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While the telephone has changed the world, there is still some room for improvement. Dialing is still more complicated than it ought to be, especially when the process has to begin with looking the phone number up in the Address Book. Well, gadgets are here to make our lives more convenient. The Parley Dialer is a handy little device that allows users to beam phone numbers straight from the built-in Address Book to a phone. News Editor Ed Hardy brings us this review.
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Cool idea but $60 is steep

digilaw @ 11/8/2001 2:52:01 PM #
Any idea if this will come down in price any time soon?

RE: Cool idea but $60 is steep
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 3:19:40 PM #
A little cheaper would be nice but I do not think that $60.00 is out of line. Thanks for the article Ed,

RE: Cool idea but $60 is steep
Doug @ 11/8/2001 5:31:17 PM #
There is an introductory offer of 20% off ($12.00) for sales this month (just enter "early500" in the coupon field when ordering online.)

RE: Cool idea but $60 is steep
Doug @ 11/8/2001 6:13:40 PM #
The coupon code "Infocenter" now also works for 20% off. These codes are not posted elsewhere, so spread the word.


For Lazy Bums

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 3:34:09 PM #
Uhhh this has to be for one heck of a lazy couch potato bastard. <G> :P

RE: For Lazy Bums
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 3:54:47 PM #
I agree. How hard is it to dial a 10 digit number?

RE: For Lazy Bums
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 3:57:47 PM #
One 10 digit number is easy. How about 30 a day? Or 40. Or 50. If you don't make that many calls a day, this thing ain't for you. But I DO make that many calls to clients on a regular day. I like it!

RE: For Lazy Bums
Doug @ 11/8/2001 5:18:47 PM #
Dialing the phone is second nature because we do it everyday, and we have for decades. But if you are looking up the number anyway in your handheld, why read the number off of the screen, think about the 9's, 1's and area codes, and press 7 to 12 buttons on the phone, when it can be done automatically with one touch on your handheld?

It's just like power windows, keyless entry, radio station preset buttons, etc. You don't realize what a pain the old way of doing things is until after using a better way.


RE: For Lazy Bums
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/9/2001 5:31:18 AM #
I uses me fingers.

Pick up handset?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 5:08:46 PM #
Uhhh do you have to pick up the handset first then beam the number?
Or just directly beam it, then it gives the green light then pick up the handset?

RE: Pick up handset?
Doug @ 11/8/2001 5:38:59 PM #
Either way works.


How about a dialer for cell phones.

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 5:09:38 PM #
Is it possible? Probably not all, but it would be nice!

RE: How about a dialer for cell phones.
Doug @ 11/8/2001 5:39:59 PM #
The Parlay Dialer is bundled with software that allows dialing of properly equipped cell phones too. You don't need to use the hardware when dialing the cell phone - just beam the number with 1 tap, and the call starts ringing without having to touch the cell phone. The software also allows one handed operation of the handheld using a thumb instead of a stylus to search and dial names.

RE: How about a dialer for cell phones.
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2001 7:00:33 PM #
Hmmm, Works right of the box for me with my m505, in-built address application and my Nokia 6210. Might be cheaper to get the OS 4.1 update next week if you have a compatible cell phone already.

Great idea but.....

Trevethan @ 11/9/2001 5:51:04 AM #

Bet it won't work in Europe though....

Nick Trevethan


RE: Great idea but.....
dagger2k @ 11/9/2001 7:37:16 PM #
I guess it won't, unless the long distance preffix is 1. Mine is zero for nationwide long distance, double zero for international long distance, and 15 (which isn't an area code but I bet it will be considered one) as a preffix for cellphones

RE: Great idea but.....
Doug @ 11/14/2001 6:52:27 PM #
The current version of the dialer only accepts 7 or 10 digit numbers, or 10 digit numbers preceeded by a 1, but the next version to be released in a month or two will allow literal dialing of whatever number is beamed to it. However, CE certification and non-English documentation will take a bit longer.

RE: Great idea but.....
Doug @ 11/14/2001 6:56:54 PM #
. . . and extension numbers are currently ignored.



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