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Think Outside has updated the driver for the Stowaway folding keyboard to include a cursor control. It's available only as a Windows EXE. -Dieter

Infinity Softworks has released powerOne Finance 3.0 and powerOne Graph v3.0. -Mark Rehley

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I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 1:07:00 PM #
Am I the only one having trouble with this driver? It crashes my Workpad.

RE: Driver
madhatter @ 11/6/2001 4:36:14 PM #
I was having trouble with the driver accepting my serial number ( which is required on this new version). I e-mailed Think Outside and within 10 minutes was sent a serial number which worked and at my request, a prc file instead of an .exe file. Cudos to Think Outside for a quick response

A Palm in hand is worth two in your pocket.

Adult links on PIC?

jamuka @ 11/6/2001 2:16:50 PM #
I hope Palm Infocenter isn't going to make a habit of posting adult links.

RE: Adult links on PIC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 3:52:38 PM #
prude. get over yourself

RE: Adult links on PIC?
geekd @ 11/6/2001 4:24:17 PM #
Exactly. Don't like adult links? Don't click on them.

RE: Adult links on PIC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 4:25:52 PM #
I agree with the first poster. There is plenty of pr0n on the Internet without people having to learn about it here. I have friends who use Palms who would really benefit from this site but I would not recommend it to them as long as this is a referal site for porn.

Is porn being available for the Palm really news?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 4:28:29 PM #
I realize the terrible pun I just made in using the words "Palms" and "porn" in the same sentence. Either way, you get my point. :-P

RE: (barely)Adult links on PIC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 5:50:54 PM #
When I read the initial post I thought the site must've been fairly explicit - I just went there (for research purposes only mind you) and it's totally and utterly benign! I've seen more porn at the Lourve in Paris!! Sheesh - there are some losers in this world! Like someone else said, don't click on it if you don't want to see it anyway!

RE: Adult links on PIC?
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 5:57:53 PM #
So much for civil discourse. Do you honestly think you add legitimacy to your arguement by calling those who disagree with you "losers?"

Let's hear it for tolerance.

RE: Adult links on PIC?
jamuka @ 11/6/2001 6:43:59 PM #
It's not like I said "there shouldn't be porn on the net." This just isn't a site where I've seen links to adult sites and I happen to like that. I made a comment--that's it. If you really want to see more porn links on PIC, then you could start your own thread: "Where's all the Porn!?" I'd just like for this site to remain a place where I don't have to see those links--my preference, that's it.

Driver download with Netscape

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 2:56:49 PM #
Does anyone else problems downloading the driver with Netscape? It works
with IE 5.5, but with NS 4.73 their page reports "The parameter is incorrect. "

I wish people either tested their pages with both IE and NS or stuck to simpler
page designs that don't fall over as easily instead of trying to be clever....

RE: Driver download with Netscape
JayMoeD @ 11/6/2001 3:54:49 PM #
Same problem...guess I gotta fire up Internet Exploiter.

RE: Driver download with Mac
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 4:09:33 PM #
Could be worse. There is NO way for Mac users to get it. Why is this PRC made into an EXE? I can't think of a better way for Think Outside to tell 10% of their customers to go to Hell.

RE: Driver download with Netscape
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 4:42:50 PM #
The error "Parameter is incorrect" can be fixed by replacing the spaces in the filename with the hexideciaml value %20 - so the Palm download becomes:

I would rather enter hex values than open up IE!!! :-)

Can someone post the .prc file?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/6/2001 7:22:41 PM #
For the mac, linux, etc. users among us, would someone be so kind as to post the .prc file of the driver?

I would think that Stowaway would have thought of this issue...

RE: Can someone post the .prc file?
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/7/2001 12:15:32 AM #
I have uploaded the Palm version to the following link. If you have a Sony, you must use a different version.

RE: Can someone post the .prc file?
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/7/2001 8:38:41 AM #
You may have to rename this file keyboard.prc

RE: Can someone post the .prc file?
madhatter @ 11/7/2001 9:40:43 AM #
Oops!.. I posted the original file and didn't notice that the file is renamed on download.. must be a bug in the site. just rename the file keyboard.prc when you start the download and it should work.

A Palm in hand is worth two in your pocket.
Why an .exe file ???
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/7/2001 9:52:59 PM #
It's just a stupid driver of 75 K. Why have we do download an installer and go through all the process. I hate when IT guys complicate matters.




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