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Think Outside Inc. today has announced availability of the Stowaway Portable Keyboard for the Sony Clié. It supports both the PEG-S300 monochrome and the new PEG-N710C color version and is available in English and Japanese versions. Targus Group International is the exclusive worldwide distributor of this version of the Stowaway. Available under the name Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard for Sony Clié, it has a suggested retail price of US $99.
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Retail availability?

jkirvin @ 6/18/2001 2:42:48 PM #
So where (brick & mortar) can I get one? Any CLIE Stowaway sightings?


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/18/2001 3:14:26 PM #
Having a Stowaway would be pretty cool.
But my big thing is the fonts on the sony.
They have the 320x320 screen, but don't seem to be making use of its capabilities.
I have a Handera, and I thing that it is more readable, just because the fonts are so much smoother.
Does anyone know of a patch that would let you upgrade the sony fonts?
I think I would really like the sony a lot better.
Oh and why didn't they make the screen bigger?
This isn't a flame, I really like the sony, but i wish they would have putthe screen to better use.
Maybe when they offer the OS4 upgrade they'll add some of these features.

It IS on the thinkoutside webpage.

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/18/2001 5:32:07 PM #
RE: It IS on the thinkoutside webpage.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/18/2001 6:09:17 PM #
Took 'em long enough. They made the announcement this morning and it didn't appear until this afternoon.

Cell phone cable?

David Arnstein @ 6/18/2001 5:53:05 PM #
The keyboard is nice. What about a cable that connects a Clie to a Startac cell phone? The availability of accessories is a worry for me and this cable is my best example of the problem.

about PPK

Seong-uk Kim @ 6/18/2001 9:35:23 PM #

i hope there s some kind of
standard about palm design.
what i mean is that almost every
palm os device needs a keyboard
for only itself. i have one for my
palm 3 so that if i get another
new palm, then i ve got to buy
new keyboard, too.

i think its also not good for
stowaway company, because
they have to have the stock for
each of the palm os devices. even
palm v and palm 500 use different
keyboards. they seem not to
think about the compatiblity.

i want to buy a palmpix camera,
but i faced the question like if i
buy it for palm 3, then it ll be
more difficult for me to have new
palm device because of needing to
get new accessaries and

Seong-uk Kim

RE: about PPK
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/19/2001 12:39:57 AM #
Sounds like there's a market for cheap Stowaway keyboard adapters!

RE: Cell phone cable

altema @ 6/18/2001 11:23:24 PM #
Someone should be coming out with that soon. Keep your eyes on the website, but be sure that your StarTac supports the correct protocol. I stayed with the StarTac when I upgraded because I love the phone. When I bought the cable for my Palm, I discovered that it only works on StarTacs using CDMA, and my phone uses the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) protocol.

RE: about PPK

altema @ 6/18/2001 11:23:24 PM #
I know how you feel, I turned down an offer to trade my current Palm for the M50x because I already have the keyboard, charger, case, etc.

Unless you plan on upgrading soon, the keyboard would be worth your while. They have a very good reliability record, and are much stronger than they appear. My only problem is that people stare when I take mine out in public.

The PPK's are actually quite similar. The main difference is the connector, and the keyboard encoder ROM (I think it's under that bump to the right!)

RE: RE: about PPK
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/19/2001 3:14:54 AM #
Have you noticed that Palm's "Universal Connector" only works with two Palms?
Further, the Palm III/VII series connector is compatable with the M100/105, making it actually more compatable with more Palms than the "Universal Connector".
Am I alone in thinking this is weird?
Someone needs to give them a thump on the head.

RE: RE: about PPK
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/18/2001 10:48:27 AM #
The Universal connector only works with 2 Palm devices because it's still relatively new! Now the m125 and m700 are being discussed (even if only as rumors for the moment), and both of those are supposed to have it. It's not like Palm said they were going to retrofit all the older devices or something.


Couchtrip @ 6/19/2001 1:04:49 AM #
Are the stowaway keyboards available now? Where can they be purchased from?


Maurice @ 6/19/2001 2:48:09 AM # shows a Stowaway keyboard for the Clié is available, however the picture shows the old S300. I ordered it regardless because the announcement stated the "new" keyword is compatible with both Clié models. I'll let everyone know in a couple of days when I get it.
RE: Check
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/19/2001 9:08:11 PM #
yes, the N710c and S300 has the same connector, so they both can use this keyboard

new Software

BJ @ 6/20/2001 3:22:14 AM #
Just dowloaded the last Palm Portable Keyboard software versin1.5 from the palm site. So far can not differentiate between the new version and the last verion 1.2.


RE: about PPK

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/20/2001 4:43:33 AM #
the problem with this is that companies buy a licsense for the PALM OS. unfortunatly that leaves diffent companies to do what ever they want with the actual hardware. sony has a notorious habit to force its propriety products. dont get me wrong, i love my s300 and if i had the need to upgrade i wouldnt hesitate to get the n710c. but if sony make its own interface for the data connector and removable media, it will make more money off any accessories made for it. i believe that to make the stowaway keyboard for sony, outside thinking inc has to pay a royaly to sony.

RE: RE: about PPK
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/20/2001 4:49:07 AM #
sorry i meant think outside inc.

What about Landware Keyboards?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/20/2001 11:46:25 AM #
I love my non folding keyboard.... It is compact, I can use it without a table.. and it comes with free software (takenote and something else) It is also onsale (I paid $69.00) you can get it not with a $30.00 instant rebate at Officemax or officedepot... Great price and great product.

Universal connector

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/21/2001 8:22:09 AM #
You need a good thump on the head! What do you expect? The M500/505 has just been released with this connector which has an eye on the future.

[ No Subject ]

Hal @ 6/23/2001 8:09:40 AM #
What software do you usefor a keyboard.


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