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Samsung SPH-i500 Smartphone - Click For larger PICAs part of its "DigitAll Inspiration, 2002 Samsung World Tour," launched today in New York, Samsung Electronics' CEO, Jong Yong Yun highlighted the company's focus on its vision for digital convergence and demoed two new Palm OS based smart phones.

The new SPH-i500 is set to debut in the US market in early Q4, according to a Samsung spokesperson. It has clamshell design with a color screen and hardware buttons on one side and a detached silkscreen graffiti area, rocker switch, and telephone dial pad on the other. It runs Palm OS 4.1. It is not yet known when this device will be available or at what price.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 2:51:19 PM #
That looks like a great new PDA/Phone!

I think i'm going to wait until OS 5 though.
Or OS 6 :)

RE: Wow
adamrichman @ 9/25/2002 8:10:19 PM #
Don't wait for the next best thing, you'll wait forever.

Wow: Samsung Renews Palm OS License ;o)
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 4:54:02 AM #
Sept. 26, 2002 -- Samsung Renews Palm OS License from PalmSource
Leaders in Wireless Computing Strengthen Relationship for Continued Innovation

SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 2:51:25 PM #
Has anyone seen the SPH-i500 and the Kyocera 7135? Any opinions about which is better?
RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 2:58:54 PM #
I think it's still too early to tell.
7135 still seems to have the edge in the departments of SDIO slot and MP3 playback.
RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
Boze @ 9/25/2002 3:08:58 PM #
I think they serve slightly different purposes. The Samsung i500 is the same size as most clamshell phones, while the Kyocera 7135 is much larger (bigger than the Treo I think). So if you have to have a compact phone, go with the Samsung. But if you've got big pockets ("Is that a Kyocera 7135 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?") and would take advantage of the Kyocera's mp3 and SD(IO) capabilities, go with the Kyocera.

RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 3:10:22 PM #
I think the SPH-i500 is ahead because it will be much smaller than the Kyocera.
RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 5:44:20 PM #
"I think the SPH-i500 is ahead because it will be much smaller than the Kyocera.

That has to be one of the most stupid, uninformed comments I have ever read. While size/form-factor is certainly an important consideration for many consumers, it definitely isn't the only thing to be considered. Take a look at the Kyocera 6035 and the Samsung I300. Those two devices are considerably larger than your standard mobile phone but both managed to sell reasonably well because of the features they offered. The Kyocera 7135 has a feature set that runs circles around the I500. Early-adopters are what the I500 and 7135 are targeted at and because early-adopters are usually very technologically savvy, its gonna take more than a slightly smaller form-factor to get a geek to forget about the SDIO, mp3 playback, optional keyboard, media player, etc. that the 7135 offers and the I500 doesn't. Samsung better price the I500 well below the 7135 if they want to give the I500 any chance to survive in the increasingly crowding smartphone market.

RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
kevdo @ 9/25/2002 8:27:42 PM #
Also, if you put them next to each other, the size difference really isn't that much (thickness probably an exception, so if that's your most important feature, okay sure).

-Kevin Crossman
RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
Maddog @ 9/27/2002 7:40:59 PM #
The person ranting about how superior the 7135 is to the i500 is misinformed. The i500 DOES have the keyboard attachment, just like the 7135. Just look at users manual in the i500 FCC filing.
Size is very important to many of us...the 7135 is almost as big as a Hanspring Treo...of course it will be able to do a few more things.
RE: SPH-i500 vs. Kyocera 7135
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/28/2002 3:27:34 AM #
I am a total geek and size is everything to me. I owned an i300 and it was great. But after a month or so I just couldn't take the big size anymore. So I swithched back to a regular small sized phone. The lack of Palm funtionality is what I really miss and I have been waiting for someone to squeeze a Palm Pilot into a small phone ever since. Three cheers to Samsung for identifying this subtle but important difference. This, to me, amounts to no less than a breakthrough technology and I predict it will payoff big for Samsung.

SDK for Kyocera 7135?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 3:07:15 PM #
Kyocera 7135 is going to be launched here in Canada pretty soon (maybe in two weeks).
I just wonder where I can find the SDK for it so that I can develop some applications taking advantage of those great features?
Already searched Kyocera website but hadn't found any development info.

RE: SDK for Kyocera 7135?
Token User @ 9/25/2002 3:13:18 PM #
I had the same thoughts a couple of weeks ago.

The SDK on the Kyocera site is currently only for the 6035. Its good for some of the telephony integration API calls - specifically Signal, Phone (hardware setting/monitoring), Telephony (place/receive calls), and Registry.

I got a "no current developer relations" message from them when I inquired about the availability of a 7135 API set. Complete BS, but without working for "XYZ Megacorp Software Inc" its the best I was able to get out of them. They are probably just pissed at the bug list I submitted on their BREW API :)

RE: SDK for Kyocera 7135?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 2:11:22 AM #
In Canada in a few weeks. What's the source.

Its all about the size

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 3:09:22 PM #
There really is no direct comparison of the Kyocera and the Samsung I-500. They are two machines for totally different people. The I-500 is TINY!!!
Here are the size comparisons

h 3.4"
w 2.1 "
d .85 "
4.5 oz.

Kyocera 7135
h 3.97"
w 2.43"
d 1.17"
6.6 oz

Tungsten T
h 4"
w 3"
d .6"
5.6 oz

For comparison, samsung's tiny new phone for Sprint PCS, the A460:
h 3.40"
w 2.10"
d 0.90"
3.4 oz

Samsung's new phone is almost the exact same size as the smallest phone that they sell in the US. They have managed to squeeze a Palm OS machine into what is a standard clamshell form factor. You could be carrying both a Palm and a Cell phone in the same form factor as you currently carry the phone. That is what this design is all about, and the reason it does not compete with the 7135 feature for feature.

RE: Its all about the size
PR @ 9/25/2002 4:22:53 PM #
wow. you're right. in the photos it looks somewhat bulky. in reality it's unbelievably small.

RE: Its all about the size
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 2:51:11 PM #
A standard business card is 3.5"x2"..
RE: Its all about the size
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 1:53:51 PM #
I love this phone, but I can't understand why they couldn't put a sd/mmc slot in. They put one in the identical sized i600. If it had an expansion slot I would opt for it over the 7135. Now as it stands I feel the 7135 outweighs the i500 with the exception of the smaller form factor and faster processor.

7135 i500
-64k color -66mhz dragonball
-standard screen size -thinner and lighter
-better button layout -cheaper ? guessing
-media player
-durability (case is molded
injected plastic, with a
metal hinge pin)
-sd/mmc slot
-lid can be opened to any
angle and it holds
-battery life

RE: Its all about the size
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 2:00:41 PM #
almost forget, the
7135 has an external
lcd to let you know
who is calling before
you open it.
RE: Its all about the size
Maddog @ 9/27/2002 8:04:11 PM #
The lack of an external LCD on the i500 is probably due to the fact that it has a touch screen, which has to be thicker than a "normal" screen...there's only so much room in such a small "form factor".
I have an A460 now, an it really is incredible that the i500 is the same size. It fits in the front pocket of fitted jeans easily.
Although the 7135 has an expansion slot, it is much larger that the i500. I personally have zero need for the slot. Size, size, size.

Remember the old ''StarTac'' phone?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/28/2002 8:23:49 AM #
Height 3 inches (closed)
Width ?
Depth ?
Weight 3.8 oz

Height 3.4"
Width 2.1 "
Depth .85 "
Weight 4.5 oz

Anybody have the Width/Depth numbers on the StarTac? I just wanted to give a frane of reference to the i500 - when I saw it, I immediately thought of the old StarTac, which would be a PERFECT size/formfactor for as PDA/Phone combo.

Non Standard Lettering on Keypad

Beavis @ 9/25/2002 3:15:40 PM #
I notice that the letters "Q" and "Z" are above the "1" key instead of included with the more or less standard "PQRS" and "WXYZ" clusters on most phones.

I am not planning to buy the phone, so it really doesn't make a big difference to me, but it is an odd choice for the lettering.

RE: Non Standard Lettering on Keypad
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 3:28:09 PM #
I'm not planning on buying the I-500 either, fortunately, because the button arrangement is hideously bad for gaming. Yes, yes, bring on the flames, but if you are going to replace TWO devices with one, then might as well ensure that you can play at least a few games on this device!

Otherwise, it looks to be a nice package and the buttons resemble some recent Nokias I've seen.

I am assuming that they could easily change the keypad lettering if necessary by the time it hits the market.

RE: Non Standard Lettering on Keypad
TapPadGuy @ 9/25/2002 3:42:27 PM #
I'm sure the lettering arrangement is to reduce keystrokes when entering text. With this arrangement, you can access any letter with 3 or less keystrokes.

RE: Non Standard Lettering on Keypad
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:04:06 PM # could also use graffitti!

texting style is...
graph @ 9/25/2002 11:09:54 PM #
texting style is good with one hand.... grafitti needs both. its really a stupid idea not to use standard text format..even regular landline phones uses standard arrangement..they had to blow one important thing!

Palmpro, IIIe, Vx, IIIxe, m505
& Clie Peg-T665c owner
email add:

T665c photos:

Let me say this first

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 3:44:38 PM #
This is not something I find useful so I wish to deride it mercilessly. I question the mental state of anyone who would use this product. You are all Nazis for not agreeing with me.
RE: Let me say this first
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:06:50 PM #
Guess I am a Communist, I agree with you. Personally I can't see me using the combo product. I prefer small as possible separate PDA and phone.
RE: Let ME say this second
nrosser @ 9/25/2002 4:21:49 PM #
no - YOU are a Nazi for not agreeing with ME. And I don't even know what my belief is - but anyone who disagrees with me is wrong wrong wrong. Only my beliefs and opinions are valid. Dang it.
heh heh

RE: Let ME say this second
Kesh @ 9/25/2002 4:22:22 PM #
Now *that's* sarcasm. :)

RE: Let me say this first
swinginjonny @ 12/30/2002 11:04:34 AM #
Thank you for a bit of good-old-days when PIC was fun! In the quest for respectability PIC has lost one of my favorite aspects. I used to LOVE to get on and read posts because it was hilarious. It is much more professional now and less of a time-sink but I have to admit, I miss the entertainment value.
(I think that makes me a fascist ;)

(Self-confessed Palm Geek)

Sprint /Verizon availability?

jayhawk88 @ 9/25/2002 4:45:23 PM #
This is sort of off topic, but I had a meeting with some Sprint reps the other day, where they told me how great 3G was going to be for us. They were all carrying Treo's on them for demoing purposes.

When I asked about the i500 and the Kyocera 7035, I got anywhere from blank stares to "We haven't heard about this coming down the pipe yet..." Anyone know if Sprint is lagging behind all of the sudden in what phones they'll be featuring supporting? Or did I just happen to snag some clueless reps?

RE: Sprint /Verizon availability?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 5:56:40 PM #
Probably clueless reps. Take a look at phonescoop....the i330 has the Sprint logo on it, so hopefully it'll come out soon.
RE: Sprint /Verizon availability?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 1:13:26 AM #
Samsung has some great phones, but the best invariably end up on Sprint. I hate that .

Sprint's coverage in the S.F. Bay Area is bad- some places it's great, and nothing sounds better. But too many other places it's lousy, and my Sprint phones would go dead looking for *any* kind of signal. I can't even make a call out of Moscone Center with Sprint.

I have a verizon phone that I love. verizon doesn't have the greatest phones, but the converage is *much* better, and the phones are adequate.

Sprint couldn't give me any hope of adding antennas (Cingular just added one near me a few months ago, and everybody I know who uses them reported a significant increase in coverage. But they had no idea why it happened.) I dropped them for verizon.

I want one of the new Nokia's or maybe one of these Samsungs, but only if I can get them from somebody other than Sprint.

66 mhz !!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:48:45 PM #
Don't forget it's best feature: 66 mhz dragonball vs 33 mhz for 7135.
RE: 66 mhz !!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 6:54:44 PM #
And WHERE is this stat? The Pull-it-out-of-your-ass method?
RE: 66 mhz !!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 7:04:04 PM #
Wow, after digging around on the site I caught it, sorry, AND a 162x176 screen... How could you forget to mention that in the post? (Not person who I commented on, but original post).
RE: 66 mhz !!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 7:39:54 PM #
Where did you find this info on the Samsung site? Please post the URL. I looked and looked and can't find it.
RE: 66 mhz !!
drw @ 9/25/2002 11:50:03 PM #
I didn't know about the screen resolution. How I found out about the 66mhz? While it may not have been in a PIC article, some observant reader posted seeing "66vz" on a chip on the FCC link showing the innerds of the phone. I downloaded and magnified the pic myself, and sure enough, it's there.

I would imagine the non-standard screen size is to show phone stuff like signal, battery strength, etc.

I'm going to either get this phone or the 7135.


Which comes out first (on Verizon)
Which is less expensive
Which screen is brighter

As far as I'm concerned the small size and SD expansion cancel each other out. I'd appreciate either.


RE: 66 mhz !!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 1:22:54 AM #
RE: 66 mhz !!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 2:16:29 AM #
Ah, I'm still set on the Kyocera. A standard resolution means less work to fix existing programs, plus it has mp3s, much better button placement and most importantly 16-Bit color compared to 256 colors!

Call me a lil confused, but in the article......

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 5:57:49 PM #
....were there 3 Samsung smartphones referenced in the article? I saw mention of the i330 and the i500, but then I kept seeing the M330. What's the M330?
RE: Call me a lil confused, but in the article......
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 7:42:36 PM #
The M330 is the name for the same smartphone when sold outside of the United States.

The CDMA lobby is hard at work again it seems.

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 6:39:23 PM #
CDMA 2000 is not 3G.
Calling a CDMA 200 phone 3G is a flat-out LIE.
CDMA is a ploy to keep the stupid, moronic and easily fooled American people stupid, backward.
Well, you get what you deserve.
Meanwhile, the CDMA lobby is getting rich on your stupidity.


RE: The CDMA lobby is hard at work again it seems.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 8:47:34 PM #
If you look at just about all "fesable" paths to 3g, all of them are paths that end in CDMA. Read up, just because GPRS is fast now does not make it better forever.
RE: The CDMA lobby is hard at work again it seems.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 4:41:10 AM #
Neither GPRS or CDMA2000 are 3G. 3G Networks do not yet operate anywhere in the world; although spectrum licenses have been issued in some areas.

GPRS and CDMA are both properly referred to as 2.5G.

More on this is at "3G branding absurd, admits Sprint rep" on the register.

RE: The CDMA lobby is hard at work again it seems.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 11:15:58 AM #
>>If you look at just about all "fesable" paths to 3g, all of them are paths that end in CDMA. Read up, just because GPRS is fast now does not make it better forever.

Yep. Further - see last weeks issue of Time magazine (not a technical source, i know) on where South Korea is at with CDMA - they make American and European ( and even iMode for that matter) networks look like an embarassing joke.

RE: The CDMA lobby is hard at work again it seems.
mshappard @ 1/22/2003 11:50:58 PM #
I don't think anyone is getting 'suckered', it all depends how much research you are willing to do. The 3G 1X or 3G 1EVO I think it's called is just a stepping stone that will be compatible with the full blown CDMA 3G. Who really cares what you call the system. Look at what it gives you (144kbps max) and if that's what you want take it. I work for Lucent, and I know that Sprint uses a lot of our equipment in their base stations. I also know that to upgrade from 2.5G CDMA to the 144kbps version all they had to do was switch out a circuit pack and upgrade software and voila there you go. Seems like a nice, cheap way to go to me.

Why not GSM

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 10:53:41 PM #
As user of a GSM network, when will these "cool" products be available to GSM networks? I understand the 7135's preference to CDMA because of the manufacture's business, however, these companies can tap a huge market ready for such phones. I know I for one would love to carry around just "one" product instead of "two". Very frustrated with what's available!
RE: Why not GSM
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 12:55:14 AM #
I'm in the market for a smart phone. At first I'm thinking of a Treo 270 'cos the GPRS upgrade is now available in my market.

But if Samsung has a GPRS i500 I think the choice is clear: the i500 gives me both graffiti and a keypad.

PLEASE, please make my Christmas and come out with a GPRS i500.

lots of SPH-i500 & i700 images

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 3:08:25 AM #
There are some images of i500 & new i700 models.
(Korean Pages)

RE: lots of SPH-i500 & i700 images
ksatterwhite @ 12/19/2002 4:10:18 PM #
I looked at the link and from what I can tell the I700 is for Sprint. But, it's not a clamshell style. There was an I600 for Verizon and I'm not sure which network the I500 was for. I was hoping that Sprint would have a Clamshell style.

RE: lots of SPH-i500 & i700 images
ksatterwhite @ 12/19/2002 4:15:37 PM #
I did a search for the I700 and it looks like it's a PocketPC version. Hopefully Sprint will release the I500 soon. I'm not sure that I like the I700.

Samsung CDMA2000 1X handset SPH-X2500BT

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 4:10:56 AM #
Does anybody know if the Samsung CDMA2000 1X handset branded SPH-X2500BT is available in Asia only?

The Samsung CDMA2000 1X handset, SPH-X2500BT has a compact folding design that allows you to easily carry the phone in your pocket. Other userfriendly features include 16-chord melody, and a wide & clear 256 color LCD. It also simplifies your professional life by offering headset, PIM, Internet access function, and data capability using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Full Specifications:

Air Interface IS-95 A/B, CDMA2000 1X
Dimensions(HxWxD) 83.5 x 44.4 x 19.4mm
Weight 76g (88g with Extended Battery)
Maximum Operating Time:
Talk Time 100min./140min.
Stby Time 70~200hr./100~290hr.
TX 1751.25~1778.75 MHZ
RX 1841.25~1868.75 MHZ
RF Output Power 240 mW Maximum
Operating Temperature -20'C ~+ 50'C
Vocoder 13Kbps QCELP
LCD 256 Color STN LCD

QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies offers Bluetooth connectivity on most chipset solutions.

Virtual Graffiti on Samsung i330

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 5:45:09 AM #
I am user of Samsung i300 and it has same Virtual Graffiti as i330.

However, HandStory Suite 2.2 Samsung Edition which is only bundled in Samsung i330 supports Virutal Graffiti feature and it'looks really great. HandStory should release new version for i300 users, too.

Also, I heard about HandStory Mail which supports Virtual Graffiti, too. Is there anyone who knows the release schedule of this HandStory Mail or something?

- i300 user

Displays are TOO small

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 10:18:28 AM #
Too bad they can't make one large enough to someone over the age of 16 can read the screen.
RE: Displays are TOO small
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 11:31:43 AM #
I dont believ my eyesight failed the moment i turned 17 :)
RE: Displays are TOO small
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 2:23:49 PM #
So brag about your better than average vision. Lot's of people have problems reading the display even on an m100. I *can* read the tiny fonts on a Clie 320x320 display, but only because I switched to using bifocals.
RE: Displays are TOO small
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 2:31:56 PM #
>>Too bad they can't make one large enough to someone over the age of 16 can read the screen.

I didn't mean to brag - i was poking at you for thinking that yr situation was 'average'. The fact is the average person has no problem reading from these displays (at least not until they are considerably older than 16). Many people do have problems, i know, but you are - unfortunatley - the minority. One of life millions of lumps.



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