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Last month, News Editor Ed Hardy wrote a preliminary review of Sony's new super-slim handheld, the T415, after only having had it for a few days. Now that he's had much more experience with it, the second part of the review is now available. It goes into more depth on the handheld itself and the applications that come bundled with it.
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Phone Dialer App?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 2:22:12 PM #

I am surprised that Sony didn't include a Phone Dialer app that would produce the Touch Tones to dial a phone number for you. This new speaker should support that, right?
If you ever used a Newton you know what I'm talking about. That is one thing that I really miss from my old Newton.

RE: Phone Dialer App?
Ed @ 12/10/2001 3:57:34 PM #
I suggested this to my Sony rep after I first heard about the T415. I agree, it would be great. If they don't do it, maybe some third-party developer will take the idea and run with it.

News Editor
RE: Phone Dialer App?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 4:09:14 PM #
Yep... the Newton was so far ahead of its time.

Hopefully someone will whip up a DTMF dialer, as I'm pretty sure the 415's speaker is capable of it.

RE: Phone Dialer App?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 5:38:49 PM #
There are several DTMF dialers for the TRGPRO's enhanced speaker system. I wonder if they will work on the T415.

RE: Phone Dialer App?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 9:43:41 PM #
I think this would be pretty easy to do since you can play WAV files, probably even easier in MIDI since DTMF is Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency and the MIDI engine (a Yamaha device) can place 16 simutaneous tones.

RE: Phone Dialer App?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 12:30:53 AM #
I'm even more surprised that they didn't include a microphone for recording voice memos.

I mean, who practical use is copying .wav files over toyour PDA? Don't know anyone that has a healthy .wav collection anymore, MP3's took over that slot in a big way.

Voice memos are a major plus for the business user.

RE: Phone Dialer App?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 12:44:06 AM #
"I'm even more surprised that they didn't include a microphone for recording voice memos."

My guess: it wouldn't fit. Not the microphone, the digital signal processing chip needed to record sound. The only model that can record sound is the HandEra 330 and its roomy casing lets you put in plenty of hardware. Recording sound is much harder than playing sound. Even the N series can't record sound.


Coyote67 @ 12/10/2001 3:00:58 PM #
ED, think I found a typo.
This is Singing Bird a sound that comes with the T425. I played it on the handheld and recorded it with my computer, so this is mighty close to what it sounds like in real life. Shouldn't that say T415?

When you have a Clie shoved up your mouth, you can only talk in vowels.
RE: OOops
Ed @ 12/10/2001 3:06:00 PM #
Yep, thanks.

News Editor
RE: OOops
Coyote67 @ 12/10/2001 3:09:36 PM #
No prob :)

When you have a Clie shoved up your mouth, you can only talk in vowels.

tivo remote?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 3:39:35 PM #
can it control a tivo? a dts receiver? is there a list somewhere of what it can control?

RE: tivo remote?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2001 1:33:25 PM #
So I guess no one is using the remote capability?

RE: tivo remote?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/16/2001 2:08:59 PM #
It appears w/ the initial release of the app. that you can only use it for TV, VCR's, DVD, and "A/V" Amplifiers.

I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 3:33:11 PM #
As has been said in the CLIE Users Group, it is not a good idea to rip copyrighted programs from a device and them post them for download.

I believe nXt had a difference of opinion with the moderators of the CLIE Users group regarding the acceptability of this kind of warez and he left in a huff and started his own group. I'm surprised you support the illegal posting of copyrighted programs.

The Rest of the Story
Ed @ 12/10/2001 3:50:06 PM #
Before nXt posted those files, he asked me to speak with my contact at Sony about how his company felt about distributing this app. He said it was fine, especially as it will only run on Sony models.

This doesn't mean that anything Sony makes is fair game. This same Sony rep was very unhappy about the unauthorized OS 4.1 upgrade. But he specifically said he was OK with sharing Clié Paint.

News Editor

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 4:08:27 PM #

I am wondering how many time you have to post that yor Sony contact said is OK for Clie files to be shared with the exception of 4.1 for SOME PEOPLE TO START READING IT. This must be at least the 3rd time I have heard it.

Thank you, again, for the update to the update!

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 4:10:40 PM #
Yeah... Clie paint will run on the color models, but the program only supports 16 shades of gray.

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
rldunn @ 12/10/2001 4:20:21 PM #
Not if you have the color version of Clie Paint.

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
rldunn @ 12/10/2001 5:00:31 PM #
"I believe nXt had a difference of opinion with the moderators of the CLIE Users group regarding the acceptability of this kind of warez and he left in a huff and started his own group."

Just for the record, this wasn't the reason nXt left at all. nXt had contributed greatly to the old group by being a moderator, helping answer many questions, and finding and uploading apps that were very useful to the Clie community. How was he thanked for all of this effort? By having his uploading privileges revoked by another moderator. His crime was cleaning up some of the zip files to remove needless files that were eating away at the precious 20MB of space that are allotted to groups and not putting the word "shareware" in the description of all apps when it was obvious that they were shareware. This same moderator had been censoring many posts for several months that had the gall to mention something, anything, that he did not agree with, and he would often ban the people who made these posts without warning. One gentleman who was a contributing member of the group was banned because he posted a link to a new "Doctor Palm" group that he was starting; apparently this was seen as some kind of competition to the CUG.

When nXt's permissions were revoked, he justifiably said that he would no longer be spending his time helping a group that didn't appreciate his efforts, and would instead be moving on to other existing groups. Several members of the CUG asked him to start his own group and promised him that they would follow him there if he did. It was only after this that nXt started his group, and it has been very successful in the just over 2 weeks it's been running, with nearly 1000 members and over 2300 posts.

Just wanted to set the record straight.

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 5:25:32 PM #
Ed, you might want to double-check this. I also have contacts at Sony and have asked them about this. They are quite concerned that their files are being distributed like this and were also upset by the illegal upgrade that has been developed by warez pirates.

The people I spoke to indicated that NO Sony programs should be hosted outside the Sony site without permission. While they probably wouldn't use legal means to stop this (unlike Palm), I wonder if it is fair to support this kind of activity.

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
mikeliu @ 12/10/2001 6:51:52 PM #
heh, I must say, this is an interesting twist on the ask Mom, ask Dad thing from our childhood. When we were kids, and Mom said we couldn't do something, we'd run and ask Dad, and if he said that it was ok, we were happy as a clam.

Now, we ask one Sony Rep whether it's okay to do something, and he says that it's fine. So we run to another Sony Rep and ask again, just so that he can say no? Haha, I gotta say, I just don't get it. Was your conscience bothering you so much that you just had to go and ask again? Cause I'm sure you ask long enough at any company about anything to their CS reps, eventually you're bound to get a negative answer. It's just gonna be a shame for all the PIC and nXt Clie Club users that these files are no longer going to be available for, with no one winning in the end.

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
Davy @ 12/10/2001 7:52:22 PM #
Ed, you might want to double-check this. I also have contacts at Sony and have asked them about this. They are quite concerned that their files are being distributed like this and were also upset by the illegal upgrade that has been developed by warez pirates.

The people I spoke to indicated that NO Sony programs should be hosted outside the Sony site without permission. While they probably wouldn't use legal means to stop this (unlike Palm), I wonder if it is fair to support this kind of activity.

This sounds sucpicously like the guy who threatened to sue PIC before. Forget him, he's a liar.

Why post Sony software anyway?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 11:16:54 PM #
Arbitrary company representatives or contacts generally do not have authority to permit redistribution of software. I think relying on such statements is asking for trouble.

And what's the point? If Sony wanted to distribute this software, they would do so from their web site. And if it was freely redistributable, it should so in an accompanying LICENSE file.

RE: I don't think you should be posting links to WAREZ, Ed
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 2:08:46 PM #
Ed, why does this Sony representative always go nameless?

It's not like this is leaked, hush-hush information; if he really represents Sony about these issues, he should be willing to disclose his name and be accountable for what he says.

Referring to an anonymous "Sony representative" is meaningless; Sony is a very large, global company, and there are clueless people who think that a Sony representative from the Playstation division knows much more about CLIE projects than a guy off the street.

Sony Rep
Ed @ 12/11/2001 2:27:03 PM #
Trust me, I'm not getting this info from the guy who sweeps up at Sony's corporate HQ. He's part of Sony's U.S. marketing team. As for what his name is, that's an interesting question from someone who posts anonymously himself.

News Editor
RE: Sony Rep
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 11:46:02 PM #
I am pretty sure I know who your Sony contact is, Ed, but things like this still ought to be "on the record".

(I think the point is moot with regards to this particular issue, since CLIE Paint won't run on non-Sony devices.)

T400/415 vs. T600 screen?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 4:06:53 PM #
Does anyone know, from a technical standpoint, why the T400/415 screen is so dark in comparison to the T600 screen? Is this a matter of different backlights or the screens themselves?
(BTW this is the picture I was using for comparison:

RE: T400/415 vs. T600 screen?
ahecht @ 12/10/2001 4:30:45 PM #
The color screens actually have a small mirror behind each pixel, while the black and white screen just has a highly reflective whitish background, since a mirror couldn't let the backlight pass through.

Another note on the screen here. I think i've figured out why they made the screen default to black in its off state. I've noticed that the screen has a poor refresh rate, and that fast moving objects appear very light (or not at all) and all dark objects fade into view instead of appearing. My guess is that originally, the opposite was true, and everything that moved was leaving darks smudges, so they flipped the polarization of the screen and modified the lcd driver to produce a negative image. They also lowered the refresh of the screen, so everything appears to be flickering slightly.

RE: T400/415 vs. T600 screen?
rldunn @ 12/10/2001 4:32:59 PM #
The T600 is color, so the frontlight is on by default, while the T400 is monochrome and has the backlight off.

T415 And Mac Support

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/10/2001 9:26:37 PM #
I have been able to sync my T415 with my Mac 9600/350 with USB card no problem. I am using the Missing Sync software from MarkSpace. This unit was traded in to replace a Visor Platinum that was giving me problems. I agree the screen is darker. I feel this is definately outweighed by the size of the T415. I am derfinatly getting more use out of this unit than my Platnum. I love the jog wheel. My co-workers have the m505 and love the form factor and build of the T415. When this come out in color it will be the Palm OS unit to beat.

RE: T415 And Mac Support
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 12:14:43 PM #
I'm running Mac OS X and it syncs just fine with Palm's 4.0 beta for X. No third party needed.

Sound: T415 vs. Handera

Noah @ 12/10/2001 9:54:14 PM #
Great review Ed! I'm wondering though, how does the 415 compare to the 330 in sound? It seems to me like they'd be both the same, but you didn't say that. Anyone have both to compare? (Wow, that'd be a good arsonal!)

Palms are better!
RE: Sound: T415 vs. Handera
Ed @ 12/11/2001 12:05:13 AM #
> how does the 415 compare to the 330 in sound?

Sorry, I can't help you. While I have done reviews of both models, the HandEra 330 one was about six months ago and my memory just isn't that good.

The best advice I can give you is to find a CompUSA which has both in stock and compare their speakers side by side.

News Editor

RE: Sound: T415 vs. Handera
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 8:07:12 PM #
I can't comment on how the volume compares between the t415 and Handera 330, but the capabilities are quite a bit different. The Handera 330 has basically just cleaned up and amplified the PWM signal from the Motorola chip... this makes it a bit louder and a cleaner tone quality than the other 'piezo electric speaker" Palms. The t415 on the other hand has a built in FM synth sound chip (made by Yamaha) that supports ADPCM file playback (a compressed digital audio format) and 16 note polyphonic General MIDI. This is the same technology that is used in the Beat Plus Springboard module. Software must be designed to take advantage of the enhanced sound capabilities (like the bundled Zap2000 or miniMusic's NotePad).


RE: Sound: T415 vs. Handera
EDisk1353 @ 12/20/2001 6:49:47 PM #
Sound is decent on the machine itself, but not terribly loud. I certainly could not be woken up by it, and you couldn't really play MIDI's or MP3s on it for yourself. But it works in a pinch, and it's the best sound I've heard from a device this small. (Note that I don't have a 330 to compare to, though.)

definitely too dark

mj6798 @ 12/10/2001 11:23:05 PM #
I saw the T415 at a local computer store and I found the screen definitely too dark. I would like to have the higher resolution and the jog dial, but I think an M500 is overall still a better choice: pretty much the same size and brighter screen.

RE: definitely too dark
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 8:08:47 AM #
I agree. What good is higher resolution if you can't see it? The slow refresh rate also bothers me. Things fade in-and-out of view. On the 33mhz processor, I think that's shameful. I get faster transitions from screen-to-screen on my old IIIxe, using just a 16mhz processor.

Compelling features, but overall I have to give the T415 "Thumbs Down." Let's see how the T615 is.

SONY's Customer Service Sucks

Glen @ 12/11/2001 5:56:37 AM #
Under no circumstances, regardless of how cool the Sony PDAs are, should you buy a Sony product!

After owning 3 Palms (5000, IIIxe, and Vx) I switched to the Clie. I love the jog wheel, screen, all of it. BUT, when I sent it in for service I was slapped back to the reality that something has to be sub-standard. That sub-standard (aka TERRIBLE) aspect of Sony is the Customer Service. Or, lack of.

Imagine sending your Clie in for repair only to have Sony say, "uh, it never arrived." But, UPS shows it did arrive and was signed for... does this sound plausible. No, wait, it gets worse. Sony will not return phone calls, and they act as if it's no big deal. I'm out a PDA, the $400 I spent on it, and alot of freaking time trying to deal with them.

Do yourself a favor BUY A PALM, HANDSPRING or HANDERA, but under no circumstances buy a Sony.

PS: If you work for Sony, please email me and we can talk, 'cause I'm not a happy customer as you can tell.

RE: SONY's Customer Service Sucks
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 8:10:59 AM #
Ah, yes, there's the rub. Just remember: if somethings sounds/looks too good to be true, it probably is. Woe unto Sony if they ever have a QC problem - don't assume it can't happen, because it just might.

RE: SONY's Customer Service Sucks
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 10:20:12 AM #
Perhaps if buying a Sony it would be a good idea to purchase one of those "protection plans" that the CompUSA's, BestBuy's and others are always trying to push off on you. I always just tell them to save their breath on telling me about it because I have never had a problem with Palm's replacement proceedure, but after everything I have heard about Sony's customer service when I get the T615 (Or whatever it will be called) I will probably opt for some sort of plan. Let the reseller haggle with Sony as you walk out of the store with a new Clie.

RE: SONY's Customer Service Sucks -- MUST READ THIS!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 4:21:53 PM #
I too have been screwed by Sony Style customer service. I returned a Clie 760 after it shipped to me because I bought one at a local store. Well, after getting a RMA number and going through the proper channels, I sent the Clie back UPS and it was received by Sony - confirmed with UPS tracking I was told that it may take "1-2 billing cycles for my credit to appear on my credit card statement. This was back in June. Now, 6 months later, I still have not received my credit and I keep getting the run-around when I call. At last conversation, it went from another 5-7 business days to 1-2 billing cycles. Apparently, anybody that can make a decision about these things are not the same individuals that gets paid to answer the phones...since all the operators are pretty much useless in resolving the matter. If there are more individuals out there with a similar problem, please email me at I am considering legal action if this is a trend. Thanks.

RE: SONY's Customer Service Sucks
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 6:57:43 PM #
That must be a US thing, coz I never had problems like that in HK.

RE: SONY's Customer Service Sucks
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2001 11:00:38 AM #
Dispute charges on amex- the only way to deal if you still can-

I sent a sony dv-camera in for repair, 3 weeks later I received a CAR STEREO! They lost my camera - i wont bore you with the rest of the story- but yes- customer service is beyond awful...

Canada is being snubbed by Sony!

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 10:58:26 AM #
Any Canadians out there feel snubbed by Sony?

They've only released the S320 and the N760C up here. Nothing else.

And when they DO release the product, they use a 1.75 Exchange Rate!!!! C'mon! Why are you ripping us off?

And of course, none of the price drops or mail-in rebates seem to be valid up here. We're paying the equivalent of $533 USD up here for a N760C, and we don't get a free case or memory stick!

I'm severely pissed about this... Yet, if I order from the US, I'll have very poor support for the product.


Winnipeg, Mb

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 1:48:13 PM #
The T415 is available at

It will be at on Dec. 13/01

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 5:54:23 PM #
Sony isn't selling ANY Clies in Australia, so you're still worlds ahead.

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2001 10:52:17 PM #
Yeah, I ate my words a mere 4 hours after typing in that comment.

Apparently, the webmaster at really sucks. I've been checking for the past 2 weeks. Sony has not update the info there in awhile. They've only update the root of the site, and not the Clie section. (If you check that link, you'll know what I mean)

Also, I saw them putting the T415 on display today at the Sony Store in my city. I compared my S320 and the T415, and I liked the T415 screen MUCH better.

I honestly have no idea why people are complaining about the screen. The screen seemed fine to me, even in the dim lighting at the Sony Store. It was at least on par with my S320.

If people are comparing it to the 610 or 760, well, get a grip, those are frontlit color screens. After reading all these reviews about the bad screen, I really have to say that you won't really know until you see it yourself. I had not problem with the screen at all.


RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2001 7:28:25 AM #
..sounds an awful lot like how Palm m50x-series users were defending their Palms when Clié users said the screen was way too dark.

"You're not comparing apples to oranges!" - "It's just FINE for me, I don't understand what your problem is!"

I'm not trolling or flaming anyone, just pointing out an interesting fact. Some users have been, are, and will remain immature (I'm not referring to you here, by the way).. And for whatever reason, an explanation that's invalid for a competing product (m505's "different kind of screen" that's "just fine for me"), is valid for the product you own / endorse / happen to like yourself for whatever reason. :/

I'm an m505 user myself, and I'm happy with my PDA. I'm sure there is a good number of T415 owners out there who are very happy with theirs.

To each their own.

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2001 9:33:24 AM #
Well, I'm not so sure if I'm wrongfully defending Sony's screen with a "fanboy" type attitude. I think it's more along the lines of "being pleasantly surprised because of very low expectations"

I was expecting the worst screen in the world, and when I saw the T415, I nearly doubled over, because the screen was "acceptable". It nearly made me by it right then and there.

It's kind of like reading a really bad movie review, and then seeing the movie afterwards, and saying "The movie wasn't nearly that bad. It was actually quite decent"


RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2001 1:59:00 PM #
I wasn't saying that your "defense" sounded like a fanboy on a roll, actually it was quite the opposite. I was just pointing out that in the past m505 owners have defended their PDA's screen as being "different, but just fine for me". I'm sure they've been honest - I know I have been - but still certain individuals (quite many owners of Cliés) haven't accepted this as a valid defense. They've said things like "You paid big bucks for your m505, and now you're trying to defend it when it's clearly defective". They've made the explanation "whatever, it's fine for me" seem invalid, while it's clearly a personal opinion and not open for such harsh judgement and dismissal.

Sure, those people are right to a certain degree - it's human NATURE to feel the need, even if only a slight one, to "defend" what you own. You want to prove to yourself as well as to others, that your purchase has been a good one. You don't want to be that uneducated fool who bought into a salesperson's pitch out of ignorance and lack of information. Certain people express this defensive attitude more clearly, others supress it. Defending a product, however, doesn't automatically equal to trying to cover a bad purchase. Some people really DO have different needs and think differently of features others might find unacceptable or sub-par (wether they really are sub-par or if this negative view of theirs stems from envy is another deal altogether, but I'll save everyone from a boring lecture about that..).

The point being, different people have different needs. Everyone's free to express their opinions, but I'd think twice before taking seriously those who feel extremely strongly about something. They might be right and simply showing their frustration because others don't seem to realize that they are wrong, but on the other hand.. they might just be jealous, zealous or simply ignorant.

Although I mention that I've witnessed "certain Clié users" misbehaving in the past, this certainly does not mean that every Clié user is an idiot. I don't mean to offend anyone who shouldn't be offended by this (of course it will offend those who fit the description, but others should ignore the comment as it doesn't apply to them). I do admit that some m505 (or any other PDA for that matter) owners have been less than civil towards Clié (and other PDA) users, too, so it's not like it's the "evil Clié community" against the "pristine Palm users". :)

Any lighting on the graffiti area
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/13/2001 10:10:02 AM #
Hi Ed:

Is there any lighting in the graffiti area? Appreciate if you can comment on the lighting in the graffiti area when you review new PDAs in future.

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/14/2001 12:49:08 PM #
Well, it's Dec.15th, and the only places that have it are and the Sony Store. Sony Store is always sold out, and DOES have it in stock, but I don't like ordering online if I don't have to. It's much easier for warranty to just take it back to a retail store....


Compusmart lists it as "Available soon", and Future Shop has no record of it.

Oh well.

I hope it comes before X-Mas.


RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/19/2001 8:41:20 PM #
Just a tip...the Compusmart website lags in its updates. Certain Compusmart stores have it in stock, or have sold out. I'm guessing if you called a couple of them and they have it in-store they could ship it to you.

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/19/2001 9:49:50 PM #
Futureshop also has it listed on their website now.

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
EDisk1353 @ 12/20/2001 6:55:24 PM #
There is no lighting in the graffiti area. It's just silk-screened on.

RE: Canada is being snubbed by Sony!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/7/2002 2:26:50 PM #
I live in Toronto, and I just bought a new t415 from ebay for only $225 canadian. thats with shipping, and insurance. It should be coming in very soon. I'll tell you what I about it when it gets in.

Wait for the US Version of the PEG-T600C

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/14/2001 10:19:23 PM #
One of the techs I work w/ has a son stationed in the military in Japan. His son got a PEG-T600C (esentially a T-415 w/ color) a few days ago. We talked to him yesterday about the unit. He described the display as 'incredible'! If you like the design, weight, features or the T-415 you will love the (hopefully soon !!) US version of the T-600. I bought a T-415 last week (still factory wrapped in the box sitting downstairs on my kitchen island....which really pisses off my wife). I'm going to return it and wait for the US version of the T-600. I've got by w/o a PDA for this long. I'll wait....:)


I.M. Anonymous @ 12/15/2001 9:33:29 PM #
I just got one of these and have been using it constantly. Anyone know if they make accessories for it yet, I am looking for a keyboard and case especially. I was thinking the rhinoskin visor edge aluminum case might fit it... o well, if anyone know of any accessories or when they might be coming out post it up or email me at

RE: Accessories???
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/15/2001 9:38:12 PM #
One of the reasons I bought the T415 was because the flip cover was so damn cool. Who needs a case?

RE: holiday dates
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/16/2001 1:15:01 AM #

Hi there,

I just opened my T415 and started using the Date Book.
I can't believe that holiday dates are not marked (a useful detail when planning appointments). It would be a drag to have to write them day by day.

I also haven't found a way to repeat a weekly appointment without writing it down each time.

Any suggestions??

RE: Accessories???
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/17/2001 10:17:16 PM #
If you sync with Outlook, there is an option within Outlook to add holidays to your schedule there, and when you sync they will be added as "no time" appointments on your handheld.

Or you can buy one of the many holiday shareware apps that add holidays to your datebook, check PalmGear

RE: Accessories???
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/18/2002 10:24:20 AM #
To make a repeating appointment in the Date book, select the appointment, click "Details", then click the box next to the word "Repeat" (it should say "none" when you first create the appointment) to bring up the dialog box that allows you to set up repeated appointments

T415 User Update

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/26/2001 1:21:05 AM #
I have been reading and researching on whatever information was available on the T415 - even to the the extent of getting someone to translate Chinese and Japanese reviews of the T415 before it was available in the US. Of course, Ed's early review confirmed most of the reports that the T415 screen is not the paper-white screen seen on SonyStyle website. I think Sony shot their own foot by posting that picture on their website - causing the consumers to "expect" the T415 to sport that paper-white screen and eventually it was a letdown and caused the public outburst of disappointment.

What was before a very easy decision for me as there was only Palm to turn to if you wanted a PalmOS device, we now have so many choices and models to choose from. Sometimes, I wonder if having choices makes it any better. The Palm V - being one of the most successful Palm devices ever wasn't perfect but we happily bought it. We accepted it as it was.

So, with much anticipation and despite reading the many bad reviews of the T415, I decided to buy one anyway. I do not have a sado-masochistic streak in me but one reader made a very relevant comment - see it for yourself and decide it for yourself.

I think Sony built a beautiful and very usable machine for its price/feature/value matrix. It isn't perfect, and neither can any other existing machine claim that. I was reading with glee on some comments that the "screen ghosts...", or "the screen is slightly smaller than a Palm V...", or "the buttons have ridges that hurts my fingers..." Goodness...

The two gripes that probably shot this machine down was the non paper-white screen and the too-thin fonts.

Well, Hacker-dude san has released a hack for the thin fonts and really, the screen isn't that bad and if it bothers you that it isn't paper-white, turn on the backlight. Download Palm's own "always-on" backlight and you can have a screen that is always bright.

What I am trying to say is, don't go to the forest and not see the trees. The imperfect issues can be resolved. I would be worried if there are imperfect issues that CANNOT be resolved. One of that seems to be Palm's rather wishy-washy take on their USB cradle problem that keeps cropping up. Now, that is something to seriously write and review about.

RE: T415 User Update
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/4/2002 1:02:35 AM #
Hi, where is this hack for the thin fonts on the T415? This is my first Palm and love it, but I'd like to tweak the interface (re: better fonts for reading) so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Peace.

sony integration

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/28/2001 2:15:04 PM #
Sony seems to consistently drop the ball on integrating their products. The remote feature seems perfect for integrating with the two way communication that some of their CD players offer. It would be a chance to promote and combine other of their products. (Of course, their computers should also include the ability to control their stereos as well.)

T415 & Thin Font Fix

mikecane @ 1/2/2002 10:01:26 AM #
It works on the T415. I beamed it from my S320 to a T415 at CompUSA. Worked fine.

RE: T415 & Thin Font Fix
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 3:26:16 AM #
But where can you find it, and what is it called?

RE: T415 & Thin Font Fix
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/30/2002 2:50:05 PM #


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/5/2002 1:55:49 AM #
one of my friend got me the above model of Sony. would you please let me know Is that the Colour or Black&white.
Thank you

Ed @ 1/5/2002 8:37:22 AM #
Sorry, you must have misunderstood him. The T415 is a monochrome model while to forthcoming T615C is color. I don't believe there is a T425.

News Editor
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2002 11:12:54 AM #
After phoning around Sony Centre's in the UK it
appears these models may be available here in Mid February
And I had model numbers T425 / T625 quoted too!
So perhaps for the European market T425 might be correct.

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 8:44:40 AM #
im a uk resident and there is a 425 now available in the UK for £250, tho ive seen them for as little as £170 already. the 425 has been around for about a month now i think.

i can get a blue handspring visor edge for £130, or the above. does anyone know if there are any differences between the 415 and 425? and what is the better deal the handspring or the sony 425.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 9:20:45 AM #
Yes, there is a T425 and a T625, those are the European models. T425 is monochrome and the T625 is color.

PEG-T415 has miserable screen

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 9:25:22 AM #
Well, my 5 month old PEG-S320 on/off button quit, so I took it back and excitedly exchanged it for a T415. Looked great in the store under the bright lights. Turned it on in the parking in the car and had a hard time reading it. Bummer. Figured I'd give it a try for a few days. Well, after trying everything including the "Thin font fix" I returned it as I just couldn't get used to it. The T415 is like getting a date with a supermodel, only to find out she has the chicken pox when you pick her up. While my S320 had a beautiful, bright screen with great contrast and backlight, the T415 had a difficult screen to read in most conditions and the backlight was awful. The display on this unit has regressed 5 years in terms of readability. Yeah, yeah it has 320x320 and bells and whistles, but if you can't read it who cares? Way too much of a compromise. I'll just wait for the 360. Still the best designed and most practical Palm out there IMHO. If they can get the T415 screen to the brightness level of the S320 they'll have something. Until then, it's a "yeah, but..."

RE: PEG-T415 has miserable screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/20/2002 11:00:47 AM #
em... this is going to sound stupid, but can anyone tell me how to turn the back light on?


RE: PEG-T415 has miserable screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/20/2002 11:45:04 AM #
just press the power button for 3 secs..
,buit don't bother.return or sell it

RE: PEG-T415 has miserable screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/13/2002 4:26:30 PM #
Odd as it may sound, my 5 month old PEG-S320 on/off button just died last week too. I'm wondering if this is a common problem. I'm scared to get a 360 because of this, so I'm stuck picking b/w a 415 and a 615.

RE: PEG-T415 has miserable screen
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 9:25:13 AM #
Having used my T-425 for several months now, I have to say "the screen is crap!". Don't buy one. It's the biggest (and only) turn-off that I've found with it. I'm now trying to save up for a Palm M515 and expansion card to replace it. That'll teach me to buy a new product by mail-order before it has arrived in the local shops!

Are you blind? The screen is white!

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2002 3:36:32 PM #
I have tested the T415 in many stores and the screen is white. I bought one off of eBay and the screen is white. I think you people need to take off your sunglasses and turn on a light. The thing isn't ment to be used in complete darkness.
RE: Are you blind? The screen is white!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 9:19:03 AM #
Having used my T-425 for several months now, I have to say "the screen is crap!". Don't buy one. It's the biggest (and only) turn-off that I've found with it. I'm now trying to save up for a Palm M515 and expansion card to replace it. That'll teach me to buy a new product by mail-order before it has arrived in the local shops!

T615 price drop.

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/11/2002 2:40:34 PM #
I just bought T615C at price us$399.99 two(2) weeks ago, and when I checked SONY STYLE's web site yesterday, the price is dropped to us$299.99. So, can I ask SONY for differ refund or credit?

used 415

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 9:30:06 AM #
I just bought a used one of these at best buy.....all they gave me was a plastic bag with the pda and the cradle....thats it. This is my first palm im cluesless as to what to do. I downloaded palm desktop and i cant get it to hot sink i always get fatal errors. any help with anything at all would be great...thanks

Sony Clie- T415 Good

bcap @ 1/19/2003 6:42:12 PM #
I don't know what any of you are talking about. I just bought the Sony Clie PEG- 415 today at Staples. I love it. The screen is fine, it seems a lot faster than my Sony Clie PEG-SL10, although it has the same processor and memory. The backlight is fine and the screen looks just as i'd hope. I think all of you are maybe used to a colour screen?
Anyways, all of you future buyers, its a very good product. Don't let these bad reviews let you down. I recently bought mine at Staples for $199 on clearance ... down from $399. I'm am 100% pleased with it. I like the look, i like the feel, i like the buttons, i like the docking station and i love the rechargable batteries. Definetly worth the money!



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