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Out of curiosity, I did a WHOIS search on HandSpring and came up with some interesting results. They have the URL's and .net registered. Is this the name of the illusive new HandSpring product? See for yourself. What do you think of the name smarthand? Sounds cool to me :-)
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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 1:04:26 PM #
I checked too... YEAH, SmartHand sounds like a pretty good name, it implies a relationship to the Palm platform.

I am looking forward to seeing this new device with much excitement. MP3 capability would be REALLY cool.

I'm skeptical

hal-j @ 8/31/1999 3:51:02 PM #
sure enough, it says Handspring Inc.. Interestingly enough, however, isn't registered to "Handspring Inc" but rather "JD Technology". The addresses are different too, not to mention the contact email addresses. If you ask me, it sounds like a hoax. They wouldnt have gone through the trouble to "hide" this new domain, and then go register it to a company named "Handspring Inc". I'm going to have to call this a lame hoax ;)
RE: I'm skeptical
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/1999 4:40:30 PM #
Good point hal, could be a hoax. Id you look at the dates that was created and when was created they match -03/23/99. JD technology is listed as handspring's billing contact. Something's going on here only time will tell...
RE: I'm skeptical
@tomic212 @ 8/31/1999 4:45:24 PM #
That was me above, I forgot to fill in my name :-)
I ought to finish the registration system soon...
RE: I'm skeptical
hal-j @ 8/31/1999 6:15:13 PM #
Um, was registered on October 8th 1998, and was registered on march 23rd 1999.
RE: I'm skeptical
hal-j @ 8/31/1999 6:17:20 PM #
JD Technology I'm *sure* stands for Jeff and Donna.
RE: I'm skeptical
@tomic212 @ 9/1/1999 9:44:15 AM #
again it could be a possible hoax but, why would someone want to spend $140 to register a "hoax"?
RE: I'm skeptical
Sam @ 9/1/1999 6:28:40 PM #
JD Technologies was the name of Jeff Hawkins' and Donna Dubinsky's company *before* they came up with the name Handspring. There's even a story somewhere about how they rejoiced when they came up with the new name, because it wasn't trademarked anywhere (unlike "Pilot").
RE: I'm skeptical
M.F.Luder @ 9/1/1999 7:48:07 PM #

Very Odd

Clay @ 9/1/1999 8:32:51 PM #
The registered address of the domain name
is 299 California Avenue PALO ALTO, CA 94306. But, according to Handspring's web page thier address is 189 Bernardo Ave. Mountain View, CA 94043-5203. Those are different locations. Why would Handsping register a domain name to two addresses? Is one of them a private residence? The domain name phone number that is listed, (650 566 8100) has the same area code as the web site's (650 230 5000) but is different. Hummmmm....
RE: Very Odd
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/1999 4:37:18 AM #
Actually that checks out OK, when Handspring first formed they were based in Palo Alto but recently set up shop (with a different number)in Mountain View.
This old article touches on that:


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