Stolen In 60 Seconds Game Released

Stolen 60 Seconds Palm GameUkranian developer HeroCraft has just released Stolen in 60 Seconds, a new game for Palm OS 5 devices. The game consists of approximately 24 missions involving the planning and successful execution of a high-stakes jewel heist. Gameplay involves of a combination of puzzle, action and strategic elements, all occurring in real-time. HeroCraft promises the player the use of a selection of twelve thieving tools in order to accomplish the heists.

The Palm OS version of the game supports 320x320 screen resolutions as well as 320x480 and 480x320 on compatible devices. The Tapwave Zodiac 2 is also listed as a supported device but with no mention of any Zodiac-specific enhancements other than 480x320 resolution support. Palm’s LifeDrive, TX, and Tungsten E2, T3 and T5 handhelds and the Treo 650, 680, and 700p smartphones are all listed as compatible devices for this game.

In addition to the Palm OS 5.0 version, Version 1.0 of this original title is also available UIQ, Symbian Series 60, and Windows Mobile devices. Stolen in 60 Seconds was the gold winner of Samsung’s Mobile Game Development Contest earlier this year.

Stolen In 60 Seconds is available now for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. A free trial version is included, after which the game can be purchased for $11.75 USD.

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