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Combiner is a file compressor for Palm OS files and applications that probably hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. Users can compress multiple files into a single self-extracting PRC file saving 50% and more memory space.

Envi.con has just released Combiner for Windows, which allows users to compress Palm files on the desktop before copying them onto the handheld.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 12:13:32 PM #

RE: Ahem.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 12:16:45 PM #
This is a site that does nothing but talk about products for sale. How is this article any different from every other article? They all talk about products for sale. Every single one of them. If you haven't realized this yet, you need to start paying a lot more atention.

What would you prefer? Articles on what George Buh is doing in Europe now? That's all I can think of that wouldn't somehow be commercial in nature.


RE: Ahem.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 12:30:47 PM #
I think the first guy is correct and they print too much that is advertising for products. They should stop wrting about all products from Palm, Sony, Handspring, or HandEra. The same goes for any add-ons that are for sale. They should also cut out articles about software for these products because that is also for sale. Articles about freeware are fine, as long as you don't mention what platform the program is for because that will be advertising. Ed, feel free to write about anything else that doesn't fit into one of these categories.

RE: Ahem.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 2:28:53 PM #
I disagree. I think this is a good forum to find out about different products for the Palm. It may ultimately be a form of advertising, but do to the message board style of this site, anybody can follow up with their opinion of the product. And that opinion may not always be positive. I like seeing articles on different products and then reading users opinions. If it's a bad product, someone will usually recommend a better one.

New products
RoofusPennymore @ 6/15/2001 3:26:32 PM #
I would expect a site like this to report on new products, no matter who comes out with them. I also expect them to tell me who sells them and how much they cost. If possible I would expect a review.

RE: Ahem.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 11:15:14 PM #
I got an idea: if you don't like product reviews don't waste your time reading them!

RE: Ahem.
jwouden @ 6/16/2001 9:51:01 AM #
I definitely disagree!!! I come here to find out about the latest and greatest new products, including software and hardware. I don't know why you come here? If they stop writing about commercial things for sale, what is there to write about? Or if they happen to find something else, I probably wouldn't find it worthwhile to come here. I feel that PalmInfoCenter is a relatively impartial observer. If Ed thinks a new product is great, I am glad to hear about it! I don't call it an advertisement, but a nice review!


stephen007 @ 6/15/2001 12:27:55 PM #
I used their Palm version of Combiner (runs right on the Palm rather than Windows) and I can't seem to get *any* compression.

I tried compressing two programs, Hearts & Rally 1000, seperately and with the highest compression setting.

Here's the results:

Combiner for Palm
Rally 1000 before: 40k after: 41k
Hearts before: 28k after: 35k!!!

Maybe it's because of the additional overhead of the self extraction, but I'm suspicious. I compared it to !pZip, which fared much better (and exactly where I would expect it to be).

Rally 1000 before: 40k after: 25k
Hearts before: 28k after: 18k



RE: Compression?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 2:01:24 PM #
Hope you don't mind this non-techy question? How do you run !pZip packer? I edited the .bat file (copy /b %1 BIN\*****.prc), then double-click the bat file but all I get is the error.

RE: Compression?
stephen007 @ 6/15/2001 5:13:13 PM #
You really need to run the batch file from a command prompt. The line to type is "pack filename.prc".

I don't get it....

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 1:42:50 PM #
Can I run combined programs directly on the Palm? If I have a 200k app that I combine down to even 100k, but then I want to use it- (why else would I bother carrying it around?) I inflate it and now it takes up 300K- 200k for the app and 100k for the combined. HOW DOES THIS HELP?

The only time I see this saving anything is beam time for large files- but then you have to compute the compression and decompression times into that. Besides, the last time anyone I know beamed a large file to another user was NEVER!

RE: I don't get it....
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 2:17:24 PM #
I've got a whole bunch of applications that I *might* run. Mostly these are games that I play every now and again. Putting them all on my m100 compressed sounds great. When I know what I'm in the mood for, I'll just decompress that one.

Does this really work?

Marc from Denver @ 6/16/2001 9:37:44 AM #
Does this really work or is it just another piece of advertisement? I really need an answer because I have a Palm m100 and I have limited memory. I guess you could say that I have memory envy!!!


yunn @ 6/16/2001 1:48:22 PM #
humans are strange. when they dun have something, they complaint but when they have it they start to talk shit. common the headzs @ Visorcentral's have to pay bills too u know....
RE: strange
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/17/2001 11:14:46 PM #


sinbad @ 6/16/2001 7:01:22 PM #
megalauncher from moonlight software does that-and more! been using Wolfie for months' it rock

Combiner SUX!

PraDA @ 6/16/2001 10:10:06 PM #
All Combiner does is to compress the selected file (let's say 200K) AND *creating* a smaller one (maybe 100K), without removing the original file. So do some Math, and what do you get? 300K on your Palm taken up! AND when you extract the file, it pops up to its original 300K, taking up another 100K of memory; that makes a total of 400K! That's why Combiner SUX!
RE: Combiner SUX!
fireman54 @ 6/16/2001 10:40:36 PM #
Condemning out of ignorance. Do you have that opinion for everything you don't know how to figure out? You have the option of MOVING the files into the archive. You also have the option of deleting the archive after extraction and running the extracted application. I keep less used apps compressed with Combiner on a FlashPlug. I copy it over when I wish to use the app. With one tap, it extracts, deletes the archive and runs the app. Simple, huh? Next time, RTFM, before you formulate such an exquisite opinion of something you have failed to understand.


Simon Jacobs @ 6/18/2001 9:14:16 PM #
This is a top product that lets you uncompact on the fly.


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