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UPDATED Handspring has made a number of announcements regarding the wireless messaging system for the Treo 600. Good Technology is working to deliver their GoodLink 2.0 wireless corporate messaging system to the Treo 600. Handspring has also announced SEVEN will provide the default mobile email software on all Treo 600 devices sold by Sprint PCS and Visto will also make their Visto Mobile Access Solution available for the Treo 600. Handspring has also selected the Airprime EM3420 CDMA module for the new device.
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So does this mean the end of Treomail?

gfunkmagic @ 7/14/2003 11:14:15 AM #
Is handspring going to use Goodlink instead now? Or is this going to be one of several solutions available for the Treo600?

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RE: So does this mean the end of Treomail?
TTrules @ 7/14/2003 11:54:15 AM #
I'm hoping that it will be one of several.

I hope it is the end of TreoMail
lechter @ 7/14/2003 4:47:03 PM #
TreoMail sucks!

The messages berely work with my POP3, no attachment support...can it be any worse?

RE: So does this mean the end of Treomail?
nrosser @ 7/15/2003 1:07:35 AM #
I love TreoMail - remember that its main focus and intent is as a redirector app for Outlook. If you're wanting a POP client, run and grab Eudora for the Palm - I used it on my Kyo6035 and it worked fine. Plus it's free - or it used to be.

I've tried about every Outlook redirector out there, and TreoMail has an AWEsome UI, and I think that Handspring had a lot to do with that, since I tried the core offering from Visto (which TreoMail is based on), and it wasn't nearly as optimized for the Treo. Which makes sense, of course. I just wonder if TreoMail will go away - I like it, and hope that Good or other similar apps will also be Treo-optimized.

Good news

sub_tex @ 7/14/2003 12:00:20 PM #
Very smart partnering up with Good. They need the corporate accounts to be scooping up Treos. That's where the big sales will be if this goes through correctly.

The 600 is looking to be a very successful device. It's already sold me -- even with it's high price tag.



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