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FileMaker Mobile 2 is a new version of the app designed to allow users to synchronize their data between FileMaker Pro on their desktop and their handheld. The new version adds numerous user interface improvements designed to make data entry easier, like the ability to transfer from a desktop database Pop-Up Menus, Pop-Up Lists and single Check Boxes. FileMaker Mobile 2 costs $50 but it is a free upgrade for registered users of the previous version.
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Max. length of text fields?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2002 11:40:22 AM #
I have never used the original FileMaker Mobile. I have read a number of less favourable reviews about it so I would like to hear from users about their experiences.

What I cannot find anywhere on the FileMaker web site is the maximum size of a text field.

RE: Max. length of text fields?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2002 6:43:19 PM #
In the note field you can have 2048 characters.

Joseph Meyer

FileMaker Mobile 2 (feature poor)

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2002 1:19:00 PM #
not the changes I was looking for in this version. things it STILL doesn't do:

1. option to perform a script from the database before or after sync.
2. the database has to be open. (FMSync would fire up FileMaker and the selected database, sync them and then quit.) If I have 10 databases I want to sync and they are located in different places on my drive, I have to go find them all and open them before each sync. this is a BIG missed feature.
3. not able to create a database on the Palm and sync it back to the desktop.

It makes you wonder what FileMaker Inc has been doing for the last six months. They introduced this at MacWorld SF in Jan. 2002

yes it works if you REALLY need to sync a FM database, but very feature poor.
I know the guy how started FMSync closed up shop to go to work for Apple. I guess he left his code at home.

Windows 96?

Steven Eil @ 6/6/2002 1:43:02 PM #
Windows 96? There was such a thing?

Stevem Eil
CTO & Palm OS Editor
RE: Windows 96?
cyruski @ 6/6/2002 1:55:25 PM #
probably a typo.

RE: Windows 96?
Steven Eil @ 6/6/2002 2:04:06 PM #
So I wonder why they say "Windows 96 or more", sounds cind of... well... not right :)

Stevem Eil
CTO & Palm OS Editor

FileMaker Moble 2 useful?

joemeyer @ 6/6/2002 7:47:15 PM #
FileMaker Mobile is only useful if you already have Filemaker Pro 5 on your PC or Macintosh. It is useful to be able to carry all or part of your PC/Mac database(s) on your Palm OS device. You need to create the database on your PC/Mac (you cannot create a database using FileMaker Mobile on the Palm OS device) and I would suggest you do most of your data input on your PC/Mac. The sharing command on the PC/Mac allows you to select which fields and records will be put on the Palm OS device during a hot sync. Once the data is on the Palm OS device you can edit the data and add new records. The next time you hot sync the PC/Mac database is updated. I love the "find" command on the Palm OS unit as it quite rapidly finds and lists all the records that contain the text string searched for (you specify which field to search).

HanDBase has a ton more features and allows you to create a database right on the Palm. I use both HanDBase and FileMaker Mobile on my Palm m515.

--- Joseph Meyer---

Fm Mobile v2

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 3:25:35 AM #
it is really weak. still no radio buttons. you can only have a single checkbox in a field so if you want 3, you need to make 3 fields. pop-down list and pop-down menu are functionally identical.
it is really only a tiny improvement over v1.
RE: Fm Mobile v2
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2002 5:17:52 AM #
can you use bluetooth to sync as you collect data?



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