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Here's an interesting tidbit that's come out of all the web chatter about the new Palm Pixi. As some of you may recall, back in June a Palm device codenamed the "Zepfloyd" was uncovered within the webOS code, alongside the Pre (codenamed "Castle") and the Pixi (codenamed, er, "Pixie"). Speculation ran rampant as to whether we might be looking at a "Pre Touch" PMP-style device or perhaps even a Foleo 2.

Well, we can now exclusively solve the mystery: Zepfloyd is not a super-secret new webOS device, but an old one. The Treo 800w, in fact. A Palm employee on the webos-Internals IRC chat channel has revealed that the 800w hardware was used as a testbed for early webOS development, before the Pre prototypes were available. The code is now "dead", so those of you getting your hopes up for hacking webOS onto the somewhat-unloved Windows Mobile-powered 800w will be disappointed.

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Blast from the past

parted @ 9/8/2009 11:44:45 PM # Q

"The internal code name for Palm's next generation OS is Nova. The current release schedule being discussed by Palm management is to announce and get Nova out to developers in some form later this calendar year. I've heard reports from inside the company that Nova is presently being demoed and tested internally on an unreleased future Palm device code-named Zeppelin.

Statements made by Palm executives indicate that Palm will be making some partner and developer announcements around Nova later in 2008. The earliest estimates for when it will actually ship on new Palm hardware is currently February 2009. "

RE: Blast from the past
joad @ 9/9/2009 7:21:20 PM # M Q
I hope Palm gets around to shipping Nova soon - I've seen the WebOS and the hardware they offer and it's not tempting me in the least to let go of my 755s. Maybe Nova has desktop sync, non-gummy keys, won't spy on you and your data and send it home to Palm, etc?
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