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/27/2001 3:08:47 AM #

How well does the ttools stylus fit in the m505? Is it a snug fit or does it seem to be more of a makeshift fit? Would you suggest buying this now for a pen/stylus combo or waiting for new styli to hit the market?


Anyone get the new rhino aluminum case yet?

Check out E&B Cases

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 9:52:23 PM #
You might want to take a look at
They just released their new cases for the m500 series. I had one for my IIIC and really liked it. Thought this might give a few more options.

Re: Rhinoskin Hardcases...

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 5:11:09 AM #
I currently have RHINOSKIN's for both my VISOR and PALM IIIxe. Best money I've spent to keep my toys SAFE. Good product, and reasonable price (not much more than a good leather case) but my inadvertant DROP TESTS and this armour shield make me sleep BETTER at night. Your higher $$ PDA models will thank you for it ;)

RE: Re: Rhinoskin Hardcases...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 10:10:05 PM #
If you look at the dimensions listed for the case they are the exact same for the Palm V, and the palm 505 is THICKER than the 500. I am wondering if they are just trying to fool us into thinking it is a new case??

I have the Rhinoskin for the palm V and you can NOT close the case all the way with the palm 505. If you have it in your dress shirt pocket the palm will turn on and run down the battery. I like the case, but hope they are not trying to pass a cheap fit off.

If you remember there were A LOT of complaints about the rhinoskins when they first came out, fit and finish, the liner etc. I even tried removing some of the liner to get it to fit, no dice. I will wait for the reviews!!!


eean @ 5/26/2001 10:25:28 PM #
why not just get yourself a lether case. I have a FiloFax lether case for my new 505, I love it.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 10:28:15 PM #
I think the word is spelled leather.

[ No Subject ]

Seaaa @ 5/26/2001 11:08:29 PM #
I like the leather flip cover that came with my M505. It is light, fits great in my pocket, and keeps the screen protected. I do wish I had a place to put my extra cards.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/27/2001 7:05:28 PM #
Will my m505 stay protected in my backpocket with this hardcase,or even fit for that matter?

RE: Backpocket?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2001 11:39:49 AM #
I have the Rhino Skin Aluminum hard case that was supposed to be made for the Palm V/Vx models and it the Palm m505 fits just fine. And yes it does fit nicely in your back pocket and even jeans. I have tried this several times and was even cautious about putting too much pressure on that side while I was sitting. I don't have to worry about that anymore.

By the way, I am left handed so I have the Palm attached to the case by using the right sided stylus silo. The left hand side of the unit has no stylus made for it yet. I do use other pen/stylus anyway (ie the Tornado 51 Data pen)

Also, I have dropped it inadvertently already and no problems. Whew!! Since the unit is held and attached to stylus silo, it didn't move at all.

I hope this helps!

RE: Backpocket?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2001 2:01:00 AM #
I have a Rhinoskin molded aluminum hardcase for my Palm V. It's the best accessory for the Palm and the best money I've spent on a Palm item. It will protect your Palm from anything but a sledgehammer blow. (And if it's in your pocket, I suspect you'll be hurt worse than the Palm.)

But... The *molded* hardcase models for the Palm V do NOT work with the M505. I just bought a M505 (which I love) and although it fits on the rail, the case won't close. I suspect that a M500 will fit because it is slightly thinner.

The Rhinoskin Molded hardcases are the absolute best cases for PDA's. I wish that they were available for the M505 right now - I worry that my M505 will break when I forget that I have it in my pants pocket.

BTW - Palm's "Hardcase" should be pulled from the market. It's plastic crap that failed to protect my Palm V from a light blow. Dented the case and broke the Palm's display.


clip on belt case m505

david seng @ 5/29/2001 12:29:12 AM #
I would like to purchase a belt on clip case for my m505. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy one and do they provide enough protection.
RE: clip on belt case m505
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 6:46:08 PM #
The Palm V/Vx belt clip cases fit the M505's as well. I find it fits the M505 a bit better in fact, as it's a hair shorter than the V/Vx is. It's made of soft leather, and unless you body slam with it on, pretty safe and secure. I also have used it while keeping the screen flap cover that comes with your M505 on it as well. This just adds a little more screen protection. The other rail mounted V/Vx cases won't fit as they have the fatter attachment rail on the LH side. The M505 also fits in the rubber bumper cases but not as tightly as the V/Vx's do. I wouldn't wear it around my neck it it or try a drop test but it would still be could protection to use if you are throwing your Palm in a briefcase/backpack with books or other stuff.

What about the iPAQ?

GC @ 5/29/2001 7:44:13 AM #
I have a Compaq iPAQ. Are these cases made for it as well?

Cheap Aluminum Case for M500/ M505!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2001 8:41:34 AM #
Greets folks! No waiting for the Rhino to ship or anything else. While shopping with the missus yesterday, I came upon a perfect case! Go to your nearest luggage/handbag/briefcase store and look for a small aluminum casethe size of a wallet. It's made by DKNY for $60 CDN or roughly $40 USD. The 505 fits very nicely in there and bonus -- it even comes with a DKNY wallet! Check it out!

RE: Cheap Aluminum Case for M500/ M505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2001 8:45:07 AM #
For those of you in Toronto, I found mine in the P.A.T.H. in BCE Place (downtown).

RE: Cheap Aluminum Case for M500/ M505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2001 3:39:23 PM #
What was the name of the store?

The Hard Truth and other Palm Stuff

PalmPowered @ 5/29/2001 3:11:42 PM #
I really wish that they would hurry up and come out with an aluminum hardshell case from Palm like the V series has. While it may not be as sturdy as the Rhino case, it would still provide much better protection than none at all and it would look great to boot. The hard truth is....if you are going to buy the "latest and greatest" such as the m500 series, you are going to have wait for all the neat stuff that I took for granted when I had a Vx series...things like hard cases, a Go-Type keyboard, modems, and other neat things. When I bought my Vx a year ago, all the perifs were available and I could buy them when I wanted or needed them. With the m500, it's like buying a new car but you can't have the custom wheels for several months because nothing out there currently fits.

For those of you out there who didn't know this already, I have some good news. If you use the WriteRight screen protectors, then you will be happy to know that the protectors for the Palm Vx will perfectly fit the m500/505 series. I have personally tried this with both and they not only fit, they actually cover it better since the screen seems to be about half a milimeter smaller all around.


Power Up!


faster7 @ 6/3/2001 2:03:32 PM #
I've been waiting for a long time to get it. So, where can i find the cheapest one?

leather cover 4 paln

chris in ga @ 6/22/2001 11:13:51 AM #


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