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Snapperfish today announced details of its upcoming release of SnapperMail version 2. The company expects to launch 2.0 in early May and has posted screenshots and new details about the upcoming release.
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orol @ 4/8/2004 1:29:59 PM #
unfortunately the upgrade fees are a bit more then steep :-/

paying $30 for upgrading from Snappermail 1.0 premier to 2.0 premier is pretty much :-/

RE: pricey
sub_tex @ 4/8/2004 1:43:39 PM #
yeah a bit pricey is right!

But IMAP is really the one thing I can't live without right now. I've tried other email clients that offer IMAP but they pale in the usability aspect when compared to SM. Especially if you use a Treo 600 like I do. SM is a perfect client for the smartphone.

I guess I'll just have to wait a few months and save up more money. :(

RE: pricey
orol @ 4/8/2004 3:05:03 PM #
but upgrading from premier 1.0 to premier 2.0 costs $30 without having the IMAP support! :-/

RE: pricey
UZI4U182 @ 4/8/2004 4:03:44 PM #
What a rip. I'd never pay that much money for an email client for Palm OS. An email client that is hard to be topped by third party competitors should come as a ROM standard app in Palm devices.
Main PDA: NX70v + WL100
Gouging customers!! :(
gfunkmagic @ 4/8/2004 4:49:54 PM #
I definitely agree! I love snappermail and it's one ofmy favorite apps on my Treo600, but this pricing absolutely ridiculous and I feel like Snappermail is gouging it's customers here. Heck for that upgrade price I'ld rather just get Chatter which offers true "Push IMAP" for life! Also, what are they thinking especially since Palmsource already announced the future availability of the Mobile Mail app which will be bundled with many new devices. The Mobile Mail app will offer IMAP, POP mail etc and push funtionatilty which snappermail still doesn't offer...

I support


RE: pricey
sub_tex @ 4/8/2004 5:06:35 PM #
gfunk: I forgot about that app that PalmSource discussed. The thing with that is, there's no promise that a vendor will even bundle it. And on top of that, I'm pretty sure it won't support device specific navigations like the Tungstens or Treo 600.

Then again, I could be wrong.

RE: pricey
RSC @ 4/8/2004 5:58:51 PM #
Yup. Wanted an IMAP PalmOS e-mail client. Saw the $60 price tag. Moved on.

RE: pricey
meanska @ 4/8/2004 8:00:00 PM #
I knew the "Lifetime Upgrades" deal (when it was offered) would pay off over time!

RE: pricey
RhinoSteve @ 4/8/2004 9:42:49 PM #
Man are you guys cheap. Frankly, this fits the bill fine for me. $30, I'll take it easy. One quick closed deal beating someones camera phone this pays for itself may times over.

RE: pricey
Altema @ 4/9/2004 9:13:14 PM #
Wellll... depends on your priorities. I spend $60 for one meal with the kids, and mobile email is crucial for me. I also have MultiMail, MultiMail Pro, VersaMail, and InBox To Go, but despite already being a registered user of other clients, Snapper was good enough for me to shell out the extra bucks.

Not that I'll ever need 32,000 folders and 4Gig of card storage ;)

RE: pricey
southbound747 @ 4/9/2004 10:40:14 PM #
for me i will pay it. i want to be able to attach photos to my email. anyway, everybody has to make a living; i just assume it went to somebody trying to make my experience with my treo easier than for something else.

$30. is drinking money for a night biggie compared to the benefit.

RE: pricey
gfunkmagic @ 4/9/2004 10:57:46 PM #
>>>>>>for me i will pay it. i want to be able to attach photos to my email. anyway, everybody has to make a living; i just assume it went to somebody trying to make my experience with my treo easier than for something else.

HUH? You can do that right now with the current version snappermail! Just move the pics to the card and upload from there. Or just use the FREE HS Mail client that can attach images direct from ram in the Treo Pic library. You certainly don't need version 2 to do this...

I support


RE: pricey
burtba @ 4/12/2004 2:24:34 AM #
Ahhh hell man, $60(paid) plus another $30(upgrade) = $90 USD, JUST to be able to have IMAP, which was promised as an upcoming supported function when I purchased version 1.

YEP WAY WAY TO MUCH for upgrade purposes. WILL's prices show very little or no respect for existing customers.

Snapperfish also seem happy to just state that they are supporting the corporate market, with their pricing. WOW, that comment will be shure to loose a hell of a lot of customers, but hey if they only depend on the corporate clients, they shouldn't be affected to much by a mass exodus of private users.

I feel we need to pass the word around the PALM OS community, that SanpperMail are apparently now focusing on the corporate market, and if you are a Palm hobbyist, as well as a serious power user, DONT GET SUCKED IN BY SNAPPERMAIL. You need to realise that they are not good on their promises to the PALM OS private comunity

The new "[Buy]" link

sub_tex @ 4/8/2004 2:08:22 PM #
I like the new implimentation for discerning links to the palmgear site from the developer homepage now. Well done!

RE: The new
abosco @ 4/8/2004 5:22:55 PM #
God I love it when people say stuff like this. PIC is a free resource, and therefore, if they want to draw your attention to buying this product from them upon you hearing the news from this site, then it would make sense for them to do so. It wouldn't be a far fetched idea if he would just include that BUY link to the local PalmGear store, and I wouldn't complain. But if you took the extra three seconds to look before throwing a hissy fit about Ryan trying to make a dollar, you'd see there is, in fact, a link to the Snappermail homepage.

NX80v + Wifi + BT + T616
RE: The new
sub_tex @ 4/9/2004 10:10:45 AM #
Abosco, relax. My comment was not sarcasm. I do indeed LIKE the Buy link. It is very similar to how PPC Thoughts has their news posts set up. A link to the dev homepage, and a seperat elink to buy.

This is a good thing.

In a previous news post I had stated that I didn't like ONLY links to Palmgear. This article has both links and I said well done. I don't see how this is a complaint at all.

Think before you respond next time.

RE: The new
mikecane @ 4/11/2004 1:59:03 AM #
sub_tex -- how dare you state something in such a way that abosco could misconstrue it!

Maybe if you had typed slower, abosco would've understood what you meant.

RE: The new
achitnis @ 4/12/2004 11:48:02 AM #
I like the clearly labelled [BUY] link as well.

I was the guy who had originally complained about the "only link to buy" thing a while back, and this implementation (link to developer site, as well as clearly labelled purchase link) is very well done, and in fact very useful as well.

Atul Chitnis

No benefit to me

Myndwalker @ 4/8/2004 5:38:52 PM #
'cause of price, no need for attachment support, and no trial available anyway, so no way to find out without purchase. I'll stick with Eudora for free.
RE: No benefit to me
Felipe @ 4/8/2004 7:50:33 PM #
they have a 30 day trial.

"This free trial includes SSL support which is found in the Premier Edition of SnapperMail. It will expire after 30 days. If you purchase SnapperMail you'll get access to a different downloadable version that accepts an unlock code. Unlock codes are sent via email, please wait up to 36 hours for unlock codes to arrive."

RE: No benefit to me
Myndwalker @ 4/8/2004 9:42:20 PM #
Really? Fully functional or limited functionality? I might try it if the 30 day trial were fully functional....

Buy or pass ??

Solo @ 4/8/2004 9:53:31 PM #
Why not wait till the version 2.0 comes officially out, then take a look at it. Knowing Will and its interface "genius", I'm sure it will be the "coolest" software (productivity wise) available for Palm OS... and from my experience with handhelds, cool is often expensive...

- Solo

RE: Buy or pass ??
orol @ 4/9/2004 11:51:10 AM #
well but what have to do those who bought snappermail this year with the promise of IMAP upgrade?

I payed $60 for it ($50 + 20% VAT) and now I have to spent another $30 ($25+20% VAT) and I wont even get IMAP support ? what a joke. If I kwow this I would moved on and have bought mark/space mail 2 which does support SSL & filtering. the GUI is not that much clean but in the end I'd save hefty $50 ...

plus snappermail still doesn't have filtering implemented!

RE: Buy or pass ??
PDA Guy @ 4/10/2004 11:10:00 PM #
I will pass, I was really hoping to see even simple filtering implemented in the next version.... until that happens I'll keep my older snappermail and my $...

As much as I like Snapper, is there a client out there that does filtering?


RE: Buy or pass ??
orol @ 4/12/2004 9:11:56 AM #
you might try mark/space mail 2.02 which has pretty good filtering but lacks IMAP support

but on the other had it supports SSL and costs only $30

480x320 support?

jamesgood72 @ 4/10/2004 10:31:01 AM #
Does the new Snappermail support 480x320 screens fully? I might consider this if it does. IMAP is something I've been missing on my UX50 so far.



RE: 480x320 support?
Altema @ 4/10/2004 1:06:54 PM #
I know the current version supports both 480x320 and 320x480 on the T3. You may want to email Snapper support about the UX, and ask them directly.

skip it and use versamail

treolover @ 4/14/2004 5:08:32 PM #
You guys are batty. VersaMail has offerred all these features for like a year and a half. Costs less money (only $35) and has been working on my Treo for a while! Offers other features Snapper still doesn't have yet too! I just don't understand the obsession with Snappermail when it's NOT the best palm mail product out there!!

ATTN Will Lau: You've just alienated your 5 biggest fanboys

;-) @ 4/14/2004 9:28:27 PM #
Sure, Palm apps are ridiculously underpriced given how useful they are. But you should know that anything over $30 is considered a ripoff. Sure your tech support and development are great. Sure your interface is slick. But what were you thinking?

P.S. You should have sold yourself to Palm last year. They're cleaning up their email app as we speak and will soon be releasing a version that will bite you in the @ss. Seriously.

Hope you keep developing your great app, though. Good luck.

It's just too big.



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