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palmOne has released the Treo Updater for "other GSM" carriers, there is a new free voice recorder for upgraded Treos, a new grip for the Zodiac aims to make gaming more comfortable, new versions of the Missing Sync have been released, NesEm has an updated beta that allows multiplayer over Bluetooth and much more in this quickie update.
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Treo updater

ceejay @ 5/21/2004 5:57:27 AM #
Where is the Orange version???

Cingular up too...

GregGaub @ 5/21/2004 12:40:14 PM #
I checked just in case, and the updater for Cingular branded devices is available, too. Woot! Now I've got audio recording without voiding my warranty! :)

-- SeaPUG: --


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