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Starting today, Yahoo! Local is the first major site to offer users the ability to quickly and easily send their search results from their PC directly to their smartphone or mobile device.
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Google lets you search via SMS

honus @ 1/27/2005 1:57:24 PM # Q
Send and receive results via SMS

RE: Google lets you search via SMS
Doo @ 1/27/2005 2:13:43 PM # Q
"When will new features be added?"


Check the end. It's not deployed.

RE: Google lets you search via SMS
GenericMan @ 1/27/2005 2:14:07 PM # Q
Not quite the same thing. Google lets you actually search using SMS, while Yahoo lets you forward a particular search result from your PC's web browser to your mobile phone via SMS.

Google SMS is really slick, though. I like the ability to do price comparisons while I'm standing in a store without paying T-Mobile $5-$20/month for data access. T-Mobile just charges 5 cents per message and Google charges nothing on top of that.

RE: Google lets you search via SMS
honus @ 1/27/2005 4:21:52 PM # Q
It says "When will _new_ features be added?"

What is described is already deployed.

And yes it isn't the same thing. It is more useful since I don't have to be at a PC to start the search.

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We could have had all that

Tamog @ 1/28/2005 11:29:51 AM # Q
while some of you may definitely call this revolutionary tech-we could have that for many years if PalmOne wouldn't have pulled the plug on its Killing the cingular mobtex part of the network was o.k. IMHO(altough quite a stupid move-but I deem the whole .net marketing to be fuxated), but taking the proxies offline without offering the software for developers to create their own proxies to keep the apps going is FELONY on all developers who built their apps baed on the INETlib/whatever! What has become of the PalmSource compatibility promise?
BTW, .net had a huge future IMHO. If the standard would be released openly, other systems could also use the web clipping architecture-and we could still be using our web clippings with our GPRS phones, saving loads of $$$-but thats against the network provider's will!
Just my 2 cents
Tam Hanna

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