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With PalmSource in China this week, a host of new announcements have been made regarding PalmSource’s entry into the Chinese market. Two new Palm OS liscensee have been announced, Legend Group Limited and Group Sense (International). As the fastest growing market for mobile information devices, China offers tremendous opportunities for PalmSource and its partners.
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Way to go!

Sholey @ 12/11/2002 12:57:05 PM #
With the number mof people living in China it could do wonders for Palm!

RE: Way to go!
abosco @ 12/11/2002 1:21:13 PM #
It's the year of the Palm. :)

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Sony wins on this one!
stephen007 @ 12/11/2002 1:52:45 PM #
Sony's the real winner. Their shipping costs are going to go down ;-) Now they ship all their new fangled Clie's right from Japan, straight over to China.


RE: Way to go!
jtopf @ 12/12/2002 2:07:28 PM #
Shipping costs are an insignifigant part of the cost of a PDA. Anyways I think Palm SG already manufactures the Zire in PRC.


Q2 and Q3

markgm @ 12/11/2002 2:25:17 PM #
With these release schedules of Q2 and Q3, it'll be awhile before we see any new devices coming from this, but I know I'm excited. I'll take new palm innovations wherever they come from!

240x320 screen

kevdo @ 12/11/2002 3:08:57 PM #
Hmm... curious that Legend would make a Palm OS device with this resolution. Other than Handera I haven't seen much "official" PalmSource support for this resolution.

Maybe it's a typo.

-Kevin Crossman

RE: 240x320 screen
LarryGarfield @ 12/11/2002 4:07:56 PM #
Actually the PalmSource High-Density API does have 240x240 support via "One and a half scale" mode. (320x320 is double scale, there's also tripple and quadruple scale.) 240x320 is just adding a virtual graffiti to that.

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RE: 240x320 screen
Michael Mace @ 12/11/2002 6:32:16 PM #
A feature of the upcoming Chinese version of Palm OS is support for 240x320 screens and soft Graffiti. That screen resolution is popular with our Chinese partners.

PalmSource Inc.

RE: 240x320 screen
Gekko @ 12/11/2002 6:45:24 PM #
Hey Michael - Be careful what they try to feed you over there in China! Tastes like chicken???

Have a safe trip back and happy holidays!

RE: 240x320 screen
sub_tex @ 12/11/2002 10:34:35 PM #
". . .240x320 screens and soft Graffiti. That screen resolution is popular with our Chinese partners."

And also Americans who are waiting for someone to release that res on a PDA available here!

RE: 240x320 screen
bcombee @ 12/13/2002 12:48:28 AM #
The cool thing about 240x320 screens is that they have become commoditized. While 320x480 is much nicer, its possible to produce a much cheaper device by going with the older, lower-density screen technology -- just look at Dell's $200 PPC units for proof of that. Using this screen size along with standard ARM parts lets a company like Legend produce one hardware platform that can be targeted at Pocket PC, Palm OS, Linux, and whatever other local OSes they want to use.

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
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aardvarko @ 12/13/2002 2:26:04 AM #

RE: pedanticism
fitzer @ 12/13/2002 9:07:45 AM #
Or if British
Licence ....etc.


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