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The Targus PDA Mouse converts the Graffiti area on any Palm OS handheld into a what is essentially a trackpad. It creates a cursor which is controlled by finger movements on a stick-on overlay. It is intended for people who use alternate text entry methods, like a clip-on keyboard or Jot, as it doesn't allow Graffiti to be used. It is available now for $20.
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Is there a need?

stephen007 @ 5/8/2002 12:03:12 PM #
Hmmm... this seems really dumb to me but then that might just be me. To each their own.

I personally like to have a screen protector on my screen. Then I don't feel guilty just using my fingernail to hit the occasional "Ok" button.


RE: Is there a need?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 12:31:05 PM #
you seem dumb to me, but oh well
RE: Is there a need?
popko @ 5/8/2002 12:38:38 PM #
"you seem dumb to me, but oh well"

Not nice at all. What are you, 12 years old? At least he is brave enough to ask what he doesn't get ... what's wrong with that?

RE: Is there a need?
ssummer @ 5/8/2002 12:41:35 PM #
This sounds great for me. I use my PDA basically for on-the-fly reference/reading and as such most of my input is point-and-click stuff with the occassional graffiti to enter search words. It would save me time and be a lot more convenient if I didn't have to keep pulling out my stylus to make a few clicks and then putting it back into the silo. Now if this "PDA Mouse" allows for a quick one-button transition back to graffiti (for instance hitting the "Back" button on my Clie to switch between mouse and graffiti mode), I would definitely get it.

I just tried to see what it would be like and what is really cool is that you could use your thumb of the hand holding your PDA, making for full one handed operation.

RE: Is there a need?
tipds @ 5/8/2002 1:22:49 PM #

I kinda agree. I think it's a good programming exercise, but not too practical or useful. To me, it's like someone getting a touch screen monitor, then using the mouse. I mean, everybody has been talking about the natural input method offered by touch screens, and now we are cripling the touch screen with a mouse emulator...

He look! My Windows GUI has a UNIX mode! Now I can work harder to do the same things!

Cool, but...

Tip DS

RE: Is there a need?
Altema @ 5/8/2002 2:46:45 PM #
I used to think it would be nice to have some type of mouse pointer access when using my PPK, but that wish was filled when they released the new PPK driver with a mouse pointer controlled from the keyboard.

What I'm thinking with this PDA Mouse, is that since your finger is going to be on the screen of your Palm anyways, why not just tap where you want?

Some may find it useful depending on their application though...

RE: Is there a need? YEAH ITS STUPID
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 2:52:47 PM #
RE: Is there a need?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 3:36:59 PM #
This joystick thing has some serious concept problem, and the only usage that I can think of is gaming. For other purposes, I'll stick with my stylus.
RE: Is there a need?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 4:01:31 PM #
I think it will be useful for something like Avantgo. Right now it is kind of difficult to use Avantgo with only one hand. Yes, you could use custom key to do "back" and "forward". But there is no way to select a particular link in Avantgo, even if you have a CLIE (I am using a CLIE). With a mouse cursor, I could than just move there and click. So why don't I just use my other hand with the stylus? Because sometimes it is nice for me to read during lunch. My right hand is busy holding fries or burger, and my left hand is busy holding the PDA.

Just my $0.02.

But I don't think I will buy it just for Avantgo...

RE: Is there a need?
ssummer @ 5/9/2002 1:31:43 AM #
How many people have actually tried to do several taps with their fingers (on buttons/icons sometimes smaller than the tip of a papermate pen)? If fingers where such great input devices, their would be no need for a stylus...

Handera Supported

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 12:22:51 PM #
The article says that virtual graffiti is not supported but on the linked website, it says under compatability that Handera is supported.
RE: Handera Supported
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/8/2002 12:39:41 PM #
that may mean other Handera device like the TRGPro.
RE: Handera Supported
Ed @ 5/8/2002 12:43:31 PM #
I'm not saying that it is incompatible with the HandEra 330, I'm saying it is incompatible with the whole concept of the virtual Graffiti area, the main point which is it allows you to get extra screen space by hiding the Graffiti area. This doesn't work if it is under a stick-on overlay.

Sorry if this wasn't clear. If I'd meant you thought, I'd have given a list of compatible or incompatible devices, whichever was shorter.

News Editor


hartjo1 @ 5/9/2002 8:08:17 AM #
I wonder if this could be adapted to be used as a game pad? Wouldn't that be nice?

does a Palm only recognize already defined signes?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2002 7:16:41 AM #
I aim interested to buy an Palm that means one pocket
from the Palm series. One of mine questions – witch
can't be answered in the shops there I asked – is the
reason why I write.
Could you tell me if it is with any Palm possible to
learn him witch signs (for example the shorthand) it
should recognize, or is it only possible to node
already defined signs?

Yours sincerely
Franz Raaber (

RE: does a Palm only recognize already defined signes?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2002 8:25:21 AM #
Ja, es ist möglich, den Palm so zu trainieren, dass er statt der eingebauten Graffiti-Schrift eigene Zeichen erkennt. Dazu ist allerdings ein Zusatzprogramm nötig, das sich "TealScript" nennt und unter heruntergeladen werden kann.
RE: does a Palm only recognize already defined signes?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/16/2002 11:15:44 AM #


PIC mobile user @ 5/12/2002 7:13:05 PM #
is this really needed? :-P


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