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Coola, the company that developed a service to allow people to share and transfer information from the web to various Palm applications, has ceased operations. The following notice was posted on their website over the weekend...
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Another sad news...

Dark @ 2/4/2002 8:53:46 AM #
>>We are disappointed that major changes in the marketplace now require that we shut down our operations.<<

This is really a sad news. Another mobile service provider closing its doors. I just hope that the same won't happen to AvantGo.


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RE: Another sad news...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 9:55:22 AM #
The wireless "shakeout" has begun and the wireless revolution haven't even hit this side of the workd yet. Maybe these wireless services were ahead of their time?

Very Sad News
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 7:08:38 PM #
This is a dark day in the Palm economy. Coola was a GREAT application and service and, having been privileged enough to meet Sameer and Sharish from Coola, I can say from personal experience that there are some very very fine people over there. (Coola was the guest speaker at my PUG's launch meeting (CDPUG)).
I wish them well in whatever they do and hope to see them around soon. So long, friends.

Scott R. Almas


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 10:06:14 AM #
Another problem due to AvantGo's patents on decent technology. They should outlaw some patents to keep from these monopolies.


1999 - 2002

RE: AvantGo...
mfs @ 2/4/2002 1:36:40 PM #
"They should outlaw some patents to keep from these monopolies."

A patent does not create a monopoly.

no Coola - now what?

palmcoder @ 2/4/2002 12:25:22 PM #

can anyone recommend a Coola replacement?

RE: Funny How...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 2:02:15 PM #
An alternative to Coola might be BluePaste (but it cost $14.96.

Carl Brooks

What does Coola do?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 1:52:13 PM #
Hmm...I was going to ask what Coola does, but, I guess it doesn't matter now!

Funny How...

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 1:54:29 PM #
When I submit news to PIC, I never get credit like everyone else does. Funny how my use ID won't allow me to post to this site (even though I have sent email to try and get it corrected).

Because I also run a Palm News site does that make me less than human here on PIC.

I am not sure why these guys take this approach to business.

Oh, well! I'll keep supporting you inspite of your actions. I think you guys are doing a great job here.

Carl Brooks

RE: Funny How...
Admin @ 2/4/2002 3:08:22 PM #
Carl, I put this article together late Sunday night and had it auto posted for this morning. Consequently, before we got your submission the article was already posted.

I am working on improvements to the site, though there are still a few bugs in the current code.
Logging off the site,
and then logging back in, may help.


RE: Funny How...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 10:41:58 PM #
Sorry about the vent, Ryan. I need some sleep. I had to take the Coo!a code off my pages 8-(. AvantGo is coola, but the website controls what you get downloaded. Coo!a was cool because the site visitor chose what they wanted to carry on their Palm. I guess if we all spoke up sooner, the investors would have paid up. RIP.

FYI, Margi Systems in making their Presenter to Go available for the Handera handhelds.


RE: Funny How...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 11:21:53 PM #
> Carl, I put this article together late
> Sunday night and had it auto posted for
> this morning.

Auto posted? Why don't you post the news when it breaks? Any particular reason for waiting 'til the morning? Which morning anyway -- don't you hope for a global readership?

Sad to see

Nate @ 2/4/2002 1:57:50 PM #
I regret that Coola had to go. My company (CognitiveRoot) had been working with Coola since very early on in our work - and that partnership actually came out of a thread that appeared here on PalmInfocenter...allow me to wax nostalgia for a minute;

When we came out with Syncplicity, Coola had been around for a little bit (I think), but with various press releases coming from them and from us, to a large extent we came to the fore about the same time. At some point, someone here at PalmInfocenter knocked Coola and said that Syncplicity was better. The truth is that we do (did) different things, and the comparison was probably unfair, but in any case, it sparked a conversation.

A couple days after that comment, Sudtha emailed me. Her message was brief, and though I don't remember the specific words, I remember the rough idea -- "let's not compete, let's work together". It was so nice to hear that from a company with significant capitol, it reaffirmed my faith in the Palm developer community. Sudtha and I spoke several times and met in person to discuss working together. Ultimately, we included a feature in Syncplicity to make it more useful for existing Coola clients. Whether anyone ever used that function, I don't really know. But just working together on the project was reward in itself - it gave us some good experience, and it increased our profile. Working with Sudtha and crew over at Coola was a pleasure. They're great people and I have no doubt that they will have other ideas about how to improve the functionality of handhelds in the workplace.

I wish them luck.


Syncplicity. Redefining Simple.

RE: Sad to see
Admin @ 2/4/2002 3:14:16 PM #
Well put Nate, It's always sad to lose a good part of the Palm Community. I also had the pleasure of working with Coola, we used Coola to allow users to save articles in DOC format to thier devices. They were a very friendly company and will be missed.

RE: Sad to see
digichimp @ 2/4/2002 3:30:15 PM #
i love syncplicity and loved coola.
very sad to see coola go
first dpweb now this!
when will the nightmare end!

RE: Sad to see
aviduser @ 2/5/2002 2:48:50 PM #
I, for one, used syncplicity with coola. And I liked both. Coola really had the potential to become widespread and extremely useful, but it seemed like only the power users and palm geeks caught on to it. Too bad. I really liked the feature that some developers were addding to their apps so that you could "Beam via Coola". In effect, you could beam something to someone across the country through coola.

I hope that someone picks up the technology. I wonder what the IP is worth/selling for.

Coola Shutting down

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 1:57:41 PM #
Coola was a real "cool" application which we used for our PUG, I used personally, and we used for business. Got our oracle database to create dynamic coolets, etc. The economy being what it is, Motient, Omnisky, etc. going chapter 11, just forced a lot of these startup/innovative companies from thriving. I am personally very sad to see it go. Maybe someone will buy the technology. It's very robust and runs on a variety of platforms (SUN, windows, etc.) and is JavaBased.

a couple of links for it are:

A product called bluepaste, form does some similar things (just like Coola rightClick for web capture for memopad or doc), but not nearly as nice to send it to someone via a hyperlike on the web or a hyperlink on a web page., or using the native PalmOS mempad, addresses, datebook or docs like coola does.


GregGaub @ 2/4/2002 4:28:58 PM #
The Coola home page has that announcement, and when my Coola attempts to sync it cannot, but I can still click on Coola buttons and queue coolets to be added to my Palm, and manage coolets I've created and stuff? That's weird. Maybe they've kept that part running so people can retrieve any information they have on the Coola servers that they haven't backed up elsewhere (though I can't imagine what).


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2002 10:29:59 PM #
Qvadis was one of Coola's partners on both its 1-Click conversion and wireless consortium, and I echo the sadness that other people have expressed at the news. The people at Coola were excellent, the technology was white-hot, and it was exciting to be part of something that had the potential to change the way we thought about information. We at Qvadis wish all of the principals at Coola all the best in their new projects. I'm sure we will see them all again...

Sam Peralta

Very sad

northstar31 @ 2/5/2002 6:59:30 AM #
i am very disapointed about the coola, i realy like it and i depend on it for converting web pages to my isilo reader, i hope that somthing new will be there for free to replace replace coola.

Coola Closes Its Doors

swh1 @ 2/5/2002 7:13:39 PM #
It is a shame that such a simple yet functional application has to shut down. Used it to update my management team every week.

RE: Coola Closes Its Doors
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/27/2002 1:20:39 PM #
The power of Coola shows in the fact that I've been totally oblivious to their shutdown until I scheduled a meeting for tomorrow (Feb28) on my Visor and saw their "Uninstall Coola" entry, which had been synced into my calendar by their Coolet.

The best to you, Coola! You've been Awesome. You'll be missed!!

Marc Barman in Silicon Valley


em/Michigan @ 2/7/2002 11:39:35 PM #
So sad. I teach PDA's in my high school class and had planned just this week to use Coola with my students. It was going to be such a great communication tool.
Best Wishes to the Coola team; may they come back bigger and better.

mi visor se conecta ?????

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/18/2002 9:46:36 PM #
hola asumo qeu son pocos los usuarios de visor handspring en espaņol, pero confio en el portal alli vamos...

Soy un estudiante de ingenieria en Peru (macchupicchu->haber si ubican asi)bueno tengo una visor de luxe.. y tengo intenciones de comprarle un modulo espansor para conectarme a internet el problema es saber si mi proveedor local tiene la tecnologia para poder conectarme o si el servicio lo ofrece solo en EEUU y canada ...

Bueno es un super dilema.. esperoq ue alguien me piueda contestar saludos de Liam Denis

escribir a

but it's free ...

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 8:10:24 AM #
While I too used Coola and had the pleasure of meeting the people behind the technology, the fact remains that Coola was free for both the end user and the partner web site. This begs the question, How did they plan on making any money? Advertising? Give it away for free, then charge for it later? The past year has shown that both of these revenue plans are fatally flawed for all but the most compelling technology.
Yes, it is sad to see a company of such quality close its doors, but not terribly surprising.



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