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PalmInfocenter and some recent Palm OS news has been featured in two recent podcasts. "Podcasts" are typically .mp3 files, like a radio like show or audio blog, that is delivered to your ipod/Treo/PDA/mp3 player of choice.
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Awesome it's great that PIC is getting some press review!

Frenchie @ 1/19/2005 3:10:26 PM # Q
Great news. Maybe this might attract more visitors and people in need of help to Palminfocenter instead of the tribalfusion infested brighthand and 1src.

The world will end in 2006. Just as it was predicted in the bible along with the release of Microsoft Longhorn.... :p
RE: Awesome it's great that PIC is getting some press review
Strider_mt2k @ 1/19/2005 6:14:52 PM # Q
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Mentioned in the 1SRC Podcasts as well.

Strider_mt2k @ 1/19/2005 4:26:45 PM # Q
Jeff Kirvin mentions PIC in his Podcasts from as well.

RE: Mentioned in the 1SRC Podcasts as well.
Admin @ 1/19/2005 4:48:04 PM # Q
thanks Mike, I did not know.


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happypalms @ 1/22/2005 2:11:09 PM # Q
Thanks for telling about the podcasts, I just am trying iPodder, it seems to work for me so far.

Palm m130 -> Tungsten|T -> Tungsten|T3

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