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PalmInfocenter reader Brian Hazard wrote in with his opinion on why he's sticking with his trusty Palm IIIc amid the influx new feature packed handhelds. -Ryan

It's a tale as old as the advertising business itself; The better mousetrap. The kitchen gadget that make's one tomato last a month. And now the arrival of the Palm Pilot to end all Palm Pilots...
Or not?

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I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 2:29:30 PM #
I agree. Thats why I'm keeping my Vx

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 2:45:37 PM #
I don't agree. I've got 16 MB of stuff on my m505. My IIIc could never do that. I can read in broad daylight with the m505. My IIIc could never do that. I can keep the m505 in a pant pocket and forget it's there. My IIIc just about pulled my pants down to my ankles, especially with my cell phone in the other pocket. Cell phone and m505 combo fit fine now. Don't think an ounce or two makes a difference? Sure, if you don't mind a big bulge coming from your pants.

I could never go back to the IIIc. Screen visibility, form factor, and expansion are all inferior to the m505. I don't care how bright it was indoors, in many bright flourescent settings, I see the m505 a LOT clearer than the IIIc cranked all the way up.

Oh yeah, more than likely, this guy will be upgrading once the OS 5 machines come out. My suggestion? Sell your old accessories on eBay like I did and use the money to get a keyboard for the m505 that will last you for at least the next two years.

MacBirdie @ 5/30/2001 2:47:09 PM #
Since I'm new to Palm, I'm watching closely every step of every Palm industry company and look at all the gadgets, like thousands of colors, mp3 etc etc. Where has the "Simply Palm" gone? On the other hand, 16MB RAM would be nice, because I'd like to fit a dictionary, a few bigger docs and many useful little apps and sometimes 8MB is not enough.

The Palm V was ALMOST the perfect handlheld.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 2:55:38 PM #
Ever since I bought my first Palm (a V) almost 3 years ago, I felt the Palm V was ALMOST perfect.
It was missing only two very important things: A Color Screen and More Memory. The m505 has solved these two issues and it is now THE PERFECT HANDHELD. What a perfect balance of form factor, memory, expansion, screen/color/quality. I love it.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 3:20:17 PM #
"...this guy will be upgrading once the OS 5 machines come out."

More of a reason not to upgrade now. ;)


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 3:51:38 PM #

I can totally see where this person is coming from.

Just about a year ago everyone was bawking at how Windows CE/PPC was an overpriced over featured gadget for those who don't know was PDA'a are "suppose" to be all about. Now the attitude is features features and more features without thinking about what we really use these devices for.

Don't get me wrong, There is nothing bad with all the new devices, in fact they all pretty much kick ass, but I beleive for the most part the mass population could do just as well with a M100.

I have a pre order for a Handera 330 which I am counting the hours to arival, but the main reason for this is to be able to use all the add ons I bought for my old Workpad (Palm III) device.

Right now I have a Sony Clie' PEG S300 which fits in pocket and practically disapears, but its not much more than a PDA. I can't take it on a trip and use it for retreiving email. I can't use my keyboard with it, nor can I use my Kodak PalmPix. So I end up bringing it along with my old Workpad or my laptop.
As far as the Memory Stick goes, Since the device has no expandability options there is little use for more memory, but it serves as a good dust guard for the slot itself.

We should all feel lucky that we have such a wide selection to choose from and a wide range of prices, yet they all basically are compatible with eachother.

we're in gadget heaven my friends...

Gadget Heaven
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 10:40:13 PM #
This truly is a great time for PDA users and buyers.

Those of us who are perfectly satisfied with the older models can get them cheaply(as a replacement or "back up" machine--you know how gadget freaks are). Those who want more "beef" can choose from a host of new offerings.

Buy what you like, leave what you don't. This is capitalism at its best.

RE: 505
Cheetah @ 5/31/2001 1:59:24 AM #
The more I use the 505 the more I like it. I find the screen very readible indoors. I do set my text at the large font, but I did that before with my Palm Vx. I do understand that the color is not vibrant, but with the backlight on it is quite nice. Also outside and in the dark are BIG improvements over the Palm V so in 2 of 3 lighting conditions the screen is more viewable.

My main concern before the 505 came out was battery life. I have been pleasantly surprised to get very good battery life.

The Palm 505 is the best PDA available today FOR WHAT I WANT. I would NOT want MP3, etc. as I would never use those features.

n/t : it's too big and bulky!

uvdude @ 5/30/2001 2:48:58 PM #

RE: n/t : it's too big and bulky!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 10:43:21 PM #
If you want to state it properly, you should say,

"It's too big and bulky for me. I want something smaller. Etc., etc., etc..."

If you want to state it immaturely,...well, you appear to have that down pat.

Pub Crawl?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 3:13:11 PM #
Pub Crawl? Looked for it but could not find it. point me to a link if it's that much of a gem!

Why My IIIc left May 3rd...

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 3:06:46 PM #
I have owned Pilots, Palm Pilots, and Palms. I loved my Palm V most of all, it went everwhere with me. I bought a IIIc to get the glory of color and after a month discovered I was leaving it behind, on a desk, in a glove box, a case... anywhere but on me because it was... BIG. I looked at my wife's Palm V longely (it was mine after all) but could never go back to black and white. I stopped going to PalmGear, I stopped visiting Palmstation everyday (PalmInfocenter is the new king now) and in general lost my Palm mania. When the Palm m505 came out I found love again. I have my color but more importantly I have refound my love of being able to bring my Palm... *everywhere*. What is that worth to me? $450... no problem.

RE: Why My IIIc left May 3rd...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 4:47:06 PM #
Some good points here; palminfocenter now reigns as King and it so useful to us Palm Users! Now I can take everything along including the kitchen sink; now some may not care for that but it is ok. Everyone needs to define their own needs. Morningstar1844

RE: Why My IIIc left May 3rd...
philmair @ 6/15/2001 8:06:36 AM #
I agree with everything said above. I too have been through the various phases of Palms. I too swapped my V for a IIIC to get colour. And, I too found it just too big. I picked up my m505 last week (the first batch to hit the UK).

Fantastic .. a IIIC in a V case ... normal service resumed!

Pub Crawl: Gen X's Frogger

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 3:31:32 PM #
Pub Crawl can be found at
You have to get a login name and go to the games section. Ignore the pretty girls...

As for overall comparison, I did not intend in writing this to persuade the new buyer to not purchase the latest editions to the palm line up. I was simply giving my reasons for keeping ol' Rickety around for a while. Having to sell all of Rickety's toyz online is exactly the kind of hassle I am referring to in consideration of getting a new palm. Just too much work.

RE: Pub Crawl: Gen X's Frogger
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 3:51:18 PM #
Ugggh! Umpteen pop-up windows, I have to register AND have cookies turned on just to get to the game? No, thanks! Gawd, I hate web sites like that one!

palmos 4.0 does _not_ affect speed

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 4:02:58 PM #
"...slower than my rickety old IIIc? Perhaps this is an OS 4.0 issue? "

palmos 4.0 does _not_ affect speed in any way, I've tested a Palm Vx and a IIIc with benchmark 2.0 from quartus before and after upgrading to palmos 4.0 and the value is the same

RE: palmos 4.0 does _not_ affect speed
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 5:04:24 PM #
I wonder what slowed down the m505s in my experiment then. Perhaps Benchmark 2.0 isn't designed to run right on the new, faster processors...
Brian Hazard
(My login won't work!

RE: palmos 4.0 does _not_ affect speed
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 12:42:25 AM #
I agree. I ran the benchmark compared to my 37mhz overclocked Prism, and the Prism was much faster accoring to the benchmark. But just running apps, the non-overclocked 505 is just as fast or faster. I was not looking for it to be faster, I just noticed it was. That benchmark should not be used for 4.0, probably just isnt optimized fot it. Hope someone does a detail analsysis on this. Bottom line: 505 is faster.

The authors comments are well stated, I appluad his stance. Also, you have to really be wasteful to exceed 8mb (except for backup, which the 16mb SD works well for with BackupBuddy VFS). Ill take a 505 tho cause its perfect for me and I dont use accessories :)

Benchmark test just the processor
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 9:49:09 AM #
maybe I've explained myself wrong, benchmark tests _just_ the overall speed, not the memory performance (for example in listing the apps "directory"). Using the 99% of the programs on the market You'll never notice the difference between a plain vanilla Dragonball and an Edge VZ (has a benchmark score of about 244% or something like that).
You'll notice the difference only using "heavy load" programs (seems an oxymoron on a palmos machine :) such as a gameboy emulator (wich I do not use, I've been told so) or cryptographic-on-the-fly software (wich I use always)
For the everyday palmos user the m5xx and the Visor Edge have the same speed

benchmark do not have problems running on 4.0 machines, simply may provide misguiding datas

RE: palmos 4.0 does _not_ affect speed
SilliconMan @ 5/31/2001 4:40:32 PM #
I have noticed speed IMPROVEMENTS in general with OS 4 on my IIIc, its great. No 64k color though, the hardware isn't made for it, but its great!

Palming away.....
RE: palmos 4.0 does _not_ affect speed
Quik_Fix @ 5/31/2001 4:55:08 PM #
How do I get os 4.0 on my IIIc?


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 4:16:55 PM #
I agree, but you missed some points.

1) The HandERA Can do things like voice recordings, and as we all know, it's screen is terrific! Even if it is monochrome.

You would also be pleased to know that it'll work with your keyboard.

2) Your computer / your CD player can't fit in the Palm of your hand.

3) The M505 appeals to the power user who uses their PDA seriously. I don't have one, but I have used up all of the 8mb of Memory on my Palm. (But that IS a large amount!)

The M505 is the perfect Palm. It is truly simple, truly stylish, and truly functional.

RE: Well.....
MacBirdie @ 5/30/2001 6:26:08 PM #
What do you need a CD player in your hand for if you're driving or sitting at home?
Second - CD quality is CD quality, not MP3!
Third - a music CD costs like 8$ or so, an _empty_ 64MB SD - 50$ ?
But I do agree - m505 seems to be the best and the most Palm-like Palm of all Palm OS palmtops :)
And I'm getting it soon cause I'll need some extra megabytes of storage space.

RE: Well.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 6:33:50 PM #
Thanks for your feedback on the 505. It really is the one I am focusing on now. I love the 330, but WANT COLOR and/or a better screen. When I see my wife's IIIc, I want color.

RE: Well.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 6:33:50 PM #
Thanks for your feedback on the 505. It really is the one I am focusing on now. I love the 330, but WANT COLOR or a better screen. When I see my wife's IIIc, I want color.

RE: Well.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/10/2001 3:54:58 PM #
Just want to say that I just purchased my very first Palm...and it is the M505. after 2 weeks, I am in love and wonder how i ever functioned without it.

So long franklin planner! So long Gameboy!

And besides have renewed my love of chess!

Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!

slot_machine @ 5/30/2001 4:07:30 PM #
I am glad you've found your own personal PDA Nirvana. Hoever, there are those of us out there that want more and more colorful, faster, useless feature-packed, web-enabled, expandable, pocketable, music-, movie- game-playing, flash media reading PDAs. It's not rational. But then again, neither is a 300+ hp Corvette. Yes, its kind of pitiful, but it still beats smokin' crack.

Enjoy that ative matrix display!

Get Relevant!

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 4:49:11 PM #
Right On!!! Down with crack and fast cars! Onward toyz!!!

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 7:02:01 PM #
Personaly, I'd rather smoke crack.

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 7:57:10 PM #
I'd rather have the Vette.

But, my Sierra gets 305hp

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 11:04:04 AM #
But if you were to sell the crack, you could get the Vette, the Sierra and the toys too!!!

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!
fleegle @ 5/31/2001 12:11:43 PM #
Also room and board at the federal penitentiary. ;-)

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!
DISHNU @ 5/31/2001 3:32:53 PM #
Yes But even if there are newer and more Powerfull Corvettes out there a lot of enthusiasts always look toward the older ones, that didnt have all the bells and whisles that the new ones have

RE: Why? Because we're incurable gadget freaks that's why!!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/17/2001 6:54:34 AM #
you seem to be describing a pocket pc

a good reason for the 64M SD/MMC card

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 4:39:51 PM #
As for not needing the extra memory, wait until you put a few .pdf files on with the new Acrobat reader...

Bull Excrements!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 6:24:45 PM #
How is the m505 the perfect PDA?

I was about to beg my parents for money for the m505! That was before I actually went to the store and held it in my hand and filled around it. It is pretty much the same as my IIIxe except the GameBoy Advance/Color like screen. If I want to play cool games, I'd rather get the Advance for $200 CAN and play the 32-bit apps rather than the 16 or 8-bit games! I understand that people would want the newest stuff, but get a grip people!


RE: Bull Excrements!
MacBirdie @ 5/30/2001 6:36:44 PM #
So a PDA is for you a game machine? If so, you don't get the idea of what a PDA really is and that's the last thing you should get

RE: Bull Excrements!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 6:54:31 PM #
I suggest you have mommy buy you a game boy, and sit in the back of the mini van, and shut up.

GET A JOB and buy what you want, kid.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 7:39:12 PM #

RE: Bull Excrements!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 11:23:30 PM #
beg your parents for money to get an m505?? Comeon, how pathetic can you be. If your parents are still supporting you, why on earth would you need an m505 to organize your life? I'm sure mommy and daddy organize it enough for you...

Hey, take it easy on the kid!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 2:29:27 PM #
Geez, people! It's a great thing to see young people interested in technology, even if it's on the surface. I was an avid gamer since 1981 (I was 6), and my obsession with getting games to work and finding more and eventually programming my own led me into a succesfull career in computers. In addition to games, there are a TON of ways a student could use a Palm of any kind, so lay off him, all right!

RE: Bull Excrements!
MacBirdie @ 5/31/2001 3:28:37 PM #
OK, OK, being interested in new technologies in a young age is one thing and telling everyone they bought crap because games suck on it when it's not desingned for them, is another.

RE: Bull Excrements!
DISHNU @ 6/2/2001 1:59:18 AM #
I agree give the guy a break from his post he is saying that if he wants to play games on his Palm that he would rather use a gameboy, so it sounds like to me that he is useing his device for more then a game machine. but then again how many games do you have on your Palm

More memory is the best upgrade.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 7:02:39 PM #
I can easily read 3 - 4 megs worth of text during the day. Add a couple of PDF's and 8 megs doesn't seem like alot anymore. The m505 was the perfect upgrade.

RE: More memory is the best upgrade.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 10:29:45 AM #
no you can't.

you can read 2-3mb if it is formatted to take up that space.

the hobbit (whole book) took up 180kb. If you can read 2-3mb at this format, i am f-in impressed.


RE: More memory is the best upgrade.
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/7/2001 2:37:18 PM #
Where did you get the Hobbit for your Palm, bytheway?

m505 Stylus Question

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 9:09:45 PM #
Sorry for being Off-Topic here - but I think this is serious - Anybody else notice the poor threading of the m505 styli tips andd tops? The 3-pack styli AND the one I got with my unit have very poor threading alignment/smoothness and I feel like I will strip the threads no matter how careful I am. My old Palm V styli threadings seemed much more concise. Please comment. THANKS

RE: I Absolutely agree
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 10:14:57 PM #
I really love my m505, but I was a bit disappointed in the shoddy construction of the stylus much like you were. No matter, I'll probably be replacing it with a superior third-party one within the next few weeks.

Kudos to palm for a great handheld.
Shame on them for a bad stylus.

I like my new m505

jbachandouris @ 5/30/2001 9:34:07 PM #
I have owned both the m100 (not enough memory and not enough accessories) and the IIIxe. The screen on the m100 is too small and I have trouble with the IIIxe screen as well (I'm not sure why). I bought a Casio EM-500 and brought it back after a day and a half---nice, but complicated. All I want my PDA to do (besides calender and phone numbers) is show baby pictures of my daughter and check email. I bought an m505 and I LOVE it. No problems with the baby pictures and email syncs up quite easily. I like the included Palm connectivity software and will soon be getting the cell phone cable. Too much money? Uhh...yep. BTW mine is a made in Hungary version and I don't see any of the problems allegedly associated with them. The backlight seems to cover the entire screen.

RE: I like my new m505
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/7/2001 4:09:16 PM #
I also have owned an m505 made in Hungary for about 4 months and have no problems with it whatsoever. I love having the ability to store on mmc card and am using McFile etc. with it. Love the Palm, but the number of accessories is limited as are the cables.
Don't forget Windows NT does not support USB. Serial cables for the m505 are near impossible to get. Mine has been on order for months.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

SuccessWizard @ 5/30/2001 10:08:06 PM #
I too use a Palm IIIc -- which I coveted for almost a year before I upgraded from my Palm IIIx. When indoors, the Palm IIIc can't be beat. When outdoors -- in the sun -- it's useless. I don't spend much time outdoors in the sun, so I'm not really effected by it.

I too have an inventory of Palm III add-on's. Keyboard, PalmPix, extra cradle, a few cases I thought would be the best in portability. I use add-on programs too. I even have the cable and set-up to use my Kyocera phone to surf the web and check e-mail.

I'm still using my Palm IIIc for many things, but I ultimately am going to need more space and more functions AND more room in my pocket when I carry it. So, I bought a m500. I use it everyday all day -- saving the IIIc for important stuff like e-mail and games and heavy data input. The m500 is portable, but the IIIc is more pleasant to use.

Mike Lohsl
Palm & ACT! Advisor

RE: Features, Advantages & Benefits
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/2/2001 2:10:08 AM #
Hi Mike,

I saw that your are using also a Palm IIIc like me (me only from 6 months) and I would like to ask you for a help. I would like to use my Palm to check my e-mails via my mobile phone. How I can do that, knowing that I do not have a mobile phone with infra red...or I must by one with infra red, if no other possibiliries. 10x for your reply here or on

RE: Features, Advantages & Benefits
dstrauss @ 6/2/2001 10:30:44 PM #
Check with They sell custom cables to connect Palms to various cellular phones for one cable connection to the internal modem in the cell phone. The specialize in Sprint and Verizon connections. Good luck.

RE: Features, Advantages & Benefits
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 4:47:00 PM #
Thanks Mike,
I will try now. Very kind of you. B

You Go Brian!

I.M.Not Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 11:59:01 PM #
Mr. Hazard is the most logical and rational Piloteer I have ever come across. I 101% agree with all that he has said. Since most of us don't go and buy the latest Mercedes model just because it has some super-sleek/new features, we similarly shouldn't dump our trusty PDAs for something new on the shelf... yet.
RE: You Go Brian!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 12:34:17 AM #
i think your nose is turning brown

Opinions are like ...

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2001 11:55:48 PM #
I would like to commend the author for his comments as they are well taken. When looking at purchasing a new gadget some of us need to justify our needs versus our desires. There is no problem with that. However, there are those of us that want the latest greatest toy -- no matter the perceived benefit. Again, there is no problem with that. It is all about CHOICE!

I currently have the Palm Vx and I am waiting until next year to purchase the Palm m505. I choose to wait because I believe that sometime next year or by the end of this year all of the essential software will be upgraded, attachments like the camera, etc. will be widely available, etc.

I have no real need to upgrade as my Palm Vx satisfies my needs quite nicely. I choose to upgrade.

I would like to challenge each reader to empower yourself to simply say, "I choose to upgrade because I choose to upgrade" or "I choose not to upgrade because I choose not to upgrade".

Are you serious?

Marc @ 5/31/2001 12:55:39 AM #
The 3C sucks! Big and bulky, and after using my Prism your screen looks like a joke. In fact, based on your article shouldn't you have a 3X? After all why waste all that cash on 256 colors?
RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 9:13:42 AM #
Since you asked....
I spend the extra $$ on the IIIc because it's the cheapest rechargeable palm available. I was overclocking my IIIxe and the batteries were going to alkaline heaven in 6-7 days per pair. I liked being able to charge it up when necessary, and I figured I'd save some cash along the way. I know someone will mention the NiMH options available for the batteries in the IIIxe; there's always another side to any coin. I'm not trying to say I should've never bought a nice palm, please don't take it that way. I simply prefer not to upgrade.

Thanks for the comments everyone!!
Brian Hazard

RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 11:19:42 PM #
I dont understand. The IIIc and Prism look the same. I think one of them may allow it to turn up brighter. But really they are the same. Ive had both.

RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 8:53:13 AM #
I think they're very similar, also. But the Prism does have a broader color range than the IIIc. I think there's four differences:

1)Palm is serial, Visor is USB
2)Palm is 256 colors, Prism is 65,000
3)Prism has springboard expandability
4) about $100

That last one's the doozey. But again, I mainlypicked the IIIc because it was the cheapest rechargeable. If I was buying for color, I'd have bought the prism.

Thanks for your comment!

Brian Hazard

RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/2/2001 5:33:47 PM #
You forgot to mention that Handspring products hard reset unpredictably. That's their fatal flaw.

RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 2:26:34 AM #
True, the Prism is not worth $100+ more than the Prism. Handspring should be taking it in the shorts over this. The IIIc is a great VALUE. I admit I have a 505 for the form factor and low light conditions lighting.

The Handspring doesn't randomly reset you retard. Uninstall that junk you have on yours.

RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 4:40:59 AM #
The only retard here is YOU for not reading your post before you pressed "enter".

RE: Are you serious?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 12:59:38 PM #
Uninstall all that junk? That junk is what I got my Palm for. Lots of apps don't run right on the springboard but run just fine on a TRG or Palm unit. You didn't have any trouble? Likely not, because reading your witty post tells me that you are obviously one of great intelligence capable of solving problems that we mere mortals are baffled by. (This is sarcasm, you brainstem.)

RE: Are you serious?
Altema @ 7/11/2001 12:31:28 AM #
Time for a reality check:
The IIIc is thinner (0.67 vs 0.8)
The IIIc is lighter (6.8oz vs 6.9oz)
The IIIc has 2Mb of flash ROM, the Prism has 0Mb.
The IIIc OS is upgradable, The Prism can only be patched.
The IIIc has a color Palette of 4096 colors, even though most apps use less than 20, and the screens are the same resolution.

On the Prism side:
The Prism has the expansion slot.
The Prism looks better running Zap!2016.
Family photos look slightly better on the Prism (even though some say they can't tell the difference).

Both devices have their ups and downs, but check the facts on "Bulk".

RE: I.M. Anonymous

I.M.Not Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 2:52:32 AM #
You are a CHICKEN!
RE: RE: I.M. Anonymous
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 9:40:14 AM #
Do chickens have Palm Pilots?

Do they need a stylus or do they just peck?

Where do they keep it?

RE: RE: I.M. Anonymous
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 11:42:19 AM #
Really constructive! Are you the same kid who was begging his parents to buy him the m505? Because you seem like the same age.

...choosing the right PDA

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 8:13:10 AM #
Well, this comment is a nice one.
Iīve got a TRGpro myself, but I sometimes wish I had this Color screen for EasyCalc....
But thatīs Live. Iīm a Student, and I bought the TRG as a successor for my Palm III. (The Handera 330 was not available until 4 weeks later)

So, itīs not extremly beautyful. So what? My iMac does this. And my Powerbook is beautyful too.

Size? It fits into the Same pocket on my belt, where my Palm III resided for 2 full years. And i donīt feel it dragging down my Belt.

And I wanted those replaceable Batteries. I use NiMHs, and I really like it. I couldnīt have afforded the m50x, I donīt want Sony and the HE330 was not available. So I went for the TRG. Right Iīve got about 3MB of Programs on it, +3MB of Dictionarys +6MB of Backup +more than 1MB of Texts +1MB of Maps +more than 1MB of schedules(so I never miss a Bus) +the usual Data

...would this fit on a Vx? No. Would this fit on a m505? Yes, but I could never afford it.

So leave this Guy with his IIIc. Itīs a nice Palm. I know someone who uses one. My father uses a Vx-in itīs wallet, itīs larger than my TRG!

....choose which Palm suits your needs! There are so many of them, and theyīre all compatible.

i'm still using P3x!!

Ruud @ 5/31/2001 8:26:55 AM #
whoa guys. 3c? hold on, I'm still using my 3x. I've had it for two years now. I will replace it when something really beter comes along. If you look at a M500/M505 they still perform the same basic functions the 3/3x/3xe/3c/V/Vx can perform. Be it with color and/or expansion slots.

The day the fit a 56K modem AND a GSM phone INSIDE a Palm, that's when I am buying me a new one. Fair enough: the new palms/handsprings/handera's/CLIE's look great. But the basic functions are still on the same level as an original Palm 3.

Just my 2 cents....


RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 8:54:20 AM #
3x? You fancy-pants. Until last week, I was using a 3e.

(Okay ... So now I have an m505. I sure held out in between, though...)

RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 9:03:14 AM #
Same here. I went from a 3e to a 505... What a difference.

RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 10:37:41 AM #
ha, got ya beat.
Had a III (no e, no xe) that i bought back when it first came out. Just jumped to the M505.

RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 6:09:03 PM #
me too. I love my m505

RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 6:09:03 PM #
me too. I love my m505

RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 11:44:14 AM #
Hahaha, you freaks :)! How can you call yourselves piloteers :)? The idea is to have/lust after the newest gadgets. Its not an antique convention ;).

RE: I've been using US Robotics Pilot5000!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 2:13:22 PM #
I used U.S. Robotics Pilot 5000 since it first came out and recently sold it on yahoo. It performed basic PDA functions for me but I was unable to upgrade the OS, it had only 5K memory, and I could not load new cool software available. I then purchased the IPAQ, loved the screen on it but then realized that It was not as convinient and easy to use as my old Pilot. It was just a cool shiny gadget that did not do much for me so I went and returned it. Now I am playing with my brothers m505 and I think its great. I feel that the screen is not as bad as some people think, and I like the m100 style clock on it too. I am also reading great reviews for the new Sony CLIE 7100. Therefore this weekend when I go back home to California, I will check out the CLIE at Fry's and will make a decision b/w CLIE and m500. Any comments regarding the two?

RE: i'm still using P3x!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:45:36 AM #
YOU'VE got a 5k memory. The 5000 has 512k. Don't diss the forefathers like that :)

other thoughts

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 8:08:50 AM #
Just a guess, but I would bet the author still owns a Smith-Corona manual typewriter and a Polaroid camera that you can't buy film for anymore. No, you don't have to jump into every latest fad all the time. Then again, it's OK to upgrade every now and again. I gave away my Palm Pro when I bought my IIIx, and I gave away my old IIIx when I moved to the Vx. Now, my Vx sits there lonely in its cradle as I am having lots of fun with my new m505. When I go back now and play with the Vx I think, "Wow, what a dog that was!" It was slow and had a dark screen. I'm very pleased now, and I don't have to look at all of those lines between the pixels you have on your IIIc.

To each his own.


RE: other thoughts
Altema @ 7/11/2001 1:00:46 AM #
Just a quick note. Even though the 505 screen is better than most detractors say, it still has the pixel grid. It is not as obvious because the screen is smaller and not as bright.

Wow, Thanks!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 9:22:27 AM #
Thanks to everyone who has made a comment on here. I like to hear what you guys think just as much as I like to voice my own opinion; it's one of the things I love about this site.

I will clear up one misconception.... I LIKE the m505. Looks nice, feels solid, light, and very very portable. A soft reset takes less than 10 seconds and everything loads very quickly. I'm thinking that the average palm enthusiast could will a 64 mb card in about three days on I just happen to be in the class of folks who don't needs books or dictionaries or medical journals on their handheld. One opinion among many, that's all. I'm an gadget-junkie by nature, and I have my fair stash of program goodies on ol' Rickety: Wordsmith, Tinysheet, Adobe, Memory Safe All the Astrogames, FastCPU, 7 DAs, 14 hacks, FlashPro/FlashPack, Backup Buddy, Easylaunch, 19 games, about 30 Word docs, about 10 e-stories (I use pz for compression-it's the best I've found hands down and available at, Megalauncher, Think DB and a couple of sizeable databases... And I still haven't run out of space. For my own preferences, I've removed vindigo and AvantGo, as they take far too long on the hotsync. Besides, like I said, it's not why I have my palm.

But all praise to the gadget freak without kids who can afford that which I covet...MORE!!!

And again, thanks to all for your well-thought comments.

Brian Hazard

Still using a trusty old Palm V

cypher76 @ 5/31/2001 9:35:51 AM #
I've had my Palm V for a year now and I personally see no reason to buy any of the new models. I upgraded from a Palm III for three reasons: the internal rechargable battery (generally a non-factor for new Palm models), smaller size (still a factor for many), and believe it or not, the increased screen quality! (As compared to an origianal PIII). How much things have changed in a year... I still only use bit over 1MB of memory, have no reason for a color screen except for aesthetic purposes, and still have two years left in my extended warranty. Some need the extra storage for databases and such, but I don't. And the color option can be useful in some applications, but most people just want the "cool" factor that comes with a color screen. Kinda like the adonized aluminum case of my Palm V, one of the other small reasons i chose my current model. I must admit though that the m505 would replace my Palm V if it cost less, i can't justify the price for the small amount of new features, most of which (i.e. the SD slot) i'll seldom use. My Palm V fits all *my* needs. The next device I may consider is the rumored m700, if the service plans are reasonable, and if it is comparable in size to my Palm V. My two+ cents...

Do you really need to upgrade?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 10:04:03 AM #
I consider myself a gadget junky. After all, I bought a Palm Pilot Professional witin days of it's arrival in stores. Yep, 512k of memory, no backights or rechargeable batteries, no expandability or slim design. But you know what? I'm still using it. It's my only PDA. The only one I've ever owned, with the US Robotics logo still visible on it's ugly grey, box-like exterior. Yeah, these new palms have cool features, but I don't expect to use 99% of them. Ok, it would be convenient to have a rechargable battery, and I could keep more useless information if I had more memory. But despite all the models that have been released since mine, not one has made me think that any are a "must have", not one has been a breakthrough in design or function. HandEra's latest design is close, but for now I'm sticking with my 5 year old PDA...

RE: Do you really need to upgrade?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 11:01:17 AM #
You sir must have a Pilot 5000, the PalmPilot Professional had 1 meg of RAM (might have been 2 I can't remember) and had a backlight. I know... I owned them both. Now I am using an m505...

RE: Do you really need to upgrade?
dhacke @ 5/31/2001 11:39:15 AM #
Oops, you are indeed correct! Luckily the 5000's memory is better than mine! Trust me, I did come close to upgrading to the m505, but I think I can hold out just a little longer to see what's around the next corner.

RE: Do you really need to upgrade?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:47:09 AM #
Palm Professional had 1 MB. There was an upgrade so you could get 2 MB, OS 3.0 and IR on a card. That card could be expanded to 4 MB. I've done that.


jubuman @ 5/31/2001 10:17:38 AM #
The m105 has it all. Why have color when half the apps dont work in it? As for size, my m105 praicaly disapears in my pocket. Memory isnt a problem either. Ive used about 5 of my 8mb and i cant imagine having more than 8. In the end, I recomend the m105 to evry one who wants a new palm.


RE: m105
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 11:05:27 AM #
In no way am I about to knock on your m105, it is an amazing little machine for the price... that said... an app does not need to be coded for color to be improved by a color machine. The IIIc/Prism/m505(with sidelighting on) all have WHITE backgrounds and black text which makes everything much more readable. At night there is no comparison as the green backlighting on the m105 pales next to the dullest color model. Most new apps and most new games are being created for color and no doubt in the future (ARM machines, OS 5.0) all Palms will likely be color.

IIIc wireless?

Rob @ 5/31/2001 11:06:59 AM #
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person still using a IIIc. While the screen is only 8 bit, it still has the best contrast ratio (by far, 4 to 1) of any palm or any other pocket PC out there. Still, I wish knew of a convenient way of getting my email and updating my AvantGo content when I am away from laptp or just don't feel like booting up. Given the attention that I put on screen issues, my next upgrade won't happen until there's a 16-bit color screen that's expandable and landscapable like the Handera 330, with easy expansion opportunities like the Handsprings.

Would welcome any suggestions about making a IIIc conveniently wireless.

Thanks, Rob

RE: IIIc wireless?
Gepeto @ 5/31/2001 5:31:46 PM #
I suggest that you get an Ericsson T28 phone with an infrared addon. Of course you could get a Nokia 8290 but I just hate Nokia.

RE: IIIc wireless?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 3:48:22 PM #
I would recommend a T28 world (works not only in Europe but also in the US) it small, good looking and has all the functionality you would expect from a cell phone. To connect it to your Palm use a ir addon or a global pulse cable (thats what I use, works like a charm). Now all I'm waiting for is a Bluetooth addon for my Palm Vx (millennium blue, love the way it looks) so that I can utilize the Bluetooth functionality of my phone and get rid of the cable.
I won't update my Vx until ther's a new one thats the same size and wight with built in bluetooth.

RE: IIIc wireless?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2001 6:09:21 AM #
Hardware wise you need a data enabled mobile phone. You can either link with IR (my option as I didn't have to buy a modem and cable and I don't have to worry about carrying the modem and cable around) or you link with .... the modem and cable.
Software wise I think you need OS3.5 or above (or the IRenhance update).
The simplest method to get online is with the Palm Mobile Internet Kit which includes the OS3.5, email client and web clipping software. (see
Email can also be collected with Eudora Internet Suite or Multimail (now owned by Palm?).
To get Avantgo remotely, upgrade to Avantgo 4 and install the wireless option.
Easy and unless you go for the MIK, free.
Mike McFarlane

My first comment

DJ Jeff @ 5/31/2001 12:46:31 PM #
Being an owner of one of the first few hundred palm units ever shipped, I have owned (& given) every model of the Palm Computing units ever made (except IIIc). Not any more. At the rate that the internet & wireless access to email & other services grows, I can not justify having the latest toy. I now believe that by skipping a generation I might be better off. My Vx is flawless (not the back lit) The speed is fine. The memory is good and will probably remain that way for a while.
As a palm Pioneer & piloteer I have mastered the use of every application I use. My life & business have improved due directly from the discipline the Palm OS & applications have given me. I suffer from ADD, as an adult that can be life altering unless you can control & manage your time & thoughts, thanks to these units I can & do. I have passed on my old units to family & employees. Most of my staff now rely on their palms too. I'll be ready for an upgrade when there is a Palm the size of my Vx, with bright color screen, built in wireless access (no add on), 16mb or more base ram (needed for a power user online) and able to dictate. Then it is a true tool worth upgrading to. Keep most of those periferals, they do me no good. Give me MMC cards w/dictionaries & maps or even some games.
I'll always be a piloteer & I'll help others who are willing to take the plunge too. It's helped my life & it will help yours too.
RE: My first comment
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 8:14:41 PM #
I think I have some of what you described in my family. Perhaps that is why I am so pleased with my Palm. I take it you use alarms? I also find that Thought Manager really helps to organize your thoughts relatd to a project. It really gives me peace of mind.

Thankful for what I have

altema @ 5/31/2001 12:49:31 PM #
I was in the store a few weeks ago, and the salseman leaned over the counter and said "you know, we can take a pre-order for the M505...". Knowing about the newest offerings, I began to drool, thinking of all the stuff I could keep at my side and always ready. Wiping the counter off, I said "That's ok, I'll get the IIIc for now". For me, it was a simple case of economics; it was hard to justify the extra $150 ($275 if you include replacing accessories), and I needed it right then. Unlike most, my Palm IS my replacement laptop and it does a wonderful job. Oh, I still have both a laptop and desktop in my office, three desktops at home, and a spare laptop for my wife, but they seldom get used anymore because the Palm platform has worked out so well. The guys at work know I usually travel paperless, and have undertaken major projects with nothing but my Palm. Unfortunately, relational databases, spreadsheets, web pages, maps, and reference material do take up space, so when I do upgrade, it will be for the memory, even though I also love the style of the M500/505. I really like the new Sony, but that purchase would be based more on the hi-res screen, than the headphone jack. For now, I'm a happy camper and love my IIIc so much that I sleep with it. Well, not the way YOU are thinking of... but the cradle is on my dresser. Besides, you don't really notice the pixel grid unless you hold it so close that it lights up the inside of you nose :~)

PS: Someone could make a killing with an 16Meg upgrade for the c.

50x series build quality

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 1:43:58 PM #
I have owned an m505 with 64 mb expansion card for 3 weeks and LOVE IT!!!

In playing with all the different models at the local Fry's, I noticed something about the build quality of the new series.

On the 500, if you push on the back of the unit (didn't take much pressure), the lcd did the 'ripple' thing where you could see the black 'ink' swirling. I attribute this to the plastic backing of the unit.
The 505 took a bit more pressure to get the same results. The 505 has a metal backing.

I then tried a similar test on the Vx. (metal backing) It took (a lot) of pressure to see any lcd change. So I am guessing that the materials are a bit thinner in the new palms. If you want to test this out, go to the store. I wouldn't try this on my own unit :)

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 12:18:31 AM #
Great discovery, but methinks you shouldn't go around pushing (hard) on the backs of palms just to get that woozy ripple effect.

I'm guilty of doing this on a TFT screen on a laptop. It absolutely mesmerizes to see the pretty...ripples....aaahhhhh....

RE: 64 Mb SD card availability?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 6:56:27 PM #
I've looked all over - where did you get a 64 Mb SD expansion card for your m505? How much did it cost?

Please post and send info to:


RE: 50x series build quality
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:52:57 AM #
I'm SURE they mean MMC card, NOT SD. 64MB goes for about $90 USD (here in Canada).

The ultimate upgrade

Mobetter @ 5/31/2001 3:18:48 PM #
I have a Visor Platinum which will never become obsolete as long as there are a steady stream of springboard modules to expand its
functions etc.
RE: The ultimate upgrade
DvsMark @ 6/1/2001 3:19:21 PM #
and just think, for the price of a new springboard you coulda of gotten a new Palm device, sounds like a great deal to me.

I agree.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 3:22:22 PM #
PDA's are great devices. For years I looked for an electronic organizer. I have never been wealthy, so I have been caustious about my buying. Here is a brief history of PDA's I owned:

Seiko credit card size organizer:
1 line of text at 10 char(?)
No connectivity to PC.
Basically useless.

Franklin text "laptop"
4linesX40 char
Serial upload/download to PC.
Allowed me to type up papers/notes during college.
PIM features too inconvient.

Palm 1000:
Fell in love with first use.
Just what I was looking for.

Rex 3000:
For the wifey. She hates pen input.
Georgeous screen.

Visor Deluxe:
Palm 1000 died.
Inexpensive and new OS allowed me to run more apps.

Throughout my limited buying experience, I (like you) constantly lusted over the newest and greatest gadget, spending way too much time reading spec sheets, reviews, and user comments... but its fun. Right now I'm lusting over the Handera 330 because it addresses some of my longtime gripes about Palms:

Increased resolution:
Reading etext on the Palms feels cramp and uncomfortable.
(Does anybody know if its able to do 80 column text. I'm an old school terminal type of guy. This would really justify buying a modem.)

Better speaker: Finally makes reminder alarms useful
One handed operation: For those times I'm driving and looking at downloaded directions or looking for contact info.

Wish list:
Simple synch with cell phone: I detest double entry.
Palm V form factor.

I wish Palm would have stuck to the simplicity principle and enhanced core functionalities instead of going the way of feature bloat.


Where is 4.0

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 5:13:12 PM #
I keep hearing people say that they're flashing 4.0... Where do you get 4.0?

RE: Where is 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 6:14:27 PM #

RE: Where is 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 7:23:50 PM #
I couldn't find that site. Error everytime. Is there somewhere else? is alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot a www site? I'm really curious to try 4.0. What are the advantages of it over 3.5.2 in my IIIc?

RE: Where is 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 7:32:48 PM #
It's a usenet newsgroup. Get a program like NewsGrabber or use Outlook Express and subscribe to that newsgroup. OS 4 roms are posted all of the time.

RE: Where is 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:54:33 AM #
HAHAHA! I wish I had a dollar everytime someone tries to type in a newsgroup into a web URL! Oh well, I made that mistake once too :)

Palm iiic with 4.0

Gadget Addict @ 5/31/2001 6:43:12 PM #
As a developer, I installed 4.0 on my iiic, and its about as fast as 3.5 with hacks.
I disagree about the Prisms screen, its the same screen with different controller hardware, and its still pretty dinky no matter how many colors you have on there.
I'm not going to upgrade until Palm (or Handspring) does something really revolutionary. Bluetooth and built-in higher speed wireless access (possible on the Australian CDMA network I'm told) on a high-res screen will be a true killer app. Yes I'm dreaming :)

Palm OS v4.0 & Speed

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2001 7:45:41 PM #
Try this: On your m505 with no hacks running (do a soft reset first), run Benchmark 2.0; my m505 says it is running at 156%. Then run Afterburner 3.0u and note that the title bar at the top says, "Config V3.0u: 20MHz"; the m505 runs a 33MHz Dragonball VZ, so that part of the Afterburner 3.0u code that determines this default is apparently not working properly with Palm OS v4.0. Next, set the Afterburner 3.0u default speed to 44MHz and turn on Afterburner 3.0u in Hackmaster/X-Master/TealMaster (I use X-Master); exit Hackmaster/X-Master/TealMaster and then IMMEDIATELY run Hackmaster/X-Master/TealMaster again and turn Afterburner 3.0u off; then go into the Afterburner 3.0u configuration screen and hit the "Norm" button and then the "OK" button; exit Hackmaster/X-Master/TealMaster and rerun Benchmark 2.0. My m505 now says it's running at 135%. Notice that the pitch of sounds on the m505 is now higher, indicating that something in the unit is running faster than the default speed. Think it's still running slow at only 135%? Try playing Hardball (if you can keep up!). Soft reset the unit and run Benchmark 2.0 again. My m505 is now back to the "normal/default" 156%.

BTW, with Afterburner 3.0u running and the default set to 45MHz, Benchmark 2.0 on my m505 says 215%, but I don't think it has really been overclocked all that much; the sounds are not noticeably higher pitched, if at all, and Hardball runs only slightly faster than the default speed. Following the procedure in my previous paragraph above will DEFINITELY speed the unit up more, despite what Benchmark 2.0 says.

It appears that there is a problem somewhere with Afterburner 3.0u and/or Benchmark 2.0 and Palm OS v4.0.

RE: Palm OS v4.0 & Speed
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:56:20 AM #
Screw Afterburner! Get FastCPU instead!


xman @ 6/1/2001 1:11:08 AM #
It seem like you guy really like M50X. But it is a money issue, is in it? Hey guys i just bouqht my palm 505 and it so great. the color,backlight,speed, the pic, i think all of you should get one... i paid $380 for it.... i mean yes you have to spend more money for a modem and other software that you might need but hey i am telling you guys you got to feel the color . also the great things about you could use the carfty and keyboard the same time. first i thougt i was gona buy ipaq but it not organaized. well up to you buy or stay with you old model and cry.......

[ No Subject ]

MMEng @ 6/1/2001 2:56:31 AM #
I echo most of the views of this articles author. My IIIc is a very productive working tool and I'm happy using it daily. The colour display is fine indoors, but is hard to see in direct sunlight. Battery usage between recharges is good for a TFT display. All in all a good product from Palm, rather less expensive than the Prism. I'll wait until network/audio/software power has moved on a couple of stages before upgrading.

I understand but...

red_vette @ 6/1/2001 3:50:26 AM #
I understand where you are coming from and I can agree with you on several points.

However, I would like to voice my support for more memory. I have a Visor Deluxe with the 8MB expansion module. I have almost all 16MB used up and am in need of more. It is not filled with trivial software, either, but stuff that I use daily. I am trying to save money for the 16MB module now available.

The HandEra is appealing because of its dual slots. I might just try one or two of these gadgets out except I refuse to have to take out my memory expansion module because of the apps that are on it that, like I said, I use daily. The HandEra would enable me to keep my apps on a memory card AND have another device plugged in. Cool! It also has all the bells and whistles that I'm interested in. Except it's pretty homely...

RE: I understand but...
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:57:05 AM #
This is funny. A 32MB MMC costs about the same as a 16MB SpringBoard :)

Chasing the carrot

Mobettermoves @ 6/1/2001 6:45:27 AM #
I think there is merit in all of the palm os devices out there. But there is not ultimate "swiss army" palm. I'm quite happy with my visor platinum. However, others might prefer / need a device with color or higher resolution. Instead of yelling "mine is better than yours", and chasing after the next geat palm device, we should wring as much use out of present palms, visors, clies etc. as possible.

mine 2

buddy @ 6/1/2001 7:48:59 AM #
i also have a palm IIIC and do't see why i should upgrade or trsh my palm. i still don't get why freind (age 11) needs 3 palms! he has a 7X, 5X and m505. my palm is mine forever!
RE: mine 2
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 9:00:47 AM #
I applaud your loyalty.
So does my IIIc, Ol' Rickety.
Thanks for commenting!

My old Vx or a new M505?

marbeck @ 6/1/2001 9:57:35 AM #
After reding the trusty comments about the old stuff is the best, I dissagree, new tech is most of the times better, in other hand the shape also counts, the IIIC has that problem, compared with an shaped M505, plus the add on card facility, in my oppinion takes the lead, being updated in everything takes money, cars, electronics, etc. M505 in my opinion is worth the money, the add ons are each one decision.
RE: My old Vx or a new M505?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/1/2001 2:04:01 PM #
I definitely agree, new tech is almost always better. My outlook is simply that of the semi-thrifty palm entusiast. If I had all the money I needed, I'd probably have an m505, too. Not that IIIc is a better Palm device, simply that it's MY Palm device, and therefore costs me nothing. And in a way, in my book, that does make it better Palm, because it's paid for!

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate different viewpoints on the issue.

Brian Hazard

[ No Subject ]

konstantinov @ 6/1/2001 10:28:25 AM #
Hi to all of you. I have also an Palm IIIc and I'm stisfite with it. Just one remark. I need to check and send my e-mail with my Palm using a mobile phone (I have Ericsson A1018s and Nokia 3210), so no infra red and would like to use with a cable. Can some one help me to find such kind of cable? Please send info to
10x in advance. B

I agree !!!!

maldito @ 6/1/2001 10:37:50 AM #
I just bought my first PDA after a long time of wanting one, and one day a couple pf weeks ago, I saw the Palm IIIc on sale at $29.99 on twelve easy installments of $25.00 each!!!
Great bargain I thought even though there are better PDA's pn the market these days. And you know what? I think it is a remarkable device. I'm happy with the deal and with the device!!!


Kenny Teoh @ 6/2/2001 4:06:51 AM #
i m using a 3c n i have no complaints either. I love it n i cant imagine life without some decent colors. i have tried the m505 n its beatiful. no doubt. The feeling is like an average family man. I dream of claudia schiffer but i go home to my wife.

yes, the m505 can do 65,000 colors but i am already complaining of the lack of apps in 256 colours let alone 65,000 colors. Pictures dont look all that great on the m505 anyway.

I love my palm 3c and although it isnt as small as the m50x, i dont think its too big for me to complaint.

sure, nothing is perfect, but for that price for a m505, it isnt any close to perfect than my reliable 3c.

My friends tell me my 3c is passe. but nobody else can make me buy a PDA, that will only leave me feeling inadequate with the capabilities. Hence the need to buy more memory n etc. Thats a too 'MICROSOFT' thing to do.

Maybe one day when my 3c is as obsolete as a museum artifact or i lose my ability to carry an average palm-sized PDA, I will upgrade. I absolutely agree with the article and you wont believe how long i have been waiting for someone to say what he said. hallelujah, AMEN!

Palm IIIc I'm keeping it!

Bill Walker @ 6/2/2001 8:23:29 AM #
Brian, I really enjoyed reading your studied comments about the
new PDA'S. I also could not find a
reason to replace my trusty IIIc.
I have not needed more memory nor is speed or colors a problem.
put it in its cradle at night, hotsync it in the morning before
going to work. It is an extension of
my PC for sure. I'm keeping my

My Saga of Electronics

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/2/2001 10:52:40 AM #
I'm terrible. It all started in the late 80's when I bought one of those little credit-card sized organizers. A few years later, I bought an HP OmniGo 100 (first device to use Grafitti). After that was stolen, I bought an Apple Newton, then a Psion Series 3a, then a Palm IIIe, then another OmniGo (I missed it). After that, I upgraded to a TRGpro, then a IIIc, an m700 for a short time, and now, settled, on my m505. I think I may have a problem...

[ No Subject ]

AMF @ 6/2/2001 11:08:37 AM #
The comment about not having used up the 8mb memory of the IIIc is all crap. You're not using it up because you know you're limited to 8mb. If you have 64mb, you know you'll use it up in no time. Be true to yourself man! More is better.
RE: [ No Subject ]
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 2:03:35 AM #
I see your point.
It's possible that if I knew I had the yard to run it in, I might buy a bigger dog. But the questions remains... Do I NEED a bigger dog? That's all I'm saying. I LOVE the m505. If I could find a cost-efficient way to exploit another few megs, I'd do it. My point is that, using what I need the Palm for, I don't use up the entire 8 megs. It'd be easy to toss the Noah Lite dictionary app on there, knock off about 5 megs of space, and then be in the mindset of needing more. I'm only making the stand for keeping what I have 'cause it ain't broken yet (knock on wood)! But I admit, there's always something to stuff into a bigger box! Thanks for commenting!
Brian Hazard

What About the RAM?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/2/2001 1:21:45 PM #
I applaud your rational examination of the cost/benefit of a new Palm device and your willingness to share it. While I share the belief that the old hardware is often perfectly useful and workable, I think that the ability to store more than 8MB is desirable, enough so to be considering upgrading my Palm III w/8MB card to a TRGPro so I can use CF RAM cards. Don't you ever feel the need to carry around a few dozen MB of maps?

new palm Vx owner

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/2/2001 3:39:58 PM #
I just bought a new palm Vx I am still
learning the different uses for it. I am
having problems finding a way to synch my AOL e-mail to my palm. Any one with suggestions. I am not tech oriented so keep it simple.

[ No Subject ]

Bryan in Manitoba @ 6/2/2001 4:17:09 PM #
My 111c is my first palm.It would appear however that there isn't a wireless modem available.
Mind you I don't know if it is worth 'upgrading' COMMENTS

Thanks for setting me straight!

Guy @ 6/2/2001 9:43:53 PM #
Have been considering attempting to keep up with the Joneses by making a change from my made me would in all likelihood be a totally fruitless move and only serve to shrink my wallet!


Love my IIIxe

PreacherMain @ 6/2/2001 11:10:10 PM #
I tried all the new PDA's at Best Buy.....I will stick with my IIIxe. I might consider a IIIc if the price falls below $150
Do you realize that youre all killing Palm by not upgrading?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 7:21:25 AM #

RE: Love my IIIxe
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2001 9:52:08 AM #
I too have a IIIxe, and so far Palm has not made a newer model that makes me say "Wow, I just gotta have one of those!", despite the fact that it will do little more that the IIIxe won't do".

Do YOU realize that by not upgrading when it's not needed I'm raising the profitability of my own business? Let Palm take care of their business, I'll take care of mine.

That's all i need

111cforme @ 6/3/2001 8:40:14 PM #
111c has served it's purpose well. Now i'm bored. I would of been gone long ago. Action Name's , saved me from having a wondering eye. Palm 111c is all I need.

m505 vs. IIIc

farmhandbadguy @ 6/4/2001 12:55:51 AM #
I just got my m505 about a week ago. It was slightly painful at first going from the IIIc's bright display to the dull m505 display. I got used to it, and was happy to find that I could easily read the display in direct sunlight.
SD slot is helpful, I won't say great until more software supports it.
Like the Dictionary SD card. The game SD card is a waste. 1.4 Mb on a 14mb copy protected SD. Why?
The only thing I really miss about my IIIc now, after a week, is OmniRemote. Once it supports the m505 life will be good.
RE: m505 vs. IIIc
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:09:25 AM #
Dear FarmHandBadGuy:

What is OmniRemote??? It sounds like something I might want for my IIIc.

Please respond here or just to me at

Thanks, Rob

RE: m505 vs. IIIc
farmhandbadguy @ 6/9/2001 1:35:00 AM #
OmniRemote allows you to use you IIIc as a remote control using the ir port. You can program any IR remote (unless frequency is to high) fuction on your palm. Allows you to create buttons (registered version) and even use macros. I have every TV and radio station i watch or listen to the most on my IIIc. Search for it on palmgear. I wish neopacific would hurry and get a version that works on the 505 out!

Range on the IIIc isn't great but worked at about 15ft for me, try the demo before you register.

right on

Tjgato @ 6/4/2001 1:14:10 AM #
totally agree with your assesment why don't manufacturer's just do one accessories for their models constant upgrading is not really an option now a days. The cost rises for the consumer & in a period of 1 yr. a newer model comes out. For all PDA user remember this is not a replacement for your computer it is just an add on same us a mobile phone

[ No Subject ]

K.D. @ 6/4/2001 6:00:11 AM #
I've read your comments on IIIc about a dozen times in the last week--everytime I get the urge to bid on an Ipaq or Jornada that seems like a great deal. I have had a Casio E-115, Palm Vx and a Compaq Aero 2130 upgraded to Pocket PC in the past year and the clear winner is my trusty Palm IIIC. Absolutely the easiest screen to read and great colour. Only had it for 2 months but it has never crashed or given me any problems whatsoever. I now have all the toys too {Palmpix camera, keyboard, modem, travel charger, etc., etc.} More than enough space to organize and have fun with. You only confirmed what I already knew. It doesn't get any better than my IIC.
Thanks for opening my eyes
Palm IIIc hasn't outlived its usefulness yet!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 12:40:32 PM #
I was tempted to trade my IIIc for the m505. After reading your reply to Brian's excellent article, I'm thinking of hanging on for my trusty IIIc for at least another year. By that time Palm would have come up with something better than the m505.

My IIIc may only have 8 MB. My desktop computer has 256MB and a 30 GB hard drive. I use my PC for internet access, Office2000, and lots of byte-hungry 3D games. I use my PDA for access to my personal Datebook and reading newsclips using AvantGo. So, I don't try to make my PDA behave like my desktop PC by storing apps and data that I won't need after a month.

As for the IIIc's screen, it's not designed to compete with the laptop's screen estate or resolution. I can't imagine anyone doing a business presentation on the IIIc (or an m505 for the matter) but at least it can still show digital photos in brilliant color. The way I see it, almost all laptops use the same TFT active matrix technology as the IIIc, and everyone knows that you can't view a laptop's screen in bright outdoor sunlight!

I'm not anti m505. I like its smaller form factor and the ability to archive more data and apps. If I had the money, it *might* be my second PDA while still keeping my IIIc. Then again, for all the excitement about the m505 something better will come along in the near future....and I foresee some die hard m505 user writing about his trusty m505 just the way Brian Hazard did his Palm IIIc...:-)

Hello? 505 vs. Prism?

Rick McMullin @ 6/4/2001 8:06:39 AM #
I purchased the original Palm Pilot and currently use a Palm III . I wish to upgrade to color and went out shopping... I played with every PDA they had and concluded that the 505's color STINKS!! The Prism is super bright! I almost couldn't tell that the 505 even had color!! It's the Prism for me!! Anyone else?
RE: Hello? 505 vs. Prism?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 11:04:09 AM #
You see, if you compare them indoors and side by side, the contrast between the two screens is large. If you take the 505 by itself, you will adjust to the 'brightness'. If you take the 505 and Prism outside, you'll change your views. Remember that.

I Agree

mike @ 6/4/2001 10:17:46 AM #
I own a 5X and see no reason to put it to rest. If you're patient enough to look into new gadgets after the hype, you'll find not much worth spending the dollars. I am not accountable for PALMs failure to move products. My 5X is fine


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:19:22 AM #
I love it... upgrading would be nice...BUT to much $$ invested here.. waiting for the pyro to come out with 64 meg add on... that will be nice for my business applications!

I agree fully

Claudio @ 6/4/2001 11:14:02 AM #
3 months ago I purchased my first PDA, a Palm III c, and I don't regret it, even after reading all the great reviews about the new feature packed PDA's. I'm happy with my IIIc, with it's 8 Mb, of which I use slightly over 5, having in my thinkDB all my expenses, travel datas, client datas, sales and equipment datas, Documents to go with spreadsheets and Word tables, just everything I need for my job, plus of course about 800 addresses, several great games, Avantgo with lots of sites loaded to have something to read during commuting, etc etc..
Regarding the screen, I found it great in brightness and contrast, and have never had problems reading on it.
The size and weight is also ok for me, I carry it in my jacket inner pocket, or even in my pants pocket, I even carry it in my pants back pocket, almost sitting on it....try that with one of the new sleek, and weak (read fragile), PDA's.
I work as a field service engineer, and my sturdy and reliable Palm IIIc, along with the foldable keyboard, the Palm modem and the Kodak PalmPix is all I need out there.

I disagree w/ the Article

We54_ph @ 6/4/2001 12:43:52 PM #
Yes the IIIc's is a great product but some people need bigger memory, more functionality, better resolution etc. Have you ever heard of the word convergence? It is what manefacturers want to achive. An all in one device that is a pda and a music player, a pda with a vast amount of memory or even a vivid color screen. These are advances to a better full featured pda. To make Pdas with greater capabilities. Eventhough I drool to have a Sony Clie l700 I'm sticking to my palm IIIxe, it's all I need. You must understand that nobody are alike and different people hav different needs and demands.

The world changes and evolves and so does technolgy. There nothing you can do to change it.

I agree with you disagreeing :-)
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/4/2001 2:01:33 PM #
I don't argue your point at all.
I certainly am not about to stand in front of the PDA bullet train with my righteous hand extended, screaming, "Are you gonna patch my IIIc to OS 6.0 or what!?"
I am all for the convergence of our toys, so that someday I can ditch my Audiovox CDM-9000 and have it all in one device, in one pocket, and roughly the size of a deck of bridge cards. I looked very closely at the Smartphone when it premiered. How cool is that? Dialing from your address book? Yes!
I think a lot of people are perceiving my standpoint to be that of a retro-tech outlook. This is not the case whatsoever. My only stance is that of the frugal minded (fancy way of saying broke) Piloteer who's grateful for his Zap!2000c and the adorable FiewViewer Pictures I have of my son installed to show my friends. What I have is a fantastic device that is overshadowed by the newer and the more shiny guys in the race. Compared to an m505, my Palm lacks. But compared to the velcro-flapped planner that now exclusively holds my business card collection, it's fantastic. And compared to the price of the m505, it's free, so it wins off the line.
This is of course my own humble opinion, and I'm glad that so many people have added their own.
Thanks for commenting!

Brian Hazard

Thanks for the opinion

SPC Joshua J. Brumley @ 6/4/2001 10:01:26 PM #
I'm a soldier in the U.S. Army and I've owned a visor deluxe since febuary. In my opinion, it's a lifeline in my line of work. I can do everything I could do with a notebook,(the one with paper), and thensome. And while it's not in color or have an upgradable OS, I still use it regularly. Lately I've been looking at PocketPCs and have been VERY tempted, but your article has reminded me of one of the fundamentals of practicality, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it(or replace it)". So thank you for reminding me that the newest isn't always the best or cost effective, I think I'll be using my visor until it dies,(but I hope that wont be anytime soon).

BRAVO, old Rickety IIIc

anonymous @ 6/4/2001 10:09:56 PM #
You speak for all the Palm III loyalists, including this devoted user of a just-won't quit IIIxe. Thank you from the bottom of my still-unspent 8MB!!!

M ore Memory

NathanRenaud @ 6/5/2001 2:03:29 AM #
I love the IIIc article. But fr me, memory IS a commodity that is precious. I don't have a laptop and my Visor Deluxe is more of an extension of self than a tool. I travel a lot and get lost easily so maps are nice (tell me your fovorite map source, I still flit about) I use the crap out of Avantgo and wish THEY would up the memory and channel limits (I 'm not wireless) I'm Writing a book and have 2 meg of just chapters in proress. I have an Eyemodule 2 (my only sprngboad) and I can easily clog up on images. I want to reinstall Epocrates and QId but don't have the space. I hot sync everyday when not on the road.
RE: M ore Memory
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 3:06:43 AM #
That was fun, minor typos but not bad for my first posting to anything FROM my Visor.
I thought of something else regarding this whole line of discusion, the IIIc ISN'T OLD! Only on a forum like this would it be considered ancient. It was brand new about the time I bought my Visor Deluxe. That's not old. My wife and I use our PDA's enough to justify upgrade expenses but not every six months. We will get a pair of whatever the newest, coolest PDA is in february of 2002, when our Visor Deluxes are 2 1/2 years old and one will become a TV remote and the other a gift.


IIIc is just as efficient

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 3:23:47 AM #
I, too, am a IIIc owner and I've seen the m50x w/c I must say are great BUT would a young professional like me have to follow all the hype when I have in my possession a cool and efficient gadget? Nope. My IIIc serves me well.

my m505 is fun

dreadlock9 @ 6/6/2001 5:06:50 PM #
I just got an m505 for programming after having inadvertenly broken the Palm V Qualcomm gave me quite a while ago. I've used a IIIc a little bit... but I would never own one now because the new features of the m505 are, low and behold, useful. First of all, since I am a programmer, I can actually put all those 65,000 colors to good use in such things as video games and paint programs. I am currently working on a 16-bit game that will be compatible with databases from my paint program. Anyone will be able to clearly see that it looks MUCH better than 8-bit color.

Secondly, the memory cards are cool... and I filled up most of my 8 megs and then most of my first 16 meg card pretty fast. If you say you wouldn't use that much space that's because your IIIc doesn't have the flexibility and therefore you must limit yourself. I will never walk around with less than 16M of apps ever again :) I'm about to go get a Sony Clie so I can pop in 128 or 256M and create expansive game worlds.

I liked my m505 so much that I bought another and sold it to my friend for half price so he could be my first video game tester. I think I'll get some more of them.

IIIc is the best!!!

Doug Stern @ 6/7/2001 10:52:46 PM #
my IIIc is better than all the new PDA's out there. it is color, has a bright screen (i've used it as a flashlight in a dark room before) and i get all the news i need through AvantGo. the color is nice, and i can keep all the pictures i want (it's fun to impress people). i keep my checkbook in it, which makes things a lot simpler. and best of all, it doesn't cost 400 bucks. i got mine for 250 at

Eventual Upgrades

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/14/2001 7:42:15 PM #
I've got a V (not a Vx) and I'm desparately short on RAM. 2 Meg isn't a lot to work with. So I come to a great decision point: Buy a (now cheap) Vx, an m505, or the new Sony. Color would be great. High resolution would be great. Keeping my form factor would be perfect (I have an awesome case from Rhinoskin). Logically, I should just get the Vx and be done (cheaply) with it. What I want is the Sony high res screen, the m505 color density and expansion slot, and my form factor. Is that too much to ask?

Opinion: Why My IIIc Is Here To Stay...

sford @ 6/22/2001 8:07:31 PM #
I, too, use a IIIc, and I just love it! Once you've had color for any length of time you can never go back! I bought my first Palm about five years ago, the Professional, and have owned about 3 or 4 different models since. First off, I have to agree with those who have commented that it really is all a matter of personal preference and opinion. There is no "right" or "wrong" about which device is best. Second, the comment about "I choose..." as opposed to "I need..." is right on. I have learned this in trying to convince my wife that I "need" my next intended purchase :) (see below). Having said that...

I am truly a gadget geek when it comes to Palm and related issues. I visit this site daily (as well as have the AvantGo channel); and, I am subscribed to about a dozen Palm/technology-related email lists, from CNET, to PDABuzz, to NYTimes Circuits. I love this stuff! The fact is I've been waiting ever since the Palm1000 for the "perfect PDA"...perfect for me, that is. :) I believe I may have found the upcoming Samsung SPH-I300. From what I've read and seen, it seems to have everything...everything I want, that is. We'll see!!

Good Old Palm IIIc...

Truffles @ 6/29/2001 6:52:18 PM #
Cheers to the sensible soul who finds the IIIc does everything just fine! That list of accessories and cost does make one stop and think.
I agree whole-heartedly, even though I have bought an m505 for the storage which I DO NEED for documents -- but I think I'll keep the "other" one for GAMES, ETC., ETC. BTW, using Afterburner, the IIIc benchmarks faster than with FastCPU. For the SilverScreen die-hards out there, try HandScapePro for a bit, maybe after you've changed icons in SS...


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 3:12:20 AM #
i have to agree with you... the palm IIIc is something you just can't part with. i love my sturdy IIIc, and it does everything i need (cept for helping me get a date...)

Plam lllc

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/14/2002 10:59:28 PM #
Where can I find a cradle for a plam lllc? If anyone knows of a secret place can you please e-mail me @
Thank you


I.M. Anonymous @ 7/15/2002 6:37:40 AM #
I started with a m100, then bought a 2hand IIIxe because of the memory and recently I purchased a new(!) IIIc for the price of a 2hand m100.
If nothing else, the color-screen is about a hundred times better then the screens of the m5xx-series and
the Sony Clie-models.

Just my two cents



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