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Today, Handango, announced the finalists for the fifth annual Handango Champion Awards, which recognize outstanding mobile software developers and their applications. The 2005 Handango Champion Awards finalists were determined by customer votes on Handango's Web site, and Handango partner sites.
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Have fun Ryan

Frenchie @ 4/15/2005 3:57:31 PM # Q
Good to see that you are considered the Palm OS Elite ;)

The world will end in 2006. Just as it was predicted in the bible along with the release of Microsoft Longhorn.... :p
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RhinoSteve @ 4/15/2005 4:28:55 PM # Q
"The winners" = what made us the most moneu for us.

"elite panel of judges" = the accountants that kept track of the transaction engine to tell us what apps made the most money for us.

RE: Translation
Captain Hair @ 4/15/2005 6:08:50 PM # Q
*looks at list of panelists, sees Ryan Kairer*
Hmmm... I don't think he's an accountant.

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roxx, paypers, and sizzors
ackmondual @ 4/15/2005 7:47:20 PM # Q
I'd have to agree with RhinoSteve. It looks like the form you fill out to nominate your own picks wasn't even relevant towards the awards. They just ended up choosing their own apps that sold the most.

I'm somewhat surprised to see Agendus on there considering how there's a sizeable amount of flaming towards Iambic as a company and Agendus itself. But the more i think of it... some ppl will find Agendus more useful than datebook5 despite Iambic's reputation. And ppl who buy datebook5 normally do it through Pimlico's own site than an ESD like Handago, so there wouldn't be enough "votes" for it anyways.

They've got an interesting category for "play". I still think they should've had a seperate category for games and other entertainment. It looks akward having Bejeweled2 a puzzle game, AeroPlayer an mp3 player, and a ringtone player competing with each other

Someone really needs to come up with their own awards here. And also include categories like freeware apps as well.

RE: Translation
E Ben G @ 4/15/2005 8:27:38 PM # Q
"Someone really needs to come up with their own awards here. And also include categories like freeware apps as well." - Gekko

I agree. When I was a PPC user, PocketPC Mag's awards were useful and interesting. On the other hand, I think you guys are right that Handango's awards are too wrapped up in Handango's personal interests to be of much use at all.

A good, well-visited software awards list is very important for newcomers to an OS platform.

RE: Translation
RhinoSteve @ 4/16/2005 2:26:49 AM # Q
A retailer to "award" software titles is a classic conflict of interest. The Palm Powered Up Awards is more even since they want to promote the platform and not sell titles.

I dare Handango to award a Palm app where they get less margin on but is more practiles than some $50 suite.

Take that as a big hint.

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Gekko @ 4/15/2005 7:33:58 PM # Q

Enough with the Bejeweled already.

RE: Bejeweled
ackmondual @ 4/15/2005 7:58:22 PM # Q
For the "play" category for pOS the only game was Bej2, but for PPC, it was Fish Tycoon. I must say PPC users deserve more credit than they've been getting.

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Fierce Competition

vesther @ 4/17/2005 8:03:15 PM # Q
I think that the competition will be extremely fierce this time around because IMO there has been plenty of culture within the handheld software world (although I'm really upset about the pushback of a Palm OS Cobalt device), but the only thing in my wish list is that PalmSource would work together with the developers to ensure unconditional compatibility with all versions of Palm OS. Generally, it should be the Palm OS Licensees who should also be concerned about application compatibility.

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