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Stolen 60 Seconds Palm GameReleased late last year, Herocraft's Stolen in 60 Seconds is a multi-platform, single-player only game offering a unique combination of action and strategy. The player takes the role of the mastermind of a group of jewel thieves trying to plan and carry out increasingly complex heists on a variety of buildings.

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Woe is me & my unsupported OS5

stephen007 @ 4/25/2008 9:02:15 PM # Q
Went to try the game thinking "I have a OS5 device". Sadly, mine isn't mentioned as supported... it's a Sony Clie TH-55.

Is there any particular reason anyone can think of, generally, why I shouldn't be able to play it? If the game is written for OS5 officially & I have OS5 then I should be able to play it, right? Well, of course I can't. I had to run a Windows installer (why exactly was this necessary?), sync it to my Palm but my Palm doesn't know what to do with the .psi file that was xferred to it.


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