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SanDisk today introduced a 2 gigabyte (GB) Memory Stick PRO, the highest capacity available in this card format. SanDisk also introduced the first Memory Stick PRO Duo cards that it has designed and manufactured.
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That's just great. Now where's my SD Wi-Fi for Palm?

pdouglas12 @ 1/9/2004 7:53:39 PM #
That's it fellas. Keep bringing out new stuff without keeping your promises on the old stuff. You make it hard to like you guys. Are you listening to your customers?

RE: That's just great. Now where's my SD Wi-Fi for Palm?
Hal2000 @ 1/9/2004 11:14:24 PM #
Yeah, I'm just going to mention it no matter what the headline is. (Life on mars.........where's my wifi sd card?) Sandisk owes me for my malfunctioning 256 card and I'm pissed. Extensive testing my ass!

RE: That's just great. Now where's my SD Wi-Fi for Palm?
EthiopianFlash @ 1/10/2004 12:12:07 AM #
Thats the problem, their doing extensive testing on your ass instead of the wi-fi sd card...

SJ30 > T|T3

Memory products from Sandisk? NO THANK YOU.

Strider_mt2k @ 1/10/2004 7:02:08 AM #
Anyone who reads should know better than to buy Sandisk memory cards.

Bigger cards just means more of your data for them to not claim responsibility for!

This is one company that has some work to do to re-build it's reputation.

RE: Memory products from Sandisk? NO THANK YOU.
somas1 @ 1/10/2004 7:53:31 PM #
What you are saying is true for sd cards but I've used sony, lexar and san disk memory sticks and they all work identically. I don't know why brand matters with sd cards.


mini-me @ 1/10/2004 2:10:09 PM #
If I am to interpret the article correctly, the 2GB stick costs 1000 USD? That is steep! I could buy a whole PDA for that price and have money left over for a carrying case, and accessories!

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RE: price?
Midknyte @ 1/11/2004 2:12:04 AM #
I'd rather put that kind of money towards a pda with a built-in 20 gig mini harddrive. (NOT the 2 or 4 gig claris drive...)


RE: price?
abhinay @ 1/11/2004 3:10:51 AM #
The 2GB Memstick isn't targetted at consumers quite yet, unless they get that price down... its more for professional photographers... oh wait... there's no professional camera using the Memory Stick Format. Then I guess its only people owning F717's and F828's who'll buy it.

RE: price?
HandyMan @ 1/11/2004 3:24:36 PM #
F828 has a CF II slot. So why would you buy a 2GB Memory Stick Pro when you can get a CF or microdrive for half the price?

RE: price?
macdaddinator @ 1/11/2004 7:22:54 PM #
Half the price? You can get Lexar's top-of-the-line 1GB 40x "Pro" series card for $250. MicroDrives are even less.
RE: price?
lash @ 1/12/2004 2:17:40 AM #
Thats really what these companies need to do. I know its probably almost impossible but is anyone working on a micro-drive memory stick or SD card? I no longer have any device which uses CF and I think alot of people are becomming similarly CF-disabled.


orb2069 @ 1/20/2004 9:54:35 AM #
I thought Duo was a work-around for the memory ceiling of the early non-pro systems? What's the point of Pro Duo?



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