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Rumor: Sony Clie PEG TG50The FCC has posted additional documents and pictures of the rumored Sony Clie TG50. Just last month the FCC posted preliminary details of the device. The Sony Clie PEG-TG50 likey runs Palm OS 5 and features an integrated keyboard, bluetooth and a built in flip cover.
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mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 2:11:09 PM #
That is THIN! Looks absolutely beautiful, too.

abosco @ 2/17/2003 2:14:15 PM #
DEFINITELY! Looks like a real good device! I'm still praying there's that infamous VG dual-release, though. If it had VG, it'd be undoubtedly the ultimate and a smash hit.

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mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 2:31:24 PM #
Holy shi... Just compared that shot of the Hotsync jack to the bottom of my NX70V -- the TG50 is as thin as ONE OF THE HALVES of the NR/NX!!! That's AMAZING. That's thinner than a Palm V.

graph @ 2/17/2003 2:32:08 PM #
What is the dimensions? how much longer is it compared to t665c? i hope ed can post comparison shots.

graph @ 2/17/2003 2:33:16 PM #
by the way the enlarge front picture doesnt show up.

size estimates
hotpaw4 @ 2/17/2003 2:46:20 PM #
From the pictures, the TG50 looks to be about 70% taller than it's display bezel diagonal. The T615C flip cover is 49% taller than the bezel diagonal. So either the TG50 screen is smaller, the bezel is tighter, or the TG50 is longer than a T615C.

A T615C is around 0.65 inches thick including the closed flip cover, or 0.5 inches thick with no cover. If the scroll wheel cutout on the TG50 pictures is the same size as on the T615C, then it's looks to be about same length as the T615C, but only about 0.55 inches thick including the closed flip cover.

What software icons makes you think it runs OS 5?

mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 2:53:17 PM #
graph: Check the following link for all of the pics:

Foo Fighter @ 2/17/2003 2:53:49 PM #
I definitely want one!!!!!! :-)

"it's better to be a pirate than join the navy." - Steve Jobs
graph @ 2/17/2003 2:57:25 PM #
thanks mashoutposse. i had to rename the extention from cgi - pdf. looks amazing.. the only question now is whats the battery life?

graph @ 2/17/2003 3:20:55 PM #
The shot from the back looks like it has 2 holes left and right which means you can hook up your old Leather cover that can with t615 and t665c.

mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 3:27:12 PM #
I think Sony's really gonna clean up with this model. The RIM Blackberry crowd will absolutely eat this one up.

mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 3:30:47 PM #
BTW, check page 15 of the leaked draft -- the cover can be flipped all the way over, notepad-style.

Who needs a Tungsten? ;)

mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 3:45:12 PM #
Actually, it appears that the cover is REMOVEABLE, but doesn't flip all the way back. My mistake.

i2oadi2unnei2 @ 2/17/2003 9:55:15 PM #
Hmmm, looks like I have to buy one for my wife because she really really really wants one, but this may be too overkill for her....maybe I should buy one for myself instead heehee.

...|3eep |3eep!!...

new specs

bobes @ 2/17/2003 2:44:09 PM #
search for clie

Manufacturer Sony
Product Handheld Organizer
P.C. Richard Model PEGTG50
P.C. Richard Price $399.95
Operating System Palm OS
Screen Type Color Screen
Built-In Memory 16MB Built-In Memory
Built-in MP3 Player Built-in MP3 Player
Input Method Touch Screen
Memory Expandable Memory Expandable
Wireless Internet Access Built-In Internet Access
PC Synchronization Synchronizes with PC
Other Features High Res TFT color display (320x320 pixels), Voice Recorder , Bluetooth Interface, Jog Dial Navigator, 200mhz CPU, Internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, Backlit display, USB hotsync cradle, B/I Speaker, Headphones, Cover, Palm OS v5.0 with organizer software, CLIE Audio Player, PictureGear 4.6lite & pocket, Sonic Stage LE, Vidigo, AV Remote control feature, Presenter to go, ContactsPro , Documents to go, gMovie, Mobipocket reader. & more
Height 4 3 / 4 "
Width 2 7 / 8 "

RE: new specs
graph @ 2/17/2003 2:55:59 PM #
are those subwoofers at the back? =) hope it will be as loud as the TT.

RE: new specs
maddie @ 2/17/2003 2:58:48 PM #
yeah, but that is not the only one he is advertising. He has the following

tg50, sj33 and sj22.

A new low range clie, not mentioned in Palminfocenter yet.

RE: new specs
gfunkmagic @ 2/17/2003 7:34:28 PM #
"Wireless Internet Access Built-In Internet Access"

I assume they're referring to integrated BT?

Anyway this is a fine device, although the perpetual 16 MB Ram limit is very annoying. Happily, though, the TG50 should support MSpro which should assuage reservations about this...

Look like Virtual Graffiti

scoT1753 @ 2/17/2003 3:21:01 PM #
Look at the leaked draft of the manual. On Page 18 of 22 - Step 15 says:
You can enter data on your hardware in the following ways:
1. Use Graffiti ® writing.
2. Using your computer keyboard
3. Using other methods. (model dependent)
Refer to the documentation for more details.

RE: Look like Virtual Graffiti
RSC @ 2/17/2003 5:46:50 PM #
It's possible that this section was left in accidentally when cutting and pasting from earlier models' manuals.

RE: Look like Virtual Graffiti
gfunkmagic @ 2/17/2003 7:37:09 PM #
Well even if it doesn't have VG, if Sony bundles something like RecoEcho+ like HS, then that should be a problem.

RE: Look like Virtual Graffiti
RSC @ 2/17/2003 9:11:40 PM #
Now that I think about it, that list is missing:

"4. Enter data with the built-in thumbpad"

This makes me even more convinced this is a mistake.

I still believe it'll have VG
scoT1753 @ 2/18/2003 8:06:25 AM #
Look at page 14 of 22.

Step 2 says:
"Take out stylus. You can use the stylus to enter data or to select applications" The diagram of the handheld clear shows the TG50 form factor.

Time will tell.............

Looks like it does include VG.
scoT1753 @ 3/4/2003 7:39:29 AM #
Looks like it does include VG.

tiny screen

awdr @ 2/17/2003 3:28:12 PM #
Who needs this keyboard? It even takes away space for the normal sized sony pda screen,it is tiny!!

Hopefully the used this model to get the approval and suprise everyone with a VG version!!!

RE: tiny screen
mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 3:38:11 PM #
Anyone who has had to write emails on a PDA can see the benefit of the keyboard. I wouldn't dare think of posting on messageboards or sending emails through my NX70V if not for the keyboard. I'm betting the screen is the same size as previous models, anyway (Sony would likely rather make the whole thing bigger than make an already small screen even smaller).

RE: tiny screen
hotpaw4 @ 2/17/2003 3:57:43 PM #
If the 4.75 inch height spec is correct, then either the display is a bit smaller or the bezel is a lot tighter. I'd prefer the latter.

Stylus hole on bottom

bcombee @ 2/17/2003 4:03:53 PM #
Another thing to note... like the NX60/NX70V, this device has the stylus hole on the bottom of the unit, not the top. Not a huge issue, but some people may not like that.

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RE: Stylus hole on bottom
guoleke @ 2/19/2003 6:52:13 AM #
stylus at bottom may be counter-intuitive but is actually smart. I have a Clie T625 and I keep loosing the stylus.
Think about it, you hold it in your (say left) hand, playing the knob with the thumb. When done, you flick the lid back on, and put it in your pocket, TOP DOWN.
This is what comes most naturally, with the result that the stylus is upside down and will fall...


Up down rocker

johnsoax @ 2/17/2003 4:20:27 PM #
I hate to bring this up due to the fact that non of us has actually seen this device, but the up/down button seems to be the one that was so terrible on the T-6XX devices. What do you think?

Alex Johnson
RE: Up down rocker
mashoutposse @ 2/17/2003 4:35:48 PM #
There's always the handy Jog Dial.

For gaming, purchase the Game Controller. A quality accessory if I've ever seen one.

RE: Up down rocker
kevdo @ 2/17/2003 7:28:04 PM #
>For gaming, purchase the Game Controller.
>A quality accessory if I've ever seen one.

That may be true but as an answer to the gripe I'd say this is extremely lacking.

I see no reason why Sony cannot build reasonable buttons into their Clies. All the other vendors, even on the PPC side, seem to do a reasonable job...

-Kevin Crossman

RE: Up down rocker
UZI4U182 @ 2/17/2003 9:21:34 PM #
>I see no reason why Sony cannot build reasonable >buttons into their Clies. All the other vendors, even >on the PPC side, seem to do a reasonable job...

Maybe Sony is more interested in the looks of the device rather than the buttons being bad. After all, like mashoutposse said, there's always the Jog Dial, and Sony could have figured that the Jog Dial is even more useful than the up/down scroll buttons.

--Devan-- | Email me:
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RE: Up down rocker
JKingGrim @ 2/18/2003 11:50:16 AM #
>>the Jog Dial is even more useful than the up/down scroll buttons<<

Not for gamming.

RE: Up down rocker
mashoutposse @ 2/18/2003 2:14:20 PM #
So, go get a CLIE Game Controller, then. You'll wonder how you played games on a PDA without it! It is really excellent.

Sony Confidential - LOL

timewaster77 @ 2/17/2003 5:10:48 PM #
This PDF has Sony Confidential written all over it - I wonder how people got hold of it. Looks like a nice device, just hope there is a VG version of it.

Happy Sony Clie User
VG version?
hotpaw4 @ 2/17/2003 5:17:57 PM #
A backlit color hires+ display eats 50% more power; and there seems to be very little room inside the TG50 for a bigger battery. So I wouldn't hold your breath for a hires+ VG version. Sony is smart enough not to sell a handheld with only an hour of battery life (Garmin manages by making the iQue 60% thicker than the Clie T-series).

But there probably is a VG feature to use the existing 320x320 size display of the TG50 for Graffiti.

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
mj6798 @ 2/17/2003 5:27:55 PM #
"I wonder how people got hold of it."

It's an FCC filing (hence the URL). Such filings are public, except in rare circumstances.

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
Palminator @ 2/17/2003 5:53:34 PM #
Personally, with all the legal notices and "Sony Confidential" splattered all over this document, I would not risk posting a reference to this on a public website. There are implications to publicly posting confidential documents.

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
sralmas @ 2/17/2003 7:24:50 PM #
Once submitted to the FCC, they become public records. What authority are you relying upon in holding your concerns about posting them on a public site once they have been filed with the FCC and posted on the FCC's public site?

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
Palminator @ 2/18/2003 11:20:48 AM #
You are not posting the information used in the FCC filing, the information posted is a Sony confidential document. The reader assumes the responsiblity to maintain confidentiality ... this is a basic legal premise. The original poster of the document has broken a "binding legal agreement" set forth by the contents of the document.

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
hotpaw4 @ 2/18/2003 11:43:37 AM #
>The original poster of the document has broken a "binding legal agreement" set forth by the contents of the document.

unless the document was sent by Sony to a US government agency, where, by law, it became a matter of public record.

but... IANAL.

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
Admin @ 2/18/2003 12:01:44 PM #
The nature and regulations of the FCC approval process require that these devices are first subject to public review and comments for a certian period before the product(s) can be approved.

Thanks to the internet and the FCC website, it's just much easier to find and retrive the information now.

RE: Sony Confidential - anything else?
Palm_Otaku @ 2/18/2003 4:00:09 PM #
One thing I find interesting is that there are no FCC applications for the NZ90, which also has integrated Bluetooth and would therefore require FCC approval.

Perhaps Sony requested that the entire NZ90 application be kept confidential (only 3/17 docs of the TG50 application were kept confidential).

Hmmm, I wonder if there are any other Clies in the approvals process....? :)

- D

RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
robrecht @ 2/18/2003 6:47:30 PM #
Let's hope--I doubt that I would buy a model with a thumboard, though I will keep an open mind. I will admit to liking the NR70 thumboard much much more than the Treos thumboards.

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: Sony Confidential - LOL
TokyoScoop @ 2/20/2003 5:48:56 PM #
I remember seeing the NZ90 up there but after it was announced at CES. I just did a search and cannot find it now.

Box beside MS slot

UZI4U182 @ 2/17/2003 6:00:27 PM #
What's that big grey box beside the Memory Stick access indicator light?

--Devan-- | Email me:
Current PDA: Sony CLIÉ PEG-SJ30
RE: Box beside MS slot
Edward Green @ 2/17/2003 6:36:32 PM #
Bluetooth thingie

Edward Green

No one has said it yet...

mr_yellow @ 2/18/2003 2:26:19 AM #
The Visor Edge has risen from the grave!


anyways, that's the first thing i thought of when i saw it.. especially with the removable flip cover and all.

In terms of usability, i really can't see the advantages of an integrated thumbboard. The though of constantly switching between stylus and keyboard, pecking away at buttons and stuff doesn't appeal to me. I guess i'm old school and just got used to the pen-only style of input.

RE: No one has said it yet...
Anon @ 2/18/2003 2:38:38 AM #
Yeah, and then mated with the Treo 90 to produce this keyboarded beast.

RE: No one has said it yet...
mashoutposse @ 2/18/2003 10:42:18 AM #
All those corporate executives running around with RIM Blackberries don't seem to mind the keyboard ;)

RE: No one has said it yet...
robrecht @ 2/18/2003 11:06:06 AM #
Certainly, SONY will sell a lot more of these units to the general public because of the integrated thumboard. Personally, I would prefer to have either a larger landscape screen or a smaller unit with the same screen and without the thumboard since I can't touch type with a thumboard.

Thanks, Robrecht

VG or Graffiti 2?

pivlrs @ 2/18/2003 11:48:31 AM #
All this talk about a keyboard and no Graffiti area - if the TG50 uses OS5.2 and Graffiti 2, wouldn't that do away with the requirement for a dedicated graffiti area? If I recall correctly, jot/G2 allow you to write anywhere on the screen...
RE: VG or Graffiti 2?
Edward Green @ 2/18/2003 12:49:26 PM #
I think that this feature is only available as an extra to licencees.

The 5.2 simulator certainly doesn't have it.

Still I can use a thumb board ...

Edward Green

RE: VG or Graffiti 2?
timewaster77 @ 2/18/2003 3:11:28 PM #
I just hope it works with the full sized keyboard, the NX doesn't.
RE: VG or Graffiti 2?
robrecht @ 2/18/2003 4:05:46 PM #
I just hope that they get a smaller full-sized folding keyboard like the Palm XT keyboard

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: VG or Graffiti 2?
yOyOYoo @ 2/19/2003 2:32:00 PM #
Well sure we could write on the screen, but we wouldn't have all the screen real estate in hi-res+ 320 x 480. Once you go hi-res+, you can't go back...

RE: VG or Graffiti 2?
adjake @ 2/20/2003 1:35:40 AM #
I would personally like to see a virtual keyboard, better than curent, with vg. Same size as the current t series. They could integrate the buttons on a flip down cover. I never tried it but I can't see my big thumbs working too well on a thumbboard.

Sony... You broke my heart!!!

rocketman6987 @ 2/18/2003 3:04:12 PM #
As the proud owner of a T665c, I was patiently awaiting the release of the OS5 upgrade to my present model... I was waiting for the 480 X 320, Virtual Graffiti, ARM processor, Bluetooth enabled CLIE.

It seems that Sony has decided to go down a different road…

So have I…

I just purchased a Palm Tungsten T for $525 CDN ($342 USD). I would have paid more for a Sony with a larger screen, but not a keyboard… Now I have a device with a “virtual” Graffiti area, just not a larger screen…

Sony: why hast thou forsaken me??

RE: Sony... You broke my heart!!!
Edward Green @ 2/18/2003 5:31:48 PM #
Why, because what you want would eat power.

I would like it to.

If you want VG in a T size device then wait for a 240x320 device.

Edward Green

RE: Sony... You broke my heart!!!
anson22 @ 2/18/2003 9:36:12 PM #
rocketman:>> what are you talking about? the Tungsten t/t does NOT have a virtual grafitti you even know what one is?

"....look at all these wonderful toys..."
RE: Sony... You broke my heart!!!
rocketman6987 @ 2/18/2003 9:55:39 PM #
Yeah... I know what it it.

I was making a joke...

For those of you who didn't get it, here goes:

On a Sony clamshell the Grafitti area pops up or down as needed to expose more screen area. On a Tungsten the device opens or closes to reveal the grafitti area as needed. One gives you more screen, one reduces the size of the device. In either case, the grafitti area is available as required.

(I didn't say it was a good joke)

In any case, Sony has dropped the ball here and I (as I stated in my previous message) won't be buying one.


Am I the only one who seems to be unimpressed?

wwiiolds @ 2/18/2003 6:12:17 PM #
I was skeptical of this device when I first saw the initial leaked pics. Keyboard? Flip cover? I actually think this unit looks a little plain and ugly. Yeah, its vain, and will probably come packed with features, but in terms of style I think Sony missed it big with this one. Thats just me though... My m515 will have to last me a little while longer I guess.

"Lost are only those who abandom themselves."

- Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel

RE: Am I the only one who seems to be unimpressed?
wwiiolds @ 2/18/2003 6:15:18 PM #
stupid typo in sig...

"Lost are only those who abandon themselves."

- Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel

RE: Am I the only one who seems to be unimpressed?
donaldekelly @ 2/26/2003 5:50:32 PM #
When the real item comes out it may look different than the pictures we have now. I guess. Anyone have any experience with pictures of FCC filings versus the real pda?


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