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Palm Centro Telstra AustraliaSix months after its United States debut, Palm's Centro has found its way Down Under, with the company today announcing via press release that their latest smartphone will be arriving on Telstra's pre-paid network as of May 26 in sparkling Glacier White. Sporting an initial price tag of $299, the pre-paid Centro will be targeted at "traditional mobile phone users".

Telstra's version of the Centro will also feature a dedicated link to their BigPond service, allowing users to access exclusive BigPond content. A Palm spokesperson has told Palminfocenter via telephone that while the Centro will initially be locked to Telstra's network, the company is not ruling out an unlocked version in the future.

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Virgin Mobile USA

MrStyle @ 5/20/2008 1:23:11 PM # Q
Now that the precedent has been set, are you listening Palm? Please put a prepaid Centro on Virgin Mobile USA.

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