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A new utility has been released that brings MP3 ringtones to the Treo 600, LandWare's movie guide has been updated, CNET has put the Palm OS up in a bout against Pocket PC, a new games of year list has been compiled, take a look at two new updated PDA web portals and much more inside.
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Woo Hoo

Hal2000 @ 2/20/2004 6:27:34 PM #
First post, Ha. The treo gets better, and with pocket tunes, - great.

1.128 gigs under the hood.
RE: Woo Hoo
stephen007 @ 2/21/2004 5:31:38 PM #
Damn. I wish I'd gotten the first post :-(

RE: Woo Hoo
Hal2000 @ 2/21/2004 9:42:57 PM #
Grasshopper, You must be patient.

1.128 gigs under the hood.

PDA Prizefight

Hal2000 @ 2/20/2004 6:32:44 PM #
Palm1 against Bill......and we won?

1.128 gigs under the hood.
Lucky Bob @ 2/20/2004 7:41:52 PM #
We sure did. There's a discussion about it here:

(Why do some people say you can kill two birds with one stone when it's hard enough killing one bird with two stones?)

RE: PDA Prizefight
Altema @ 2/21/2004 3:14:00 PM #
I did see a couple of missing points for and against POS. For example, in round three they don't even mention the POS one-handed lookup which is a piece of cake. Something else not mentioned in round seven is that, when you pick a media clip in Windows Media Player to move to your PPC, it converts the clip! Easier than using another converter, but worth noting that the mantra of "no conversion" is invalid. Something that will change with POS 6 is Mac support which we all know by now, so Palm will lose its advantage in that regard.

Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!

Mr T @ 2/20/2004 7:52:59 PM #
Palm has to offer more data entry options than G2. To say that graffiti 2 blows is an understatement(IMO).

If PPC can offer Block Recognizer, why did Palm get rid of the original Graffiti?

RE: Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!
djh @ 2/20/2004 8:05:23 PM #
Because Microsoft licensed the technology from Xerox while Palm just copied it.

RE: Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!
djh @ 2/20/2004 8:05:23 PM #
Because Microsoft licensed the technology from Xerox while Palm just copied it.

RE: Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!
JonathanChoo @ 2/21/2004 11:32:03 AM #
Just because Microsoft license Xerox's handwriting technology does not make Grafitti illegal. Just like Microsoft (and some dumb F500 companies) buying a Linux 'license' from SCO does not mean SCO owns Linux. It just means SCO is commiting a fraud.

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RE: Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!
mikecane @ 2/21/2004 1:01:41 PM #
Graffiti is currently in a gray zone as the court case wends its way through the bowels of the legal system. In order to minimize possible legal liability in case they lose the suit, Palm chose to ditch the original G and go with the "legal" G2.

You can go and *buy* Decuma for a PalmOS device (most CLIEs have it included), but it will take up a portion of your screen (even on the T3 -- it doesn't replace the DIA, it rides on *top* of it!).

There is also MyScript and the forthcoming cursive HWR that debuted at PalmSource, as well as TealScript.

RE: Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!
helf @ 2/21/2004 4:20:35 PM #
palms didnt copy xeroxs one stroke bs. like 3 of the strokes even look a like. its totally different basically! That was just a classic case of some big company having something and not putting it to use then suing some littel company when they come out wit hsomething years later resembling it.

RE: Prizefight: Graffiti 2 loses handily!
Altema @ 2/22/2004 1:31:22 PM #
There are just as many differences between Grafitti and Unistrokes, as there are between Unistrokes and the system invented by Whitaker.

Xerox distanced themselves from the Whitaker system early in the case because Whitaker was first.

And logic dictates what?

Where's the Reviews?

pocketpal @ 2/20/2004 9:31:05 PM #
In reading through the PDArcade Game of the Year winners, one thing really stood out to me: there is a serious lack of reviews for Palm OS games -- even the "best" ones! I could have sworn that PIC used to have game reviews from time to time. ;)

What ever happened to Pepper...?


What's in YOUR pocket?


benixau @ 2/21/2004 1:39:12 AM #
This app kicks. Now I can let other people use my palm and not have to worry about security of my personal data.

go get it !!!!!!!

RE: AppLock
just_little_me @ 2/23/2004 4:38:54 AM #
Just tried it myself - nice and simple, works well. Will be adding this to my collection.


RE: AppLock
jbarr @ 2/23/2004 8:51:49 AM #
This really looks like a nice app. I do have some suggestions that I'll forward to the developer:

1. When entering the password, it displays in clear text. They should add the option of masking the entry with Asterisks or something.

2. Provide a larg-button "PinPad" for password entry. This is my biggest pet-peeve with ANY applicationo that prompts the user for a password. I don't always need or want to enter with the stylus, so the availability of some sort of keypad entry is essential.

3. This may be very minor, but if you exit or cancel out of the password entry screen, the app you are launching flashes on thes screen momentarily. It's REALLY fast, but potentially, an unauthorized user could conceivably "see" protected data.

This looks like the start of a potentially excellent program.

One little side tip: If you are a Palm Tungsten T3 owner, you can download a new Palm security app (accessible through Preferences.) It doesn't let you password-protect specific apps like AppLock, but it DOES let you set a global system lock that will lock either at user-definable times, after a user-selectable inactivity duration, or upon power off. It's pretty slick. Go to and go to the support section for the T3. (May be available for other models--I don't know.)

RE: AppLock
shrink @ 2/23/2004 8:52:10 AM #
This app looks great but I wonder about updates since he steadfastly refuses to update Wassup!

Alan B.
RE: AppLock
just_little_me @ 2/23/2004 3:46:25 PM #
jbarr, I use the 'button sequence' option - much easier and faster than a password/pin code.


MP3 Ringtones

blummy @ 2/23/2004 1:33:36 PM #
Mp3 Ringtones are the wave that is about to hit the USA and it's going to be tremendous!! No more beeps and whistles.

David Blumberg - 3G Ringtones (MP3 Ringers)

Mp3 Ringtones, MP3 Artists, Graphics and FUN

RE: MP3 Ringtones
Toysoft @ 2/24/2004 11:46:41 AM #
why pay for mp3/wav ringtones while you can make your own? I wouldn't pay $1.50 per ringtone. There are millions of mp3/wav files you can just cut and paste and use it with Lightwav



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