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iambic today unveiled Agendus 6.0. Developed through extensive user feedback, Agendus 6.0 now includes new features, including Today View, new agenda views, advanced calendar view, customizable background, tap-and-hold menu features and more.
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very cool app

gfunkmagic @ 1/15/2003 6:16:55 PM #
Nice to see an OS 5 version. Espeically like the 3D icons! Snazzy!

RE: very cool app
EdH @ 1/15/2003 7:05:56 PM #
Agreed. Also like the Pocket PC version. I wondered when they would get around to a PPC version.

Wait.... is that a Pocket PC today screen or not? Hrm..... ;-)

RE: very cool app
mensachicken @ 1/15/2003 9:05:19 PM #
which 3d icons? the ones that come with the download are 2d and dreadful. my dog could draw better than most of those.

RE: very cool app
abosco @ 1/15/2003 9:09:53 PM #
PPC this, PPC that. If I didn't read that wrong, the logo up top says PALM Infocenter.

Are you sure you don't have a brother/cousin/son named Ska?

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RE: very cool app
Foo Fighter @ 1/16/2003 11:03:13 AM #
LOL, well at least Iambic learned its lesson. They stopped stealing from Palm developers and are now strictly confined to stealing from Pocket PC.

I once respected this company and idolized their software (Agendus is great). But it has become increasingly clear, based on recent behavior, they are nothing more than a corrupt, low-class, software shop. Looks like I'll be switching to DateBk5. C.E. Stauart DeWar never pulls stunts like this.

"it's better to be a pirate than join the navy." - Steve Jobs

RE: very cool app
Fzara2000 @ 1/17/2003 12:43:39 PM #
Datebk5 has always been my favorite.

Too bad for Iambic.

"Now thats just PRIME!"

Today Wallpaper

TypeMRT @ 1/15/2003 9:17:19 PM #
The app specifies " GIF Non Interlaced format" for the wallpaper. Does that mean animated GIF's will work too. I know, I know battery life will suffer just a LITTLE bit ;-)

Still a few things they must do...

KeareB @ 1/16/2003 10:25:12 AM #
I'm a long-time Agendus fan and user, and I even paid for the upgrade. BUT, there are a couple of critical shortcomings in this new upgrade:

- Address Book is not yet good enough to replace Palm's built-in OS5 Address Book on my Tungsten. Why not?
1) No quick look up using D-Pad
2) No quick dial to my bluetooth phone via one-click on my Tungsten D-pad

- Navigation in general does not take advantage of the Tungsten D-Pad. You can do a couple of things, but you cannot, for example, choose a specific To-Do, Meeting, or Contact using only the D-Pad.

- I think it's a no brainer to be able to dial a call through a bluetooth phone by clicking (or using some sort of hold/D-Pad click) on a Call in the ToDo / Call list. Can't do it.

- Can't sort ToDos by Category

RE: Still a few things they must do...
karlberlin @ 1/16/2003 12:16:43 PM #
Well, I totally agree. I am a user for Agendus (ActionNames) back since I had a Newton! And that is a while ago. So far they did a great job. But with this "upgrade" they felt short!
Just out 1 day and already a huge bug list on their forum!
And the most disappointing thing, no D-Pad support.
You are right with the palm build in address book it's much easier to work with.
Looks like this time meeting the release deadline was the highest goal not delivering a perfect product.
Until now, and I hate to say that, I cannot recommend anyone to buy this product.

I already tried Datebk5 a couple of weeks ago, If Iambic does not come out with a real upgrade in near future I am gone as a customer!!

RE: Still a few things they must do...
graph @ 1/16/2003 3:30:18 PM #
Its weird but i get weird fonts or characters when i edit an entry on agendus,, is it just my clie?

RE: Still a few things they must do...
ranbarton @ 1/16/2003 5:12:49 PM #
As a stop gap for the quick lookup feature you seek, you might give Notap a try. or at PalmGear if you wish. A fairly useful piece of freeware.


RE: Still a few things they must do...
maddie @ 1/19/2003 11:30:40 AM #
I was begining to thing I was the only one!!! I am almost a gonner too, and along with me I'll make my work group go with me. I really don't know what they are thinking!

RE: Still a few things they must do...
musnat @ 1/19/2003 4:38:39 PM #
I think we need a decent address book where we can insert photos. Just like the one in clie.

DateBk5 versus Agendus 6

lorenzszabo @ 1/17/2003 3:16:47 AM #
I gave Agendus 6 a try on a HiRes device, but I switched back to DateBk5 after an hour or so. I've never seen such an ugly interface for HiRes/OS5 enabled software!

RE: DateBk5 versus Agendus 6
NikMan @ 1/17/2003 4:20:06 AM #
I must agree with you. Agendus 6 is UGLy on HiRes Palms. They must make lots og work on graphics and UI.

I will stay on 5.35 for now. Also why I can't make Today to start it whenever I turn on my Palm?

Agendus 6.1

tloblaw @ 1/18/2003 12:27:09 PM #
How quickly things change. There have been a few bugs fixes. Check out the site for details:

RE: Agendus 6.1
maddie @ 1/19/2003 11:35:20 AM #
A few bug fixes!! NOthing that fixes my bugs! Well at least I know now where they keep there upgrade description!

Support from Iambic for Agendus

maddie @ 1/19/2003 11:14:28 AM #
Have any of you had any problems with Iambic Support? If you have let me know. I've had a hell of a time trying to contact them, read their forums to see if they fixed bugs still existing in 6.01 release 281.

I've e-mail their sales, support, forums, posted bugs that are essential to how agendus works. No response, not even automated that they received your post and will be considering it.

There is a bug I am expiriencing with Sony Clie T665c, and it is that on the contacts section you try to do a search for a name and it does not search for it it highlights 3 or 4 names at a time, then turns black (those first highlighted) and highlights others that you are not looking for, then it stops. I think this feature is called quicksearch and it used to work fine in the other betas and the older version 5.35.

It seems that I am the only one with this bug, becuase its not in the forums. And they have not answered me to let me know. Also Have you noticed that they never report what the fixed in the program? Usually there is always (with other programs) a text file in the download that tells you what has been fixed for the build. That way you do not have to keep guessing and searching their forums to see what the fixed.

So drop me a line at

and let me know. This has me so upset, because its the feature I use the most and I think its essential to the software. Imagine I've got more than 500 names in my address book, if I had to scroll to find the one I'm looking for. Its almost easier to go back to paper!!!

I am a huge fan of this software, but at this point I am in the verge or considering another one. I've been using this software since I bought my fist PDA 4 years ago!!!

RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
Mondabu @ 1/19/2003 2:43:40 PM #
Hi Maddie,

I also have a T665c and am having the exact same problem, I have about 600 contacts that I need to navigate through quickly. This is rather annoying, the problem go's away as soon as I scroll up or down with the jog dial, but it's a pain in the ass.
Also I find the today screen to be a work in progress, tapping on most areas does nothing, and there is no way to customize it.

RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
Wolvy @ 1/20/2003 6:42:30 AM #
I'm having the same trouble with the search for contacts mode and have posted a bug on the Iambic website today. The forums are all moderated and posts checked before loading on the actual forum. I think that's why it takes time.

RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
karlberlin @ 1/20/2003 8:37:02 AM #
WEll, I think they do have a major problem at Iambic, I nearly feel sorry with them ;-)
After releasing Agendus 6.0 they recieved 450 threads , etc. in their forum on bug reports for this programm within a couple of days!! 1187 posts all together!!
I think someone made a bad decission to release this programm beside all reported bugs in the beta program.
Well, I think they do a real good job with the beta program. I beta-tested 2 of their products so far, Agendus and TimeReporter. During the TimeReporter beta their really came back on comments, and their actually changed or added features after requested from beta customers. Well, their are still some (minor) bugs in the final release of TR, but not comparable to the situation with Agendus.

I do not understand why they release this version so early with all the known bugs. Maybe someone decided, meeting the deadline is most important. Hopefully this someone is no longer with Iambic.

It is really a pitty, Agendus is a great program. I am using it for several years. I tried a lot of other schedulers and always returned to Agendus. No they ruined their reputation with a single release.

I would suggest, they take the release back, stay with selling 5.35 (works great) for a while and re-release 6.0 after all bugs are solved and the most needed features (D-Pad support) are added.
It would the best for them and their reputation to commit to the mistake they made.
Go, Iambic, send 6.1. back to the beta testing!!!!!


RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
maddie @ 1/20/2003 9:44:19 PM #
I guess you are right, they probably have a tough time. But its better to release a good product late, then a bad one soon!!

I hope they learn from this one. Thanks guys for the posts.

Karl, what are you using for pim if you do not use agendus anymore.

I am on the verge of switching to 5.35, but in that case Iambic will have to give me my money back. I already boutght the upgrade (my bad). I do not like any other pim out there for the palm, already too used to agendus...

Let me know

RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
karlberlin @ 1/21/2003 5:00:31 AM #
So far I am still with Agendus, However, I don't use the address book features. For that I use the build in addressbook from Palm.
But if they do not solve the bugs and the missing D-Pad func I am gone. I think I will use Datebk5 instead. I already tried it and it is good, only a little bit confusing with all the settings etc.

If you don't have a Tungsten, you should stay with 5.35 it'S working fine and stable.


RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
Rhauer @ 1/21/2003 3:17:10 PM #
Agreed. There support is the pits. In addition to Agendus my company uses another Iambic program, Timereporter. We have purchased multiple copies at $159 a piece and we can't get any decent support. I don't gete it.

RE: Support from Iambic for Agendus
maddie @ 1/21/2003 3:56:40 PM #
Update: I went to the Agendus forums and they finally acknowledged the bug. They also, finally responded to my e-mails. I reported all the bugs that I have noticed so far on T665c. This is the short version of bug reported
1. In the Customer List you cannot do a quick search/find.

2. When you change the time on the weekly view by selecting just the time, of an appointment it sends the appointment back to a different date.

3. The today view does not update the to-do list. Today I had the following:

4. When the time of an appointment is changed from the today view by selecting the time. The appointment is no longer displayed in Calendar section of the day view.

5. when you make an appointment choose and icon and save it. The next time you open the appointment and change the category, the appointment icon reverts back to the default icon for the appointment

I also noticed that someone from PIC reported that users of T665C where having problems and that it was posted on their site. The response from Iambic was "we're working on it".

I generally don't post much. But I do read this forum every day. And I am very proud of belonging to this posting group.

I goes to say, and I have read this from other users before PIC ROCKS. Apperantly they are watchin/paying attention to us!!!! THUMBS UP!!!

Very nice

serpico @ 1/19/2003 8:43:45 PM #
This is my first time trying out their software and reading your posts here doesn't leave a good feeling with me. I have been using the demo for a week on my Palm IIIc and have had no issues. It's too bad I can't post a background pic without a memory card, they should allow you to transfer the image through hotsync to the devices' ram. Besides that it works great and I like the today screen too.



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