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Chapura today released KeySuite 3.0, an update to the comprehensive synchronization companion to Microsoft Outlook for Palm Powered handhelds. The suite includes a new KeyToday application and support for the Treo 600.
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Way too pricey!

jasondeno @ 5/24/2004 3:46:44 PM #
70 bucks for a PIM suite that offers nothing more than an 'Outlook Today' page as its main benefit over the software that comes free with a device? Umm.. no.

RE: Way too pricey!
danielpark @ 5/24/2004 4:07:04 PM #
Disagree completely. It's worth every cent to me.

This "Outlook Today" feature is new to version 3. I haven't even tried it yet.

KeySuite is basically Outlook for your Palm. If you're an Outlook user, it can be an absolute godsend.

For one, it does COMPLETE synchronization with Outlook Tasks, Appointments, Notes, and Contacts.

For another, I find it WAY more elegant and functional than the standard Palm apps.

Also, it offers linking between each of the apps. Now, I've tried other PIM replacements with Linker, but it somehow just doesn't seem to cut it. Prior to using KeySuite, linking seemed like more effort than it was worth.

Because it needs to track so many more kinds of information, it does use its own proprietary database rather than those of the PIM apps. Some might be bothered by this, but I honestly don't mind. The only thing sacrificed is compatibility with other third party apps, but since the applications within the suite play so nicely with each other, I haven't missed that feature.

It's great to see that they're keeping this app updated, and I can't wait to see what they've added. This app certainly isn't for everyone, but if you keep your entire life in Outlook as I do, it may well be worth it to you.

RE: Way too pricey!
jasondeno @ 5/24/2004 4:45:13 PM #
I use a freeware app called Wahtzup that's served me well for years now. Also, there's still no better app for dialing with my Treo than the lookup that comes with the device.

I tried that Outlook to Go from Dataviz and was very disappointed. It used its own database on the device. Which meant you had to not only synch Outlook to Go, but also the Treo contact program! And this craziness prompted them to advertise how well their app worked with a Treo.

Is Key Suite like that (kinda hard to tell from their website), or is their database one with any other contact program? Every time someone ads more fields than the stock system, I think they use their own DB on the device.

RE: Way too pricey!
nrosser @ 5/24/2004 10:42:53 PM #
jasondeno -

this one is the same as Beyond Contacts from DataViz - they both create their own set of databases. Some can get past that (as the above poster said), some can't (like me).

RE: Way too pricey!
aaronchow @ 5/25/2004 3:13:29 AM #
I'll try to clear things up a little as people is mis-understanding the difference Microsoft Outlook Sycning with PalmSource's built-in PIM apps.

First of all, if you've ever used Microsoft Outlook on your desktop, you will notice how feature-rich this application can be. It supports a lot of different fields / datas that you can inter-linked with others.

While PalmSource's built-in PIM apps resemble Microsoft Outlook, you can not compared it because it is basically a very simple and water-down version of Microsoft Outlook. For example, it does not have as much field as Microsoft Outlook, and you can not inter-link different fields, but these are also the reason why their PIM apps are so easy to use.

From the technical POV, Palm's PIM apps use their own data files, and these data files are designed to hold the "simple PIM data" with nothing more.

Some third party apps, like DateBK and Agendus, manage to add some extra datas by using the "Note" field. So when you sychonize these modified datas with Outlook, you will notice that each records will have some wired characters that is attached with every single records under Outlook.

So, what's so special about KeySuite and Dataviz's Beyond Contact? Well, these are the *only* PIM apps that *fully support* every fields and functions of Microsoft Outlook, and, therefore, *complete* sychonize happens.

As you know, Palm's PIM uses their own "simplified data files," so there is no way KeySuite and Beyond Contact can take advantage by using it, so that's why they have to design their own data files.

"I doubt, therefore I might be."

RE: Way too pricey!
BuzzWriter @ 5/25/2004 12:17:26 PM #
Pricey or not, at least there's a way to matchup the information between the Palm, iSynch, and Outlook. I'm an Entourage/Mac 10.3 user and I'd love to get a matchup that doesn't lose data between the desktop and palmtop.
RE: Way too pricey!
justauser @ 5/25/2004 8:41:23 PM #
It's not so much whether these products offer more. It's more a case of – if I buy one of these apps I am now locked into some third party developer!?!? I said it before when they announced Beyond Contacts and I’ll say it again; If these apps do not store data in the built in Palm databases HOW DO OTHER THIRD PARTY APPS REFERENCE YOUR DATA? SMS programs, database apps, memo fields, email apps – all have lookup functions that reference the built in database for addresses. Look in the PIC news today and you’ll see GSP products on the rise – where do they draw their data if you want to find a friend’s location on a map? The built in databases! Why can’t the developers create add on databases with additional fields that COMPLIMENT the existing ones rather than just replacing them? The built in apps are the core of the OS and the databases they use are the standard. These developers are off on tangents creating competing incompatible apps that only talk to themselves.

Don’t get me started on Outlook’s million-and-one-never-look-at-them fields! You’ll be old and grey before you enter half the info for half your contacts. Most people want to store the name, contact details and a couple of notes. I seamlessly sync all the info I need from the datebook with Outlook via Pocket Mirror (ironically produced by Chapura). Plenty of good apps that will link birthdays and anniversaries to your datebook. I have only just started using Agendus (which also uses the built in db) after 6 years of using the built in datebook. But most of my friends with Palms prefer the good ole built in datebook.

RE: Way too pricey!
aaronchow @ 5/26/2004 1:40:11 AM #
No one forces you to reply if this application is not designed for you, and this is going to be a great thing if any users want more than you do especially if they are dealing with Outlook a lot.

"I doubt, therefore I might be."
RE: Way too pricey!
justauser @ 5/26/2004 9:30:32 AM #
Understood, my apologies if I came on too strong. My intention with this reply was not to ridicule Outlook – my comments intended to be tongue and cheek. For that matter I welcome a product like this. I just wish it made use of the built in database – I have not attempted to develop Palm apps but surely they can create a database with records that link to a key field in the Palm DatebookDB. You can create links with address book records with thinkdb. Surely it’s possible with a third party PIM. That way you wouldn’t be doubling up on data and would maintain a universal database set. (I have said the word database way too many times in these postings)

RE: Way too pricey!
Ronin @ 5/26/2004 1:13:14 PM #
Just one bit of information in response to your post. Both KeySuite and Beyond Contacts can be set to respond to the Palm 'Lookup' feature. When so set the replacement is seamless and works for the primary phone number and e-mail addresses just like the built-in address book.

I am not sure if the address book feature in Mapopolis references the built-in database or one of the above, if installed (based on the way Mapopolis retrieves the information, I am pretty sure it uses the built-in database).

In the Spirit of Umoja,

RE: Way too pricey!
radleyp @ 5/27/2004 2:34:40 PM #
True. Bear in mind, however, that the 5-way nav button on the T3 allows you to find a whole contact entry without use of the stylus (Agendus allows you to do it), but to do that you must access the built-in databases. Along with some other posters, I find that this program in fact subtracts at least as much as it adds by refusing to use the built-ins. I do use Outlook - because my office does - and aesthetics aside (I find many of its views pretty unattactive) I find that it has far more fields than anyone needs. But that's how Microsoft does things, fill programs with options. And frankly I don't need all those options on my handheld. Philippe Radley

RE: Way too pricey!
Ronin @ 5/29/2004 10:33:40 AM #

if you are referring to the quick look up feature of the built-in address book, KeyContacts supports this as well.

I do agree that using custom databases can be a drawback to some users thus making this suite not for everyone. But, at least in the case of the KeyContacts component of the KeySuite, Chapura has done a good job to overcome those drawbacks.

One of the things that I like about KeySuite over BeyondContacts is that it is modular so that you do not have to use all or nothing. So, for example, you can use the parts that are of value to you and still use other programs like DB5 or MemoPlus. While you lose the intergration of the built-in address book or tasks, or memopad, depending on how you use your Palm this maybe a useful tradeoff. Thus KeySuite allows for flexibility, granted if used in this way it is pretty expensive flexibility.

In the Spirit of Umoja,



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