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webos half off apps Palm's developer blog reports that the company has been thrilled with the customer response to their 50% off app catalog promo. As a result of the increase in downloads and purchases, Palm has decided to extend the sale for an couple of extra weeks.

Palm now says the sale will now be ongoing through July 23rd. During the promo webOS app shoppers can find nearly all of the catalog on sale for half off.

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this was a good idea

jms001 @ 6/30/2010 6:49:31 AM # Q
This was a good idea. One of the problems with the app catalog I've noticed is that you can't get a great feel for the app -- even after reading the reviews. There are some apps that are available in a trial or limited mode so you can learn more about it. But a lot of them are black boxes and I think people hate to pay for something without knowing what it is. This sale prompted me to buy several things that I might not have and some of them are very cool. I'm now more likely to risk-buy things in the future -- even without a sale.
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