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Palm, Inc. today announced that Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), the nation's leading independent proxy advisory firm, has evaluated the transaction and is recommending stockholders approve it.
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What's gonna become of the Palm Tungsten W....

vesther @ 10/14/2003 9:18:06 PM #
A PalmOne Treo....

Sounds interesting.....

My only concern, though, is what is going to happen to the saddened Palm Tungsten W if for any reason the Stockholders approve the Merger, though, because if Palm's and Handspring's stockholders approve the merger, then it is more likely that the stockholders and/or designers will have to make a decision whether or not to keep on supporting the Tungsten W or not because the Tungsten W is actually a Pseudo-Smartphone, but you have to use a Handsfree Handset in order to use it, plus it runs on Palm OS 4.1.1.

Certain Palm Tungsten W loyalists will be hurt if the W line gets discontinued as a result of the Palm and Handspring Merger since with Handspring, the Treo will take over Palm's Smartphone Niche.

The Palm Tungsten C is going to stay (on a side-note) no matter what happens thanks to Wi-Fi, but if a Palm-Handspring Merger is approved by the Stockholders, then I would like to see a Treo Smartphone with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AND either Verizon Wireless OR Nextel Service included (There should be a Nextel version of the Handspring Treo in the future).

Those of you who own a Palm Tungsten W, prepare to get worried right now.

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RE: What's gonna become of the Palm Tungsten W....
ganoe @ 10/15/2003 5:31:55 AM #
I'd really like to see Palm replace the W with a W2 that adds Bluetooth (including the headset profile) and running Palm OS 5 (or preferably 6). Of course have a nice rechargable Bluetooth headset as an option (or included).

Then if they'd just do a CDMA version that worked with Verizon ...

I'd much rather have something like that than the Treo 600. It's unclear to me if Handspring has/had plans to update the rest of the Treo line.

RE: What's gonna become of the Palm Tungsten W....
vesther @ 10/15/2003 10:15:07 PM #
Hmmmm....IMO if there's going to be an update to the Palm Tungsten's what I have to think about....

* Freedom of Choice. Have this Handheld with Nextel, Verizon, US Cellular, T-Mobile, or even Cingular Service. Not just AT&T M-Life Service. Some Business Execs would use the added convenience of a Handheld while they are using a Nextel Telephone.

* Latest Palm OS Available. Either OS 5.2.x or OS 6 should be nice.

* Intel ARM Processor. The Motorola Dragonball Processor hurted the Tungsten W. I want to see the new Tungsten W to use an Intel PXA263 Processor instead of a Dragonball Processor.

* At least 128MB Memory (Minimum 112MB Available). Enough to help Business Execs get critical work all done in a hurry.

* Stereo Output with Mic--Imagine getting 2-Channel Sound, using a Mic, PLUS (if you have Nextel) Direct Connect...that would be sweet.....

* Bluetooth is a plus, but keep in mind that Bluetooth has some issues as I speak.

In practice, I'd rather get a Handspring Treo 600 if I had AT&T M-Life Service as of this point since the Palm Tungsten W is rather weak to my tastes.

So IMO here's what I should declare for the Palm Tungsten W2 Regular:
* Bluetooth a Plus
* 128MB Intel StrataFlash RAM
* 64MB Intel StrataFlash ROM
* 400MHz Intel PXA263 Processor
* Choice of CDMA, GSM, GPRS, Nextel iDEN, or even High-Speed PCS
* Stereo Headjack with included Stereo Headphones plus Microphone

The Tungsten W2 Professional should have the same features as with the Tungsten W2 Regular, but adds Wi-Fi with the package, but I'm not sure because that's a Tungsten C killer I'm saying over here.

My Primary Handheld: Palm Tungsten C "Eurenzannig"
My Secondary Handheld: Palm Tungsten T "Mautenzannig"

RE: What's gonna become of the Palm Tungsten W....
antikryst @ 10/16/2003 2:46:09 AM #
the TW will be phased out. all Palm or PalmOne pda/phone compo will be labeled as treos

thats what i think :D

Early Merger?

ocspub @ 10/16/2003 11:19:54 PM #
Well, I got my Treo 600 from Handspring today. The Fedex package had a sticker on it indicating that it was sent from pa1mOne somewhere in Utah. Looks like they are already in the process of combining operations, even though I (one of their important minority shareholders) haven't approved it yet ;-)



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