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tDevice offers the Q-Pad for Palm m500 series, which combines the functions of a protective leather case and a keyboard. The case is reinforced with steel and is about 3 by 5 inches and less than one inch thick with the handheld inside. Opening the case reveals a QWERTY keyboard with 60 keys. News Editor Ed Hardy has this review.
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Thumb or fingers?

big_raji @ 8/22/2002 4:25:01 PM #
At several points in your review, you've talked about using your fingers to type on the Q-Pad... then you make a reference to using a thumboard at the end of the review.

Am I to assume that you're actually typing on this Q-Pad with your fingers as you would on a normal keyboard?

I'm having a hard time picturing that, and I'm not sure if it's totally clear in your review.



RE: Thumb or fingers?
big_raji @ 8/22/2002 4:32:38 PM #
I must be going blind. I swear I didn't read the comment about using index fingers the first time I read this review. Sorry. :)



ice @ 8/22/2002 5:12:12 PM #
i never did like the idea of having metal cases on my m505, as i think it would scratch the screen based on the pics. now this thing has keys, how do they not rest against the screen of my m505? i have a protector on it right now, but if the keys hit the screen, could that break it? im just confused, as i have never used a case like this, or a hard case.

xbox is the best console in the world, and always will be.
RE: safety?
Ed @ 8/22/2002 8:35:23 PM #
The screen is recessed and so are the keys. This leaves a bit of space in between the two. The only way they could touch was if something put a great deal of force on just the middle of the cover. The cover really is very rigid. It wouldn't be enough if you put a book or something like that down on it. It would have to be something very heavy and small enough to make the cover bend in the middle. In short, not too likely.

You shouldn't be nervous of metal cases; They'll protect your screen, not damage it.. A force strong enough to bend a typical metal case enough to get it to even touch your screen would probably crush your unprotected m505.

News Editor

RE: safety?
ice @ 8/22/2002 11:08:44 PM #
ok, so maybe i'll look into this one. seems cool to me. what do you think?

xbox is the best console in the world, and always will be.
RE: safety?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2002 8:40:11 AM #
also, you say the buttons are hard to push down, but how hard is hard can you type normally on it like a full size keyboard, or do you really have to push?
RE: safety?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2002 10:44:57 PM #
My friend bought this q-pad and it is good quality product. The keypad wasn't hard, it had a good feel like a cell phone keypads. I ordered mine from It was on sale. WOW brand new product, already on sale? I can't wait till I receive it. This review makes me feel good about my choice.
Thanks Ed.


abosco @ 8/22/2002 11:41:48 PM #
Ed, slowly but surely through your reviews, we are getting pictures of all of your home decor. We've got pictures of your towels and infamous flower wallpaper from the m125 review, a picture of (possibly) your dog in the NR70v review, and now a picture of your carpet in this review... not to mention your four fingered left hand in the SJ20 review. And there's plenty more that I can't remember. Sorry but I can't help but laugh... Ed, why don't you just post the rest of you house pictures with some Palms doctored in and get it over with??? :P ;)

-Bosco (No, not the chocolate drink)
RE: Heh
big_raji @ 8/23/2002 1:07:15 AM #
I don't think that's his carpet... unless he has a really bumpy floor.

Looks like a couch to me.

Anybody put them all together yet?


RE: Heh
Strider_mt2k @ 8/23/2002 6:26:22 AM #
Not to mention all that hardware laying all over from the photo shoots.

Where to buy?

ice @ 8/25/2002 6:38:11 PM #
ice here again, could you please tlel me where to get this? i checked staples, circuit city, and best buy today, with no luck. PLEASE dont tell me that it is availible only on a website.

xbox is the best console in the world, and always will be.

RE: Where to buy?
Ed @ 8/25/2002 7:41:07 PM #
Sorry, I can't help you. I'd suggest you talk directly to the company:

News Editor
RE: Where to buy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 5:37:37 PM #
read the fourth reply on your safety thread.
someone saw this Q-Pad on sale at
sounds like a good bargain.


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