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Most Bizarre Palm OS Applications NamedSpanish site CanalPDA has published a list of the top ten "weirdest" Palm OS applications. The entertaining list covers everything from turning your handheld into a mirror, tools for scarring away insects, dogs even your boss to some PDA voodoo.
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Most Bizarre?

bigjarom @ 1/31/2005 3:06:38 PM # Q
How is 'Bistromatic' bizarre. It looks like a usefull and straight-forward application to me. The guy that wrote this article must not be a long-time Palm user.

I would have to add Thumb Scan, McRazor, and that horrible app for organizing shoes to the list.

And it's too bad that the Babel Fish doesn't work just a bit better.

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Odd Apps

Mac128k @ 1/31/2005 3:15:11 PM # Q
Two of my old-school favs were the pocket shaver and the fan.

The shaver made a buzzing sound like an electric razor. You would hold the Palm to your face and "shave" with it.

The fan had a moving graphic of a fan. You could hold it in front of your face like a personal fan. I suppose it helped on hot days if you could convince yourself that it might :)

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There could easily be more than twice that many apps

ackmondual @ 1/31/2005 4:51:02 PM # Q

#2 - {none needed}
any turned off PDA with a reflective TFT screen, esp. later P1 models... the screen is actually black, and not green unlike some older Palm Inc models. Ditto again with the flashlight. The Palm Launcher screen usually has enough white to light your way through any situation.

#4 -
I could swear I saw a program somewhere that lets u press a panic button and bring up false spreadsheets... unless that was only for PC

#5 - any PalmOS adult game
Strip poker, "adult simon says", etc... if u wanna integrate adult themes into common games , some of those games are good for kicks and laughs. Else, just stick with Palmasutra for the lessons and REAL card games for a more authentic experience.

#9 - Bombel
Bubble wrap with hi-res+ graphics, realistic popping sounds. Even keeps track of stats. Also freeware.

some fireplace app
That app that simulates a real fireplace (minus the excess heat). Realistic looking and burning fires, crackling noises. Too bad it was first $20 when it first came out. I think it later got reduced down to $5 and then $1.50. Many ppl would'v rather just loop a video in Kinoma tho.

A compass for your Palm
I had this installed on my old Visor, but can't remember the name of this one either. Some calibrations and you're good to go.

***Visor Neo had a body massager that used electro pads and Electro pulse stimulations to provide the massage. That's really hardware, as it was a Visor Springboard module, but i had to mention it anyways. Strangest accessory I've seen for a PDA

[signature0]the secret to enjoying your job is to have a hobby that's even worse[/signature0]
[signature1]My PDAs: Visor --> Visor Neo (blue) --> Zire 71.... so ends the "marathon", for now[/signature1]

RE: There could easily be more than twice that many apps
Strider_mt2k @ 1/31/2005 5:55:21 PM # Q
Yeah Bombel!

It's got my vote!

RE: There could easily be more than *4X* that many apps
ackmondual @ 2/2/2005 12:20:24 AM # Q
The compass app for PalmOS was called is called Sun Compass

Explains how it works, how to set it up, and download file(s)

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Celebrate the Weird

kevdo @ 1/31/2005 10:06:13 PM # Q
We're enthusiastic supporters of weird Palm apps. This is a great list but there are even more out there.

Check out the Expert Guide at PalmSource for Fun, Goofy, or Weird.

Will be sure to update the expert guide with any holes and include things from this list.

-Kevin Crossman, Palm Powered Software Champion

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MonkeyMike @ 9/3/2005 9:14:48 PM # Q
RE: Apps
MonkeyMike @ 9/3/2005 9:18:32 PM # Q
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