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Handspring has agreed to license its Blazer Web browser to Sprint PCS. This means that Sprint customers with Palm OS devices can use Blazer for free. It will be bundled with the Kyocera QCP-6035 and Samsung I300 smartphones when purchased from Sprint and Sprint's own Digital Link Springboard. Blazer will be available on the wireless carrier's site at no additional cost for all existing Sprint PCS customers using Palm OS-based wireless devices starting the end of September.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 6:01:22 PM #
How about the offlinge reading capabilities of Blazer?

RE: offline?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 10:02:08 PM #
None - it caches a few files, but not enough to really do much. Stick with Avantgo, or better yet, check out sitescooper (, or isilo ( or plucker ( for a good offline viewer.

How does Blazer work?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 6:17:12 PM #
Is Blazer a real browser chewing on the raw HTTP stream or is it predigested and compressed by a proxy like Avantgo and the now defunct ProxiWeb?

RE: How does Blazer work?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 7:04:29 PM #

RE: How does Blazer work?
jayhawk88 @ 9/24/2001 7:17:27 PM #
It's still a far sight better than the Eudora browser Kyocera was putting on those phones though.

RE: How does Blazer work?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 12:57:22 AM #
And a lot worse than Palmscape

RE: How does Blazer work?
EdwardGreen @ 9/25/2001 4:23:27 AM #
I have used Blazer and Palmscape, and my general feeling is that Blazer is faster and renders HTML more consistantly than Palmscape.

It is a shame that Blazer doesn't support 320x320, but then the English version of Palmscape doesn't either.

How about a head to head between the two (and yes that can be construed as an offer)?


RE: How does Blazer work?
Altema @ 9/25/2001 11:46:20 PM #
It does not work at all on the Palm IIIc. After too many fatal errors to count, I went back to Avantgo. Tech support could not come up with a solution, so PalmGear promptly issued a refund. It was odd that one of the rare programs I could not try before buying would give me the most problems. If they come out with a working version and let me try it, I would give it another shot. Otherwise, I'm not going to buy it a second time, nor recommend it to others.

RE: How does Blazer work?
EdwardGreen @ 9/26/2001 3:17:39 AM #
Strange. I use blazer on my 3c with no problems whatsoever. I have never experienced a crash or lock up.

RE: How does Blazer work?
Altema @ 9/26/2001 12:56:24 PM #
I don't know what the exact cause was, but it never ran at all for me. Blazer would start, then crash as soon as it tried to connect. I even disabled everything and performed a hard reset to start with a clean slate, trying for days to get it to work. I suspect that the individuals at Handspring tech support had not been properly informed on this application, as it seemed to be related to the proxy settings, but they did not know what they should be. What is your proxy setup within Blazer?



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