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PalmGear has announced continuing growth in 2003 to the tune of 169%. According to the online software distributor, the pace of consumer demand for Palm OS software content showed steady growth in Q4 2003 as unit sales rose 29% from October to December and trial downloads increased 5% over the same period.
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Sholey @ 2/20/2004 3:40:11 PM #
Lets hope this is a reflection of the whole Palm economy.

Maybe now they'll pay the developers they owe money to

;-) @ 2/20/2004 4:45:07 PM #
But probably not.

It's just too big.

RE: Maybe now they'll pay the developers they owe money to
fitzsimmons @ 2/22/2004 1:39:01 PM #
Does PalmGear still owe developers past funds? This story has been going on for years following the Handango lawsuit. Can someone update us or lay it to rest once and for all?

RE: Maybe now they'll pay the developers they owe money to
hotpaw4 @ 2/22/2004 8:10:00 PM #

RE: Maybe now they'll pay the developers they owe money to
abosco @ 2/22/2004 8:52:23 PM #
They do, but claim they don't. Kenny West seems to think that 30% annuity or 10% up-front is the equivalent of "paid in full".

NX80v + Wifi + BT + T616


mikecane @ 2/21/2004 1:07:31 PM #
Whatever happened to those damned kiosks that were supposed to sprout up so people could buy and beam apps on the spot? Or was that a joint venture with Handango?

RE: Kioks?!
mikecane @ 2/21/2004 1:08:20 PM #
Out damned typo! Subject: KioSks.

RE: Kioks?!
RhinoSteve @ 2/21/2004 2:37:54 PM #
The trails massively failed and the quietly went away.

The conclusion from the trials is that comsumers do not want to buy anything without physical mass in a retail store. Also, the overall PDA market penetration wasn't there. Store personnel wasn't skilled enough and the "bundling" of apps beamed from a kiosk after you bought a PDA didn't flesh out since there is no PDA that is ready to go immedately out of the box to take in the software.

Customers can do the same thing at a PalmGear kiosk that they can do at their home computer but they need to travel somewhere. Not really a good exchange. Also, the margins split between the store owner and distributor was too thin.

In my opinion, the failure of the kisok's is a turning point that is helping define the division between retail stores and internet sales.
RE: Kioks?!
mikecane @ 2/22/2004 3:35:57 AM #
>>>The trails massively failed and the quietly went away.

That is too bad.

Now it's up to *Sony* to do it right.



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