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Surf to this page to get the program that will upgrade your flash ROMs to Palm OS 3.3 as well as update Hotsync Manager to 3.0.4. The update allows you to sync your Palm devices twice as fast and gives you new ways to connect to networks and the net. It also adds the Euro symbol to your palm and seems to make your Palm device faster. Two hints before installing:
1. RTFM!!!
2. Disable hacks before doing the upgrade
Get it here.
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OS 3.3

Paul McCollom @ 10/26/1999 9:27:38 AM #
Just downloaded and installed last night.
After completing I had to download Address+ again as it
was somehow deleted. I now get a Fatal Exception when
I try to add a new file to address book. Palm tech
assistance says to do a hard reset. Have not done so
RE: OS 3.3
Michael Jones @ 10/29/1999 7:07:32 PM #
I upgraded this afternoon and everything wen without a hitch. I expected to have some problems with pocketAPRSs databases...but it went smooth.
RE: OS 3.3
Brian Philpott @ 11/21/1999 11:30:18 PM #
fyi... Address+ is working fine for me on Palm OS 3.3.

You may have to do a hard reset to recover though. I had a similar situation recently, not with Palm OS 3.3 install though, and had to do a hard reset (twice) to get over Fatal Error problem. I suspect that there was something wrong with one of the preference/configuration files.

OS3.3 for Palm III

Edward Calcote @ 10/28/1999 4:17:29 PM #
I tried to upgrade to OS3.3 from OS Patch 3.0.2 on my Palm III. All was well for a couple of days (note: OS3.3 takes up an additional 100KB of ROM) until I first tried to use my Palm Modem to perform a Network HotSync. None of the OS applications recognized the modem. Called Palm Technical support and, when the problem couldn't be fixed, was told that OS3.3 doesn't run well on Palm IIIs and that, to use the modem, I would have to revert to 3.0.x. I did that and, in the process, lost my ability to do Network HotSyncs. I eventually had to remove and reload Network HotSync from my host PC. Check the problems that people have encountered with this upgrade at PalmGear HQ! DON'T UPGRADE!
RE: OS3.3 for Palm III
Brian Philpott @ 11/21/1999 11:33:30 PM #
I'm surprised that you were told that Palm OS 3.3 doesn't run well on Palm III's. I am running Palm OS 3.3 on a "PalmPilot Pro with 2MB upgrade" without any problems. I don't have a modem though.
RE: OS3.3 for Palm III
TheMoo @ 11/26/1999 9:07:48 AM #
I did have some big problems after downloading 3.3. I found that Hacks were causing the major problem. Evedit hack is supposed to be compatible......but ITS NOT. Daylight Saving Hack is not compatible. Don't know about many other Hacks.
RE: OS3.3 for Palm III
TheMoo @ 11/28/1999 11:15:50 AM #
I am testing evedit hack with a newer version of hackmaster. So far,so good! I also read you could work hackmaster out of flash. Guess I will be trying that too!

Palm IIIx Upgrade to OS 3.3

Pat Karowich @ 11/16/1999 8:46:26 PM #
Upgrade was easy enough to do. Have noticed on a 3rd party Address software (TealPhone ver 2.18)that it has slowed down and sometimes locks up. It never did that on the OS 3.02 version. Palm Technical support no help in fixing problem. Still waiting the Teal support. I think the upgrade has bugs. If I had could offer some advice to you, hold off on the upgrade for now.

Palm IIIx Upgrade to OS 3.3

Alex Szigedi @ 12/3/1999 4:25:08 AM #
Since the upgrade I've had multiple cases of the digitizer screen failing to correctly identify where my stylus is. Palm Support suggested a hard reset, that failing, mailing the Palm in for repair. HOLD OFF ON THE UPGRADE, on the plus side my Sync is atleast twice as fast, unfortunately my Palm is so unreliable that I'm forced to drag a note pad everywhere.
RE: Palm IIIx Upgrade to OS 3.3
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/29/2000 11:12:26 AM #

Palm IIIx Upgrade to OS 3.3

Walt Repak @ 12/13/1999 10:55:30 PM #
Upgraded about two wweeks ago; a week later, upgraded my wife's machine (yes, we each have one) to
same; had no problems; she reports much faster hotsyncing with MS Outlook.

I had locking up problem with "bugme" 3rd party ap; outside of that no problems at all.

3rd party apps

Andrew @ 12/28/1999 10:59:54 AM #
Has anyone tried this with supernames?
RE: 3rd party apps
Bryn @ 1/25/2000 4:15:02 PM #
Used OS 3.3 with Supernames:
had problems with v. 1.36 but had no problems when I installed v 1.46b (which is a much improved Supernames!!)

German Palm III OS 3.3 ?

Rennena @ 1/8/2000 12:43:12 PM #
Hi to All,
i'm user of a Palm III and want to udate my OS 3.0
Where can i find a German Update File ?
I tryed the 3com-site - but it is buggy for the
german download.


RE: German Palm III OS 3.3 ?
Sandro Fischer @ 2/1/2000 12:56:20 PM #
Try this URL:
Here you can download the german update.
RE: German Palm III OS 3.3 ?
Sandro Fischer @ 2/1/2000 1:01:56 PM #

IR PORT and 3.3

Help with IR port @ 1/19/2000 10:32:54 PM #
I installed 3.3 on my palm III, now my IR port doesn't work. I did Hard resets, soft resets, reinstalls, checked to make sure the IRDa library is there. I try and beam, and the other person's pda says waiting for sender, while mine is stuck on, "searching." Any help is appreciated, Palm support line told me to spend 179.99 and get a palm IIIe

PalmOS 3.3 and IIIX

Rick @ 4/6/2000 8:05:44 AM #
I installed the new os on a IIIX out of the box.
No problems.Since then i have installed several applications.
Still no problems.
Some of the problems other users have reported may be related
to similar problems that occur when upgrading software
on a pc or other cpu.
Try to backup all your apps first,then do a hard reset,
install the new new os,then hotsync your applications.

I don't pretend to be a xpert,so take the suggestions for what
they are worth

RE: PalmOS 3.3 and IIIX
Bernie B @ 6/1/2000 12:28:36 AM #
I upgraded to OS 3.3 a few weeks ago. My alarm stopped waking up my IIIx, and rang after rather than before the designated time. I tired of this, and attempted to back down to OS 3.1. Palm's instructions for backing out an OS upgrade assume you have not changed the syncronization rules as delivered by them. I had, and LOST ALL MY DATA. Yes, everything. And they do not even have the good graces to post an e-mail contact address on their web site. So I'll complain in public rather than try professionally to help them correct their error.


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