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Quick update from the PalmInfocenter News desk, apologies for the slower news week. Your editor has had limited computer access this week after a laptop meltdown and other commitments. More timely reviews and content will resume shortly! Read on for more.
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Stuff Happens

Quickster @ 11/19/2003 1:26:22 PM #
Sorry for the problems but as we all know when dealing with computers, and that would also include Palm devices, STUFF happens.

Hopefully, you will be restored shortly.

RE: Stuff Happens
Admin @ 11/19/2003 1:27:56 PM #
Yep, remember to backup yer data folks!

Hopefully I did not lose anything, I think my laptop display just died. Maybe a new powerbook in my future?

RE: Stuff Happens
hoodoo @ 11/19/2003 1:54:22 PM #
You mean like PDA Buzz did?

Good thing you had the reviews backed up on your

RE: Stuff Happens
mikecane @ 11/19/2003 5:16:19 PM #
Tch, Ryan!! You should be doing all this work on the T3! Laptops?! How 20th C!!

RE: Stuff Happens
Fammy @ 11/19/2003 10:13:41 PM #
All lies! He's been playing with his shiny new Zodiac. =)

-- Fammy
RE: Stuff Happens
TDS Computer @ 11/19/2003 10:18:43 PM #
Ryan, Please try to refrain from having a life outside of PIC. All this "Moving" and "Social Life" just gets in the way of our reading your website. Now go chain yourself to your desk and crank out some new reviews. We will slip bread and water under the door once per day, and charge your PDA every other day for you.

Visit us at
RE: Stuff Happens
G M Fude @ 11/19/2003 10:39:44 PM #
Ryan wrote: ..the laptop, which is now in the repair shop (with fortunately only 3 days left on the warranty too!)

Looks like you need to get the clock in the laptop fixed, too. Aren't they supposed to melt down 3 days _after_ the warranty expires?

RE: Stuff Happens
mikecane @ 11/20/2003 9:48:39 AM #
>>>All lies! He's been playing with his shiny new Zodiac. =)

I wish it was so! He's actually playing with his new Toshiba e800 PPC. Oh the pain!

RE: Stuff Happens
Admin @ 11/20/2003 9:51:16 AM #
if I play anything these days its gamecube. I don't even have a zodiac yet. I was very lucky on the timing of the breakdown, but have to suffer without it for a week.
RE: Stuff Happens
Admin @ 11/20/2003 11:29:56 AM #
mike I don't have or want any PDA from toshiba!
RE: Stuff Happens
mikecane @ 11/20/2003 2:27:35 PM #
>>>mike I don't have or want any PDA from toshiba!

You'll change your tune next year when Toshi releases the first VGA PalmOS 6 device...

RE: Stuff Happens
abosco @ 11/20/2003 3:03:10 PM #
>>You'll change your tune next year when Toshi releases the first VGA PalmOS 6 device...

And you'll change yours when Toshiba follows in Casio's footsteps. Link:

I'm done holding my breath for any more big licensee players in the Palm OS market. Nobody major seems to be showing interest (except Sony Ericsson, dear God be true!).

NX80v + Wifi + BT + T616

RE: Stuff Happens
MrBond @ 11/20/2003 3:09:20 PM #
I'll believe it when I see it :)

Best Wishes

aithir @ 11/21/2003 4:32:56 AM #
My best wishes to the Editor, be back on line soon, keep up the good work.



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