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United Kingdom
The Tungsten W is now available in the United Kingdom through Expansys. ZDNET is reporting that Sony has confirmed that the UK will get the NZ90, in mid-March, shortly after its release in the US.
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Can I Play too?

ozz @ 2/3/2003 12:18:56 PM #
That is hilarious about the MP getting caught playing war games. Now, ALL the members of parliament will want a Palm to play games too!! HEY...there's a new marketing to all the US Senators and Congressmen/women and show all the games they could play while sitting in on the floor debates! LOL

RE: Can I Play too?
amflores @ 2/3/2003 3:13:42 PM #
the only thing is that it seems that the guy was playing on a Pocket PC...


skeezix @ 2/3/2003 12:32:31 PM #
I'm curious about the game now of course; did a quick google and found reference to a Ziosoft Pocket PC game by that name. Checking ZioSoft they indeed only have it for Pocket PC. Is there an unrelated Palm OS game of the same name somewhere?


The Shadow knows!

RE: Url?
Nebrie @ 2/3/2003 12:37:23 PM #
The picture clearly shows an iPaq with the Pocket PC game Metalion.
RE: Url?
skeezix @ 2/3/2003 12:43:34 PM #
Oh, so hows that for journalistic integrity and fact checking :) Doh!

The Shadow knows!
RE: Url?
Admin @ 2/3/2003 1:31:42 PM #
CNN's fault, not mine ;)
RE: Url?
xolstis @ 2/3/2003 5:14:04 PM #
Definitely is a PPC. Saw that post and a pic yesterday in myPDAcafe which then linked me to PPCthoughts.

RE: Url?
xolstis @ 2/3/2003 5:15:38 PM #
Here are some of the links. Apparantly they were deabting the war on iraq when this happened.


Palm Rules
Emma @ 2/4/2003 7:46:24 AM #
That the MP actually had a PPC is not the issue. What you see is simply a reflection of Palm's dominance (a brand name assuming generic name status).

Have heard/seen this many times before. People (yes even those that should know better), quite conveniently refer to any PDA as a Palm.

When think photocopy machines and you think Xerox. Same here.....

NZ90 in UK? hahahahah

ardiri @ 2/3/2003 1:19:44 PM #
> ZDNET is reporting that Sony has confirmed that the UK will get the NZ90,
> in mid-March, shortly after its release in the US.

now, *this* made me laugh. try and get an NX70 in the UK right now; all the shops say "we'll have it in january" - when approached, most dont know anything about it; and, the ones that do say it is 2-3 weeks (this was back around 18th january). you *may* be able to get the NX70 in the UK now - i surely dont believe that you'll be able to get the NZ90 in mid-march. thats just not going to happen; maybe june, thats my guess.

// az

Norway :)

ardiri @ 2/3/2003 1:22:14 PM #
> A Norwegian Parliament member was caught playing a war game on his PDA while military action
> was being debated

for the record, it wasn't a PalmOS unit :( not to be bias or anything, but, was there a reason why this wasn't posted? :P now, if it was a palm game!! *G*

// az

RE: Norway :)
Ben S @ 2/3/2003 2:42:15 PM #
I think it's funny that CNN reported it as a "PalmPilot" -- an example of prevalent mindshare at its finest :-)

RE: Norway :)
M3wThr33 @ 2/3/2003 4:25:07 PM #
Gee Aaron, what game would you PREFER to see him playing? MT3D? Lemmings? ;-)

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

So when will the i705 be discontinued?

gfunkmagic @ 2/4/2003 4:19:20 AM #
As the T|W release approaches its US release date, I wonder if the life of the i705 is numbered? It doesn't make much sense for PalmSG to sell both these devices? It's just a mater of time I believe...

Tungsten W cheaper here

edX @ 2/4/2003 9:28:25 AM #
For you guys looking at buying the Tungsten W, I found it cheaper here,
They're selling it for SG$1099, which is approx $635.


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