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iNDUSTRY entertainment has released a new 2D side scrolling platform game for the Palm OS. Jack or 100 Ways to Barbecue features impressive graphics, sound and game-play.
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craigf @ 12/2/2003 1:13:33 PM #
...when is the Zodiac-enhanced 480x320 landscape version coming out???

RE: So...
Admin @ 12/2/2003 2:00:13 PM #
according to an email from the developer:

480x320 support for Zodiac, T|T3 and UX50/40; sampled sound; vibration for Zodiac are coming "soon".

RE: So...
Altema @ 12/2/2003 5:05:48 PM #
It would be cool if they can tap into the T3 vibrator for rumble effects.


Thunderball @ 12/2/2003 1:39:29 PM #
It looks ALOT like a Montezuma's Revenge rip-off...

RE: hmm...
snugglefart @ 12/2/2003 1:44:37 PM #
and your point being???????????????????????

Last time I played Montezuma's revenge was on an Atari 800.....

I've tried this game on my T3 and I likes it

RE: hmm...
Angus @ 12/2/2003 2:53:21 PM #
Wasn't that a rip off of Lode Runner from the C64 ?
RE: hmm...
maao @ 12/2/2003 3:43:02 PM #
Isn't all games a rip-off of Pong?
Isn't Pong a rip-off of tennis?

RE: hmm...
Altema @ 12/2/2003 4:53:05 PM #
I don't remember MR despite having an Atari, but there are lots of games with a guy running around on the screen. However, this game is pretty unique... I've stayed up till 3am because I've lost track of time. Not too many games do that for me. Do NOT loan your handheld to the kids, you will not get it back without resistance! Mine have the intro story line memorized word for word. Anyone else notice that the snakes and other enemies move in time to the music?

RE: hmm... @ 12/3/2003 8:41:33 AM #
Load runner:
is from 1983
MonteZumas Revenge:
is from 1984

But this game is very much like MonteZumas Revenge, but with nicer graphics.



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