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Garmin has released their third ROM update to the iQue 3600 Palm Powered GPS handheld. The update includes an extensive list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
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good for iQue owners

JonathanChoo @ 2/24/2004 2:19:07 PM #
Its nice to see a PalmOS company releasing bug fixes and enchancements and not just ignore requests.

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RE: good for iQue owners
Georg @ 2/24/2004 2:25:28 PM #
Its good for Palmos owners....???????

Hey weak up!!!! For such a overpriced "toy", delivert from a in its field (GPS) top company its a shame that they have to bring already the 2nd. OS update!
Beside the bad quality hardware, custumers can expect a working unit when the buy it!!!
The "best" on the update now is, that all softwares have to be registered new! How can you proof to a software company, that you just have updated your iQue now the second time and not have bought a second one? As service, Garmin should pay back the money to all the "Betatesters"



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RE: good for iQue owners
rsc1000 @ 2/24/2004 3:19:59 PM #
>>Hey weak up!!!! For such a overpriced "toy", delivert from a in its field (GPS) top company its a shame that they have to bring already the 2nd. OS update!

Name one consumer OS that doesn't have bugs and doesn't need updates? Name just one. Every OS and just about every piece of software written for the consumer market in the last few years has bugs and would benefit from an update. That fact that Garmin has done 2 updates in a timely manner (for a PDA company) is a good thing. The list of fixes and optimizations included in the update is large and although i dont own an iQue and don't plan to (don't need gps) - this would encourage me to get one if i was thinking about it.

Please, Georg...
Mr. Pixel @ 2/24/2004 6:42:01 PM #
I'm so sorry that the iQue didn't meet your company's needs. When Handspring announced the demise of the Visor my business's plans went out the window, too.

However, because you were disappointed doesn't mean we want to hear from you about the same issues on each and every discussion on what is - frankly - a useful and innovative product. The iQue had some startup problems, granted. But it works fine for the majority of the purchasers, and Garmin has tripped over themselves in addressing the issues.

If you wish to finance production of 1000 or more Palm OS-based GPS devices, I can put you in contact with a U.S. company that should be able to build units to order for you. But until then, please keep your pedantism to yourself and leave us in peace.

RE: good for iQue owners
Hal2000 @ 2/24/2004 7:30:02 PM #
Georg, a handheld with a metal shell might be good for you- It's freaky fresh industrial stile!

1.128 gigs under the hood.
RE: good for iQue owners
RAMdŽd @ 2/25/2004 8:49:48 AM #
I'd like to respond to Georg, but his post is still running through BabbleFish.

From what I gather, if he wants a perfect operating device out of the box, he should consider a Canon adding machine. They seem to work quite well.

Otherwise, I too applaud Garmin for continued work to improve their existing product, rather than bringing out a "new and improved" version, leaving previous owners to fend for themselves.

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RE: good for iQue owners
helf @ 2/27/2004 3:17:12 PM #
georg is and idiot thats constantly going on about any and every palm device :)

RE: good for iQue owners
helf @ 2/27/2004 3:20:53 PM #
erm.. n/m what I said.. I post without thinking..

Too bad its expensive

Konstantin @ 2/24/2004 2:21:06 PM #
Dont you think that iQue3600 is a little bit expensive? Suggested Retail Price:
$589.27 U.S.D.
$400something on eBay

RE: Too bad its expensive
Admin @ 2/24/2004 2:30:34 PM #
some US retailers are selling for as low as $425

RE: Too bad its expensive
IanJD @ 2/24/2004 2:36:09 PM #
You think that's pricy; the Euro version sells for over US$950.

RE: Too bad its expensive
Georg @ 2/24/2004 2:45:11 PM #
Buy two via internet in USA so you can be probably shure that you have sometimes a working one....

looking for a industrial stile PalmOS divice
RE: Too bad its expensive
IanJD @ 2/24/2004 2:57:49 PM #
I haven't researched it too deeply, but isn't the built-in (US) mapping software the only software that can access the GPS info?

RE: Too bad its expensive
bcombee @ 2/24/2004 3:52:21 PM #
Georg, if you're really looking for an industrial-style Palm OS device, have you looked at Aceeca's devices? They're designed for ruggedness and industrial test-and-measurement applications. See for details.

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RE: Too bad its expensive
just_little_me @ 2/24/2004 4:01:17 PM #

Basically you're right - there's no way to get to the raw NMEA data from the GPS receiver. Garmin have an API that returns a few relevant pieces of information, and you could probably cobble together some NMEA strings from that - but it's a bit painful.


RE: Too bad its expensive
Georg @ 2/24/2004 4:06:11 PM #
Yes, I have an Aceeca palm here on my desk!
But 160 x 160 pixel, screen black and white , 33 Mhz.
Its stoneage ......!
Otherwise it would be the right concept! The Aceeca is realy waterproof! I have testet 24 hours 1 meter under water.

looking for a industrial stile PalmOS divice

RE: Too bad its expensive
ocspub @ 2/24/2004 4:46:23 PM #
Georg, talk to Symbol. I realize they don't have a "non-stone-age" device right now, but maybe if enough people ask for one, they actually come up with one (or undust the one that they supposedly had in development). I noticed that they were one of the sponsors of the recent PalmSource conference, so they somehow must still be interested in this market...

industrial device
HalMueller @ 2/24/2004 5:18:38 PM #
Georg, another tack might be the rugged cases from Datastick. You could stick your favorite handheld in the case and have it talk to a Bluetooth (or wired) GPS. Steve had a demo case on his belt at Palmsource; about the same size as the Aceeca unit, and you can use the PDA through the clear plastic window.

RE: Too bad its expensive
Sho-Bud @ 2/25/2004 2:25:07 AM #

There's allready lots of software which can use the built-in gps, eg Fugawi, Tide Tool, Planetarium, and many more.
For turn-by-turn guided navigation, only the Garmin software, but it's at least equal to any other navigation solutions on PDA.

RE: Too bad its expensive
HalMueller @ 2/26/2004 1:20:54 AM #
I've done the NMEA part already ( ) . That's software to send NMEA to other equipment, like radars or chartplotters, and to import/export waypoints.

Software running on the iQue itself must use the Garmin SDK, but it's not bad at all. Their API was clearly written by someone who understands how PalmOS software is supposed to work.

RE: Too bad its expensive
andageo @ 2/27/2004 10:01:54 AM #
hey georg, what about those who needed a gps with turn-by-turn voice indications? the only other one is $1000, so double the price ...
i for one still don't see the use for a pda alone, as long as i own a small laptop and a performant cell phone ... oh, and i love the pen and paper for taking notes or making lists.