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The highly anticipated replacement to Launcher III, Launcher X, inched closer to release this weekend with a message posted on their website citing they are on schedule for a late June release.

Launcher X is an application launcher replacement. It allows the user to install skins that change not only the look but also the behavior of the launcher. It will offer hi-res support for Sony and HandEra devices.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 6:44:35 PM #
Its LATE, but at least its not vaporware...i am looking foward to using this...
RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 8:22:33 PM #
It's vaporware until it shows up. Given how poorly they've handled the LauncherX release, the delays, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if it's LESS than vaporware. Don't hold your breath.
RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 8:57:00 PM #
I'm looking forward to it also. Their performance with Launcher III and their other products give me hope.
RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 9:12:43 PM #
i have hope that this will not end up vaporware....
RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 9:50:21 PM #
For all the critics out there, I hope you will think about this before jamming someone up for not releasing software that YOU want (ala the second post above)...

The author, Bozidar, has had several personal problems which have greatly distracted him from working on this app. In a recent email, he informed me that he was, indeed, starting work again. I'm delighted to see he has made some progress!

I hope people will think twice before bashing or criticizing. I'm tempted to do the same when I am eagerly awaiting a product that seems to take forever to come out. The author's personal issues (which should always take precedence over software development) might be a reminder to all of us not to make assumption or jump to conclusions.

RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 10:18:44 PM #
exactly...the author has produced excellent software in the past, and i am certain that he will continue to do so in the future.
RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 10:49:13 PM #
So if a legitmate company that charges money for its product handles a delay poorly, it should not be criticized?

I doubt anyone would disagree with the fact that personal problems precede working on software. But if personal problems affect the way a *company* behaves, it should come as no surprise that their customers might react with some "lack of faith." They put up a website months ago. They solicited purchases of LauncherIII to be able to upgrade to LX(one presumes in a reasonable amount of time) and the very least they could have done is inform their customers long before they did.

I didn't see the earlier post as bashing, just a statement regarding poor customer relations.

Many of us know and appreciate the quality of LIII. While we hope that LauncherX sees the light of day and is an excellent product, it doesn't eliminate the commercial realities of a company that is in business to profit. I fail to see how disappointment and disillusionment in a company's behavior translates to bashing. Or is this just a case of "everyone should make nice?" If so, let's include the makers of LauncherX in that formula.

RE: well....
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 11:08:12 PM #
well the launcher x site has said for a month that the author has had personal problems...its not like he left us out in the cold, or released a product which wasnt up to par. I am glad we at least know why the product wasnt released when it was supposed to, and that bozidar didnt release a product of lesser quality just so it would be released on time...I know, im sure we all know there are companies out there who DO release trash just to meet the production date.
RE: well....
GregGaub @ 5/29/2002 12:25:08 AM #
HELLO! We're not talking about a big company with teams of coders cranking out new versions of software, who's VP had a bad day. It's a single person doing most of the work, with some help from other people. For chrissakes give the guy a break. How would you feel if something horrible happened in your family (no, I don't know what happened, and it doesn't matter) and people got all pissy that you weren't ignoring your family just to write some piece of software for a bunch of ungrateful whiners?

If I were Bozidar, I'd tell all you whiners to go f*** yourselves and ask Ed to track down the users posting anonymously with trash talk and deny them the priveledge of purchasing the software. But I'm sure he won't do anything of the sort. I'm sure that when the software is released, he'll continue to apologize for the delay.

Now stop whining, and if you like the software after it's released, buy it. If not, then ****.

RE: well....
GibsonCRG @ 11/9/2002 11:37:04 PM #
It's November... it's vaporware!

Big Question - PiDirect

sandbuck @ 5/28/2002 7:00:35 PM #
I use.. make that own SilverScreen, but I am frustrated with the way it handles apps on the memory card accessed through PiDirect. It does not remember what categories I assign the apps to. Anyone one know if Launcher X is better at this?

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 7:46:30 PM #
Launcher X is supposed to be based on Launcher III, and that app handles programs on external cards just fine, and I doubt that they'll make a new version with worse support for VFS.

Launcher III doesn't need the applications to be mapped using PiDirect for instance.

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
sandbuck @ 5/28/2002 8:14:15 PM #
The advantage to PiDirect is that it doesn't have to load all of an app into memory from the card to run it. Apps load MUCH faster under PiDirect, and you don't neccasarily need 500K free to run a 500K application.

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 8:21:12 PM #
The folks at Pocket Sensei who make SilverScreen suggest that you don't use another app like PiDirect to handle the card. Since Silverscreen has built-in support for cards they suggest you use theirs.
RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 9:39:48 PM #
PiDirect allows to have both the application and its asociated databases on the card working like if they were in RAM. SilverScreen only launches an app from the card, but it won´t "see" the databases, if I´m correct...The same with Launcher III, MegaLauncher, etc.
RE: Big Question - PiDirect
Quik_Fix @ 5/28/2002 9:58:43 PM #
As far as I can tell, the last poster is correct. Most of the apps that support cards only move the app itself onto the card-the databases have to remain in RAM (such is the case for MegaLauncher.) PiDirect seems like a good alternative it is, from what I can tell, almost exactly like AutoCF from Handera. However, I am hesitant to try PiDirect because it warns that it may not play well with back up solutions, such as dataPro.

...In accordance with the prophecy...


RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 10:05:56 PM #
If you have a large enough memory card, you can free up RAM by storing your less frequently used apps there and then only loading them when necessary. Because Launcher III (and possibly Launcher X) copies the app stored on the card into RAM to run it, there is some lag time from the time the icon is tapped until the program is ready for use. The apps you store on the card should be non-critical or less frequently used apps. I wouldn't suggest running your datebook replacement from the card, but games should be OK. How the particular program is written will be the determining factor of whether or not resource DBs can also be copied to the card and still be accessible by the program. It's trial and error. I can store enough of my apps and info on the card that space is not an issue as far as my 8 MBs of RAM is concerned.
RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 10:54:13 PM #
hey. we ARE talking about pidirect but not copy and run features. do you know what is pidirect actually??!!
RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 4:51:14 AM #
Silver actually sees apps from the main laucnher folder and not anywhere else. With PiDirect, I can for example put my CityMaps map on a single folder eg. Palm/Pidirect/CityMapsLondon/
RE: Big Question - PiDirect
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 4:52:24 AM #
All programs copy the apps and databases from memory card to the main RAM first before running, the SD/MS card acts like a Harddisk - nothing can run there! Anything executed have to be copied to the RAM first. Its the same in every single handheld, even PPC - all Flash memory have the same functionality as a harddisk. If you want to check this - download a DA that checks your Palms memory. Launch the program plus the database (using PiDirect). Then launch the DA program - you will see that the memory on your Palm has decreases to accomodate the program and the database (on the card)
RE: Big Question - PiDirect
sandbuck @ 5/29/2002 7:17:11 AM #
I will run a careful test, but I am 90% sure PiDriect does not load entire PRCs and PDBs into main memory. I can say without hesitation that apps load twice as fast or better with PiDirect.

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
BiffK @ 5/29/2002 8:34:30 AM #
I had some very large databases (Mapoplolis maps) on my card that I used PiDirect to access. It does not copy the entire file to RAM. It seemed to be about two thirds of the file, anything less than that and it would crash. But I did not have to have 800 K free to load an 800 K app.

This was the previous version that I tried this on, PiDirect II seems to handle things better, but I haven't tried.

-Biff K

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
Kaitou @ 5/29/2002 9:06:25 AM #
PiDirect does not copy the entire database over, only small parts that are neccesary. I was using a 10meg dictionary database with an older, non VFS version of TomeRaider, and I kept the dictionary in my PiDirect folder and it worked without any problems (I was using an 8meg N760 then).

Try Megalauncher
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 3:02:32 PM #
Megalauncher works PERFECTLY with PiDirect. Completely seamless.

I don't know how LauncherX will work with PD, it's very important to me.

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
sandbuck @ 5/30/2002 9:45:00 AM #
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

RE: Big Question - PiDirect
pideveloper @ 5/31/2002 2:49:06 AM #
PiDirect is different from the launchers which have external card support (Launcher III, SilverScreen, MegaLaunch etc.)

These launchers can show up the icons of the apps in the card, if you tap to launch it, these launchers copy the ENTIRE database to internal RAM and run it.

PiDirect doesn't work in this way. When enabled, it put up headers in internal RAM to 'trick' the OS that the card DBs on card are in RAM. When you want to access these card DBs, PiDirect will copy the necessary portion of record of the DBs to RAM (usually a small portion). So you won't notice a long delay what you launch these apps.

About the category problem, it is up to the launcher that handle whether to 'remember' the category of PiDirect-enabled apps or not. Some will 'remember' (like Launcher III, MegaLaunch), some won't (like SilverScreen). We haven't test PiDirect with Launcher X, if users found problems about PiDirect and Launcher X, they can email to:
with details description of the problem.


I expect better at PIC

terrysalmi @ 5/28/2002 10:37:26 PM #
This message has been posted for atleast a week at the LX website, and I have made note of it in other boards. I expect better from PIC then to make this sound like it was just announced.

RE: You expect better at PIC? Then contribute.....
PalmAddict @ 5/28/2002 10:57:27 PM #
Well, then why didn't you notify PIC of it when you were notifying others? Ed can't scour ever Palm site for news to make sure it is posted on his site as soon as it happens. That is why there is a "Contribute News" link on the side of every page (including this one). If you see something that is not here but you know is elsewhere, make Ed aware! Geez...

When will people stop bagging on others trying so hard to keep us informed? I really wish Ed (and myself if I could help) had the time, resources and desire to implement a rating system for comments so that we could mod down this type of drivel....

Keep up the great work Ed!

(Not the one from the PalmAddict website, just a coincidence).

"We're a planet of nearly six billion ninnies living in a civilization that was designed by a few thousand amazingly smart deviants."

-Scott Adams

RE: I expect better at PIC
dethblud @ 5/28/2002 11:27:38 PM #
I agree. Palm Infocenter is by far the best Palm-only news site. If you want to complain about your news site try one of the other Palm news sites.

RE: I expect better at PIC
terrysalmi @ 5/28/2002 11:38:00 PM #
I'm sorry, I did not contribute this piece of news. However, I do believe in PIC, and have contributed before more than once. It would of been nice for Ed to say (as he has done, I think) that this is not 'new', but FYI.

RE: I expect better at PIC
jjsoh @ 5/29/2002 12:51:49 AM #
: I'm sorry, I did not contribute this piece of news.
: However, I do believe in PIC, and have contributed
: before more than once. It would of been nice for Ed
: to say (as he has done, I think) that this is
: not 'new', but FYI.

From Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: news
Pronunciation: 'nüz, 'nyüz
Function: noun plural but singular in construction
Usage: often attributive
Date: 15th century
1 a : a report of recent events b : previously unknown information
2 a : material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast b : matter that is newsworthy

You're right. This is not 'new', but 'news.' Two different meanings. You should try to use the dictionary more often if you're not sure of the meaning of words. It may help you to sound more coherent when posting.

It's easy to think of yourself only, but please try to be fair to PalmInfocenter and stop being so overly critical. I'm sure if you had a Palm news site, you wouldn't like people to chastise you for not getting all the Palm news at light speed.

For those who don't have the time to scour the net for all the latest Palm news (i.e. me), this is much appreciated. At the end of the day, it's nice to visit one site where I can get all the 'newsworthy' Palm news I need. Especially since some of us actually work all day and have a life/family after hours.

Besides, you can always skip over the articles you've already heard about or read. Let those of us who haven't enjoy it.


RE: I expect better at PIC
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 12:53:16 AM #
RE: I expect better at PIC
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 10:02:55 AM #
Who's a jerk? That's constructive criticism for you.
RE: I expect better at PIC
jjsoh @ 5/29/2002 10:47:05 AM #
: Who's a jerk? That's constructive criticism for you.

LOL. I believe the person who posted before you posted almost at the same time as me. While I was writing my post, I didn't see that "Jerk" post. But once I posted, it just magically showed up. Hahahaha..

So, I don't think it was intended for me. But it did seem funny only because I know what happened. ^_^


RE: I expect better at PIC
Admin @ 5/29/2002 2:01:52 PM #
Terry, this note was just recently brought to our attention. We get a large amount of email and requests for more info on LX all the time, thus I ran the article. We are a news site, while everything reported is not always brand new, every article here is an FYI.

RE: I expect better at PIC
terrysalmi @ 5/29/2002 3:22:09 PM #
I thank the Admin of the site for responding to my comment, and this shows that this is a great site...Thanks for the explanation.

RE: I expect better at PIC
Crash Override @ 5/29/2002 3:30:28 PM #
Hey pal! Yes, you up at the top there. Sorry but - what a load of shoyt Its a mint site! and its free! These guys probably bust their asses for this site for probably no reward. If you can do better...Fire away.

The best launcher of em all!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 3:01:50 AM #
I've been using Launcher III for some time now, well i switch between Silver too becuase they're both good launchers. But with this new version of launcher comming out, it seems as if i wont be using silver any more. I think Launcher X will finally be the launcher i've been searching for.
RE: The best launcher of em all!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 4:50:18 AM #
Silver is dead slow...

Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs

Nismo96 @ 5/29/2002 4:00:55 AM #
Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs that people have on their Palms. McPhling and PiDirect are two good examples. I don't use PiDirect, but I was hovering on the idea of registering McFile, I won't now as I am a Launcher III registered user. I'll just upgrade to Launcher X.

RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
fkclo @ 5/29/2002 5:43:31 AM #
Good to know about this. I have had very bad experience with PiDirect (not the program, but the people running customer service) and would be pleased to know I can get rid of PiDirect soon.

RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
huggy @ 5/29/2002 9:10:21 AM #
In fact I haven't found a Launcher that replaces one of my favorite functions of Megalauncher. If you try to delete an app when in advanced mode (under prefs, turn application handling mode to advanced), it lets you delete ONLY the databases which are related to the app itself. I've found this is by far the best way to repare corrupt apps (i.e. an app that keeps crashing your palm whenever you try to run it). It also gives you more time in some 30-day-trial apps.

I use McFile, but it's a pain in the a** having to search manually for the database you're looking for, and some apps don't name their databases with understandable names. With Megalauncher, it's done in a blink.

Anyone who knows of another way to do that? It's really annoying to keep Megalauncher only for that reason (it's about 500Kb with a skin to make it no so ugl installed)

-------------- huggy ---------------

RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
Ronin @ 5/29/2002 9:22:42 AM #

Launcher III does exactly what you describe. If you drag and applicatons icon to the trash gadget, a dialog box pops up that gives you the option to delete the app, the prefs associated with that app and the databases associated with that app. You can delete all or any combination of the above by selecting or de-selecting the items check box.

I guess this means goodbye to MegaLauncher for you.

RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 9:37:44 AM #
I use 2 launchers. Launchem almost always, but mega launcher is ther for its wonderous file manager. Hopefully, LauncherX will be faster than Launchem. Wonderful if it includes an infoview like MegaLauncher.
RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
Ronin @ 5/29/2002 10:12:17 AM #
I own Launch 'Em, have just become an owner of Launcher III and have tried MegaLauncher. Ultimately I have settled on Launcher III as my choice for a launcher.

Launch 'Em is good looking and very customizable. These are the qualities that attracted me to it in the first place. However, it is a little too slow for me. Whenever, you return to the Launch 'Em from any program there is a noticeable delay in loading, this delay is more noticeable when more features are activated like launching databases directly or an external card is in use. Also Launch 'Em does not recognize PQAs installed on external media. The file management abilities are comparable to those of Launcher III but it is almost 3x the size including various plug-ins.

MegaLauncher is truly the Swiss Army knife of Palm launchers. It does everything, does it fast and does it well. It loads faster (to me) then Launch 'Em and handles internal RAM and external media well. The problems are it is huge (really, really huge with a massive cache file to boot) and is not particularly attractive. I find the interface to be somewhat complicated and it does not follow alot of the standard Palm conventions. Also, I like to hide tabs that I do not use often to remove clutter from the interface and MegaLauncher does not allow this.

I find that Launcher III is an amazing example of small footprint, elegant programming - the essence of the success of the Palm platform. Simple to use, yet effective and efficient at getting the job done. It may not be the prettiest launcher in the world but it ain't ugly. It might not have the most elaborate file management in the world but for common tasks it gets the job done well. The program is stable, reliable and fast. I love that I can hide and unhide tabs on the fly without entering a password. I love that I can control when it refreshes from external media thus speeding up it use overall. I love that I can create shortcuts to programs on cards so that the icons do not have to load from the card when I change tabs (or put a program in more than one place). Overall I think this is the best Palm launcher and it looks like my minor complaints - interface customizability, more use of color and eye candy will all be addressed in LauncherX. I just hope in updating the product they don't break what already works for the program.

RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 11:34:42 AM #

I assume, when using McFile, you've tried selecting the checkbox of an app and then at the bottom tapping the "creator group" option? This will bring up a list of all associated files with the same Creator ID... the associated files you were referring to. I find this very helpful as manually searching, as you point out, is a pain in the rear!


RE: Launcher X will eliminate the need for several programs
Drummer4Life05 @ 5/29/2002 4:00:06 PM #
ARGH! Not another anti-trust case!

I have a feeling...

Drummer4Life05 @ 5/29/2002 1:44:21 PM #
I have a feeling that they're just pumping this up...i woldn't be suprised is this thing s**ks.


Justin -

RE: I have a feeling...
Nismo96 @ 5/29/2002 4:19:52 PM #
I would be very surprised if it s**ks. The software developer has made some of the most used apps in the Palm World. Check out his site

RE: I have a feeling...
Strider_mt2k @ 5/29/2002 5:52:24 PM #
I think Launcher X is going to rock.
And even though you say that, you will run it too.

RE: I have a feeling...
Altema @ 5/29/2002 11:24:29 PM #
Judging from his previous works which I have registered, I think this will be pretty good. I have SilverScreen, but will check this out when it becomes available.

Thank GOD Launcher X will be here soon!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/30/2002 2:36:46 AM #
Not that I'm interested in purchasing it, I'm just excited that these silly "coming next month, coming in May, coming in June" announcements will FINALLY cease!

Is anyone else as bored over Launcher X (should be Launcher Y or Launcher Z by now) as I am? Heck, there was an announcement flier included in the box my T615 came in, and Sony's already released TWO new PDA's since that time!

PLEASE... don't wake me till it's released!

Launcher 111 and PiDirect

Frank Wilkinson @ 5/30/2002 8:18:32 AM #
I have followed some of the comments with interest and would like to tell you my experience. First, PiDirect accesses very large apps directly from the SD card. It does not bring them into the PDA's internal memory. I have 60MB on my card including some enormous TomeRaider files and PiDirect runs them flawlessly. However there are a few applications, maily older ones, that do not work on PiDirect and I previously used PowerRun to load these from the card. PowerRun does bring the app into RAM so you are limited by size. However I decided to use Launcher 111 and found to my surprise that it beats PowerRun hands down. Apps that took 8 seconds to load up using PowerRun take two seconds using Launcher 111. I have now removed PowerRun completely and use only Launcher 111 and PiDirect. I think that L 111 is a superb application and am looking forward to the new X version. I sincerely hope that Bozidar Benc's family problems are not too serious and that he is not deflected from his role of providing us with brilliant software at very reasonable prices. One final tip Download HotDate (Freeware) and configure your datebook hard button to load HotDate. Switch on your PDA using this hard button and you get an immediate reminder of your appointments and ToDos. A simple tap takes you straight to the Datebook or ToDo list. HotDate is a brilliant free application and for me it's far better than some of the over-complicated programmes out there.

RE: Launcher 111 and PiDirect
Ronin @ 5/30/2002 12:06:56 PM #
Mr. Wilkinson:

I believe that the speed difference that you are experiencing between Launcher III and PowerRun is attributable to the fact that the programs are doing two different operations. Launcher III transfers the application to the card not the databases associated with that application, just like the built-in launcher does after a copy operation. On the other hand PowerRun transfers the application and all of the associated databases. This results in a net gain in free space in internal RAM at the cost of longer load times from the card due to the additional files that are being copied to RAM.

Notably, PowerRun can manage the storing of applications only to card as well and I think you will find that when used in this manner the load time is indistinguishable from using Launcher III directly. BTW, the only reason, in my opinion, to use PowerRun for application only launching when using Launcher III is if you are going to us Launcher III's shortcuts for a program on an external card, the shortcut file that PowerRun creates to do the same thing is considerably smaller.


PIC mobile user @ 6/2/2002 9:45:21 AM #
Great! Only about 1 more month until it comes out! looking foward to that!


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