Palm App Catalog Offering 50% Off

palm webos apps on sale Palm Inc. has launched a new promotion offering webOS app shoppers 50% off. The sale is going on now through July 9th in the on device US Palm App Catalog.

Palm says in a company blog post that nearly all of the apps in webOS Catalog are on sale at half the standard price with a small handful of exceptions.

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is HP/Palm subsidizing this?

nastebu @ 6/22/2010 6:58:04 AM # Q
In other words, is it that Palm/HP are trying to drive support for the platform and so are making up the difference to the developers? Otherwise, how did they get so many developers to go along with this? I hope this doesn't mean that sales are truly dire.
RE: is HP/Palm subsidizing this?
DarthRepublican @ 6/29/2010 9:40:16 AM # Q
As far as I know, this is exactly what they (Palm) are doing. With the HP deal moving along smoothly, they can afford to blow through their remaining cash and this dovetails nicely with their "Hot Apps" program.
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