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A new beta version of Lightspeed has been announced. The utility enables many Palm OS 5 handheld processors to be overclocked or underclock. The new version is now compatible with Intel XScale, TI OMAP, and Motorola i.MXL processors.
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Very Much Worthwhile

LiveFaith @ 4/15/2004 10:27:25 AM #
I use the free version of PXAclocker on my TT3 and it has noticeably extended battery life. Everything is set to 100mhz except for 2 or 3 bloated apps like Docs2Go & AvantGo. No noticeable difference in any others at 1/4th the max speed.

This looks even more refined and effective.

Pat Horne;

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
4s @ 4/15/2004 10:53:44 AM #
I used LightSpeed to underclock my T3 to 354 for all apps in order to get rid of the high-pitched whine from my screen and it worked perfectly. I have recebtly switched to PXAClockerLite because of the price. However, LightSpeed is well written and very easy to configure.

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
rened @ 4/15/2004 11:05:06 AM #
How long does you T3 battery last when underclocked to 100Mhz?

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
LiveFaith @ 4/15/2004 4:59:03 PM #
Oh man, I get almost :30 minutes now!

Only kidding, even tho the T3 is known for short battery runs. It's true.

I have not tested it, but have noticed immediately that when I use the unit from cradle to night reading eBooks etc, that in the AM it's in the 80s% range rather than the 60s% as a general rule. Someone with a little time should do a little test. I just noticed that I'm less cautious about staying near power now.

I did not get rid of the screen whine on mine like the post above states. My old m505 whined too.

Pat Horne;

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
TTrules @ 4/15/2004 6:37:08 PM #
I couldn't figure out how to overclock some programs on my expansion card. All Lightspeed would recognize was programs in ram, which my tt is rather lacking in. Any help would be appreciated.

One Palm to rule them all!
RE: Very Much Worthwhile
kili @ 4/16/2004 10:57:01 AM #
I made an unscientific comparison few months ago.
First test was plain Tungsten T3 (1 month old)
and pocket tunes with display turned off after
minute. It played 4 hours 10 minutes before warning.
After installing Lightspeed and underclocking PT to
135 mhz it played 5 hours 20 minutes.

BTW: Hooray to Lightspeed maker by adding an option
for the splashscreen. With DTG 6.008 we are again in
splashscreen-free world! The other option to
silently enable after soft reset is also good because
other programs overwrote their dialog. Actually it
is Palm who should redesign the chaos after soft
reset in palmos5. Hacks were much cleaner.

Using the device for other tasks shortens the playtime. I would recommend using also Dimmer from 79bmedia
or Handy Aid from Tan Kok Mun. They both save
battery by dimming the display, which seems to be
another "power user" along the CPU.

BtToggle prevents forgetting bluetooth on and keeps
the device off in pocket (Handy Aid does it too).

I have not tested the power saving, but i keep office
documents on virtual card by using disk manager.
The virtual disk uses palm internal memory so i
don't need real SD card in place. It keeps business
documents always encrypted which is an added bonus.
Anyhow, the real SD card is filled with Ogg Vorbis
files for Pocket Tunes.

If you are an office worker the the easiest solution
for power shortage is to buy bluetooth synchronization
cable and keep the T3 fully loadad while near ANY PC.
Combine it with Card Export from Softick with SD card
and you have USB disk on Palm. I am waiting anxiously
their 2.0 to come out from beta. It works even with
the Disk Manager so i can copy a Word document from
any PC to safe haven.


RE: Very Much Worthwhile
kili @ 4/16/2004 11:43:35 AM #
Sorry, i didn't mean bluetooth cable but
USB cable.

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
LiveFaith @ 4/16/2004 11:46:29 AM #
Wow, Kili. Thanks for the work. That sounds about right as far as increase. Also, the screen backlight is the main power killer as you mention. Strangely, the T3 hardware will allow a full turn-off, but the T3 brightness slider will only go down to about 50%. I love Palms, but why they put these kind of limitations is beyond me?

Kinda like the Photos app when you want to use slideshow and the options are to show each pic for 1-2-3-5 or 60! seconds. Huuuh? What happended to :10 or better yet, a simple user selectable number. Straaaange.

Pat Horne;

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
Altema @ 4/16/2004 5:29:36 PM #
"Strangely, the T3 hardware will allow a full turn-off, but the T3 brightness slider will only go down to about 50%."

Yeah, go figure. I wish I could turn mine down lower when surfing or reading at night. As it is, the whole room seems lit up late at night... so much for sneaking a few ebook pages or games in bed. Just so this comment relates to the topic, I found that the screen brightness had more of an effect on battery life than CPU speed. Cutting the speed down to half only gave me about 10% more battery life. On the plus side though, cranking the T3 up to 532Mhz still gave me acceptable battery life and was perfectly reliable. Not NECESSARY for anything, but still fun ;)

Warning: Putting a T3 or TC much closer to 600Mhz may lock it so hard you cannot even reset it. Make sure you know how to disconnect your battery!

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
I.M Anonymous @ 4/18/2004 10:46:24 PM #
"Strangely, the T3 hardware will allow a full turn-off, but the T3 brightness slider will only go down to about 50%."

Energy Dimmer (mentioned above) will replace that slider with one that goes all the way from full on (255) to full off (anywhere between 1 and 20, depending on your palm).

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
Solop @ 4/19/2004 1:43:35 PM #
"Warning: Putting a T3 or TC much closer to 600Mhz may lock it so hard you cannot even reset it. Make sure you know how to disconnect your battery!"

I wish I had seen this sooner -- like before I tried this software! Any chance of a pointer to someplace that gives instructions for disconnecting the battery in a T3?

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
Altema @ 4/20/2004 11:14:18 AM #
"I wish I had seen this sooner -- like before I tried this software! Any chance of a pointer to someplace that gives instructions for disconnecting the battery in a T3?"

Don't know of any instructions online, but here they are: You will need a small paper clip, and a needle-nose pliers for pulling the power connector loose. You may be able to just pop the connector off with the paper clip, but it's good to have the pliers handy just in case. You will need a backup so the T3 can be restored when you are done.

1. Open the slider and flip the device over so you are looking at the back.

2. Locate the two small release holes, they will be near the two large holes used for attachments. The Palm sticker which says "Made in China" is in the same area, and the corners of this sticker are notched for the small holes.

3. Hold the T3 in one hand so that you can move the slider slightly with the one hand. As an alternative, you can lay it face down on a table if that is easier. Just don't drop it where it will hit something hard and break!

4. Bend the paper clip so that you can insert an end into each of the two holes at the same time. It's easier than it sounds. You can do one side at a time, but that takes more skill.

5. Insert the paper clip gently into the two small holes, using only enough pressure to depress the release tabs (not much more than the amount of pressure you would use to press the reset button).

6. Work the slider around slightly, then gently pull down when you feel the tabs release the slider. Don't pull the slider off, only pull it down about half an inch to expose the connector.

7. The battery connector will be little white or ivory connector with a red and a black wire. Using the needle-nose pliers (or the paper clip), pull this connector up enough to break the connection. Don't pull or pry on the wires, or on the fragile top of the connector, grab it by the body of the connector.

8. Leave the battery disconnected for 3 minutes. It will work with less time of course, but just to be sure... ;)

9. Press the connector back into place.

10. Move the slider back into place, and gently press down as you move the slider guide tabs back into their tracks. When the release tabs latch, you are done.

11. Turn the T3 over, perform the digitizer calibration, and you will need to set the country, time, and date.

12. Perform a restore operation using yor backup program of choice.

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
Altema @ 4/20/2004 3:16:02 PM #
"Energy Dimmer (mentioned above) will replace that slider with one that goes all the way from full on (255) to full off (anywhere between 1 and 20, depending on your palm)."

Unfortunately, it will not turn down the T3 any further than the stock brightness control. You can already use the range of control, but 0% in Energy Dimmer is the same as 0% for the normal control. Cool app though,.. nice features and well written.

RE: Very Much Worthwhile
Hotoru @ 4/26/2004 2:52:59 PM #
I cannot find Handy Aid that was mentioned above. Where can I download this software?
Thx, Hotoru

Beta is not available as of yet

kpritts @ 4/15/2004 10:54:50 AM #
Unfortunately their link to the beta only downloads the older version 1.3 and not a version 2 or beta.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


RE: Beta is not available as of yet
kpritts @ 4/15/2004 11:42:46 AM #
Got the right one now. Sorry for the confusion.


Zire 71 Beware!!

garethrichardadams @ 4/15/2004 11:01:23 AM #
Tested this on my Zire crashed it completely and I had to hard reset to allow me to sync and try to get my data back. Make sure you've got a backup of everything before you try this...


RE: Zire 71 Beware!!
zire71man @ 4/15/2004 3:10:09 PM #
Thanks for the info. The only thing that I would want it to work with would be emulation that is once the super nintendo and gameboy advance emulators get ported to work with palm os.

Cheers :-P

Used to be visoredgeman then visorprismman, now zire71man!

RE: Zire 71 Beware!!
LiveFaith @ 4/15/2004 5:04:54 PM #
Anybody seen that Zire72 pic over at PDALive? That will clock @ 300mhz apparently? :-)

Pat Horne;

What about the Treo600?!

gfunkmagic @ 4/15/2004 9:57:58 PM #
The Treo600 uses the same OMAP proc as the Z71 afaik... Does anyone know if lightspeed will work on the Treos? Tx...

I support


RE: What about the Treo600?!
gfunkmagic @ 4/15/2004 11:58:24 PM #
Nevermind, the Treo600 is listed on the download page below. :)

I support


RE: What about the Treo600?!
gfunkmagic @ 4/16/2004 12:25:29 AM #
UGH...nevermind's not supported. :(

I support


No Joy for NesEm/Gizmo on T|T

chrish @ 4/16/2004 4:34:35 PM #
Unfortunately, even at 192MHz, NesEm and Gizmo still run like crap on the Tungsten T. Choppy and it makes me wonder what they are doing wrong in their source...

Colem and Frodo both run great.

Lightspeed seems to work on my T|T without any trouble. Now I'm faced with the dilemma: Do you mind trading snappiness for a little battery life. Running the PIM apps at 48MHz is miserable. 100MHz is OK, but Aeroplayer needs 120Mhz to play without being choppy.

Infortunately, it won't turn the screen off when set that way.

Isn't it funny how when you get some stuff you've been wanting its often not as good as you'd hoped. :)

-Chris Hurley

check out VPCB on Arcade Emulation of several games


helf @ 4/16/2004 11:26:02 PM #
now I bet I can get better framerate with stunt car extreme on my zodiac :D

Works like a charm

dona83 @ 4/19/2004 6:44:05 PM #
This program works like a charm in my Tungsten T.

-AeroPlayer, set to 100Mhz, able to play MP3s in 6 hours 8 minutes (until battery completely drained), as opposed to 4 hours 59 minutes at 144Mhz.
-Obviously improved loading times for native Word files in DocumentsToGo when set to 192Mhz. (Although I don't want to risk ruining the CPU.)

My only gripe is that even with AeroPlayer playing music in the background, going to a program set at 66Mhz will change the CPU speed at 66Mhz. Minimum power required for MP3/OGG files seems to be 100Mhz. I have to set solitaire to 126Mhz because I often play solitaire and listen to music at the same time. I have to pause my music to go into programs set at 66mhz, but in general it is a very good program. Add Treo 600 support and it's a winner. I'm due for a new PDA very soon. :)


Much improved T3 stability

PianoMan @ 4/20/2004 9:27:07 AM #
My T3 was freezing frequently when powering on for an alarm, removed from the cradle, and sometimes when starting certain programs. I traced it to LightSpeed 1.3 by hard resetting it and just installing LightSpeed and the two compatibility PRCs; it still froze. All the freezes are gone with the new beta. Is this what's meant by "improve T3 user experience"?




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