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InnoPocket has announced the release of two new handheld cases and a Sony stylus. The Metal Deluxe Case for Palm Tungsten T handheld and the Metal Deluxe Case for Sony NX60 and NX70V. Both are made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum and form to the devices profiles.
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Palm HardCase

Bytter @ 1/16/2003 6:56:43 PM #
If there is something that I don't like on Palm HardCase is that it's unpracticable to open the palm. And, NewPen isn't as good as old hard graffiti area.

But this one here in the picture seems very nice... Indeed, if I haven't already bought the other, I would definitly give this one a try! :)

RE: Palm HardCase
jjsoh @ 1/16/2003 10:48:28 PM #
I don't know about the Palm hardcase, but it doesn't seem like something I'd want. I took a look at it in CompUSA, and I agree with your assesment.

Also, I pre-ordered the Palm Scuba Sleeve, but once I received it, I regretted it. The design is counter intuitive and just adds extra bulk. Now all it does is collects dust on my desk.

I really miss the extra slot on the left side of the Palm V/m5xx series. The simple slide-in leather cover is far and away better than the provided plastic which came with the Tungsten, or any other case to date, for that matter.

However, this new Innopocket case looks interesting and something I may want, but I'll wait for reviews to come out first.



UZI4U182 @ 1/16/2003 6:59:36 PM #
I sure wouldn't want a case that has that many cutouts. I find it uneccessary to have one for the SD slot and all. The only one I can see that would be useful is a cutout for the headphone jack.

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RE: Cutouts
HiWire @ 1/17/2003 1:37:56 PM #
I also dislike cutouts. One of the reasons I bought a Rhinoskin Aluminum hard case was to protect my m505 (at least a little) from moisture damage - once I visited Niagara Falls and all my clothing was soaked. I'm lucky my unprotected Palm survived intact in my pocket.

If you ever get caught in a thunderstorm without a raincoat or umbrella with a Palm in your pocket, you'll know what I mean.

Yes, I am aware that there are completely waterproof cases out there, but they're too bulky and impractical for my daily use.

Palm m505 User

RE: Cutouts
Ben C @ 1/18/2003 12:28:34 PM #
"I find it uneccessary to have one for the SD slot"

How else do you think the slider is going to work?!


RE: Cutouts
GWD @ 1/25/2003 11:06:27 AM #
They could have easily made the top of the cover connected to the front continue all the way over the top of the unit instead of just forming a small lip over the top. This would make the case much more appealing to me. Then you could open it up and still open the slider, which for those of us with Tungstens, rarely ever happens. There is enough software out there to prevent you from having to open the slider at all. In addition to not needing an opening for the SD card, I don't think there are many people who beam, or receive while their case is closed.

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Cases for the New Tungsten

morningstar1844 @ 1/16/2003 9:03:18 PM #
Say, why not make a replacement cover to take the place of the plastic cover. Which I lost for a while. Or make them in colors. Possibly they can just make a new cover plate to replace the clear one that ships with the new Palm!

RE: Cases for the New Tungsten
dvoulgaris @ 1/17/2003 9:16:43 AM #
Yes. I would like a clear plastic cover, but that it could open to the back (like the Parallel Design or the old Palm III). I would also like it to have cutouts for the hardware buttons, this way I could read AvantGo or a book and browse, without opening the cover.

RE: Cases for the New Tungsten
OrionNE @ 1/17/2003 10:25:47 AM #
Is it just me or is that a left handed case? I personally would like to see a flip case for the Tungsten T. Kind like Kenningston made for the M50X Palms.



pocketpal @ 1/18/2003 1:49:19 PM #
The Sony case is incorrectly listed as the PT-0310 (same as the Tungsten case), when it's really the SX-0310 -- copy 'n paste strikes again! :P

RE: Correction
Admin @ 1/18/2003 2:56:05 PM #
thanks, fixed it.


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