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DataViz has released a new piece of child friendly software. PDA Playground is a entertaining and educational tool for children ages 3-7. It comes with six classic childhood games and a special program launcher.
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swatts3413 @ 7/21/2003 1:43:29 AM #
Okay this is what we need! The next Killer App! Now my kids will never let me use my PDA. I wonder if this will also block the sony virtual grafitti's ability to launch applications. If it really blocks out everything, then I (we) need this.

where is the new DocsToGo?

imadrin @ 7/21/2003 8:41:37 AM #
I thought that dataviz was working on native document support for docs to go. Instead they come out with this useless piece of software. I'm sure people wat there 4 year olds playing on their high-end palms. Just remember to train them to use a stylus instead of a crayon.

Dataviz, where is the new DocsToGo?

People without kids
Quik_Fix @ 7/21/2003 8:58:39 AM #
I love it when people without kids make statements like this.
You do not have children.
Don't irritate me. I haven't had my coffee yet.
This is good software for parents
RE: where is the new DocsToGo?
Altema @ 7/21/2003 12:14:19 PM #
"This is good software for parents"


Although four of the kids have their own Palms, they are frequently asking to play with mine. But, if they all had this app it would probably reduce the demand. Wonder if DataViz would do a site license?

RE: where is the new DocsToGo?
Altema @ 7/21/2003 12:24:11 PM #
PS: I'm eagerly awaiting native support as well, but I doubt this project brought all other development to a halt.


pd_workman @ 7/21/2003 1:58:12 PM #
I have ben using Kid Zone ($8) for some timee, and it does block all launch commands, only allowing the applications that you have enabled. Some of the kids programs that I use (mostly freeware) are:

Jack & Jill
KidZ Pak ($10 - similar to the built in games included with PDA Playground, well worth it)

I also enable the Note Pad for drawing and the calculator because he likes it.

RE: Alternatives
Quik_Fix @ 7/21/2003 2:28:45 PM #
I've also been using Kid Zone. I have a 4 and a 6 year old who love to play with my Clie. These kids are a helluva lot more tech-savvy than we were at their age. I have most of those apps, and I also have,
Kid Paint
Plus, they are both nuts over Zap!2016

You pretty much have to let your kid use the palm or you might suffer an ear-bleed.

Daddy, can I play a game on your Palm Pilot? Why not?
Daddy, can I play a game on your Palm Pilot? Why not?
Daddy, can I play a game on your Palm Pilot? Why not?
Daddy, can I play a game on your Palm Pilot? Why not?
Daddy, can I play a game on your Palm Pilot? Why not?
Daddy, can I play a game on your Palm Pilot? Why not?
You get the idea.

Oh my God. They found me. I dunno how but they found me...


Not good

rptlisw @ 7/21/2003 3:13:56 PM #
I agree with the rest of you. I don't want my kids or any kids playing around with a fragile, $300.00 PDA. And DataViz doesn't have time to be working on kids games if they want to stay in business. It's hard enough to compete against Pocket PC with Documents to Go.

Get your kid a Game Boy and move on to something else.

RE: Not good
dbutenhof @ 7/21/2003 4:05:38 PM #
I agree it's a bit nervewracking to hand an expensive PDA over to a young child. Or even a non-so-young child. And my older child (10) does have a "Game Girl" (Nintendo's missing a marketing opportunity there ;-) )... but she doesn't always have it with her, whereas I always carry my T|C.

But then, when either child wants to play a game, there's one clear winner. Bejeweled. I'm not sure even my 6 year old would pass on Bejeweled for any of the stuff in this package. ;-)

RE: Not good
Quaffy @ 7/21/2003 6:36:14 PM #
So, DataViz is not allowed to diversify? I think we need quality companies like them to continue to innovate. Should Microsoft have stopped making or buying new stuff after Office? I think their stockholders would disagree!
RE: Not good
htomlinson @ 7/21/2003 6:39:16 PM #
Having children is a great motivation for developers to write apps that are especially captivating ;)

My daughter (now 3) was raised on Bejeweled, and often steals Mummy's T675 to play. And the "fish game" too (Insaniquarium), although that's a bit complex, because the fish all die after a while, and she gets upset.

Of course, I really welcome the PDA Playground (and Kid Zone) apps, because they alleviate the real worry, which is that the child accidentally deletes "Beer" from Mum's handyshopper list :)

RE: Not good
pd_workman @ 7/21/2003 6:40:07 PM #
My 5yo actually uses one of my old, back-up Palms for "planned" downtime like long meetings, trips, etc. If we got stuck somewhere and I had to entertain him, he could use mine only with strict supervision.


Review: PDA PlayGround

godschoice @ 7/28/2003 7:47:29 AM #
I reviewed this product recently and you can read it here:

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,




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